Q&A with PC Mohan

PC Mohan, a candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Bangalore Central, responded to questions from Smart Vote.

With a pre-university degree, a Businesman for 23 years in sanitaryware retail and real estate. Won MLA elections from Chickpet in 1999 and 2004.Age: 45 years; Assets: Rs. 5.38 Crores; Criminal Record: Other Offences – FIR under Sec 147 and 174(A) of the Railway Act

Q. What are the three priorities for your constituency?

I would like to concentrate on infrastructure, then public amenities and environmental issues. these are the 3 issues I would like to concentrate for my constituency.

Q. How do you plan to address these priorities in parliament?

What is … there are certain issues can be sorted out in state; certain has to be, you have to get grants from central. Which ever is required I will do.

Q. Which are the most important issues facing the nation that you intend to raise in parliament?

Price rise and employment generation and internal security. These are the 3 issues we are facing today. The price rise you know, really the administration has to improve. And internal security like you know when earlier NDA government was there then L K Advani was the home minister. He was a very good administrator and terrorism was not much as we are facing today.

Q. What is your important contribution to public life?

My two term MLA as in Chikpet I have developed the infrastructure and basic facilities to the Chikpet people like road, storm water drains and other facilities.

Q. How will you be accessible to your constituency?
How will you make public your performance on various promises you have made here?

See during the parliament session I won’t be available to the people. rest of the time I am very much accessible how I was accessible to my Chikpet people like that I will be accessible to my  central parliament constituency people also . Today we have launched a website to know to the convenient of our constituency people. I will be updating my activities of myself as well as my party activities.

Q. A poll of bangaluru citizens on praja.in recently cited corruption and terrorism as major concern. As an MP what, specifically do you plan to do?

See our party is fighting for this corruption as well as for the terrorism also .we will definitely see that you know it will be eradicated

Q. How will you ensure that money meant for development projects are not misused?

See I will ensure that you know which ever comes under my constituency and my state also from the central fund and other thing I will see that it is used properly , I will see that there is no …. It is used in a proper manner.

Q. Will your experience as a two term mla help you be a good MP?

See basically you know the issues  what can be taken up in the parliament in the interest of the state and in the interest of the nation we can always take it.  and you know there are certain funds which has to come like infrastructure and other funds what has to come from the center I will get it and improve the state also.

Q. What would you do about the problem of unemployment of the youth and what is you stand on the issue of moral policing?

Moral policing; our party is very much against. We have taken strict action against who have taken the…who have done the moral policing. In future also it will be the same. we will ensure the citizens of Bangalore and Karnataka that this can never happen again . Unemployment, we have to … our government is having lot of schemes and other things encouraging the industries and other projects where it  can generate the employment.

Q. What is your message to the people of your constituency?

I request everybody to come and vote that would be my appeal to all of this people of this country.

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