Q&A with Surendra Babu

Surendra Babu, a candidate for the upcoming Lok Sabha elections from Bangalore North, responded to questions from Smart Vote.

MCom, MBA and LLB. He has been an agriculturist for 10 years and has been a lawyer since 1994. Filed multiple Public Interest Litigations against government acquisition/sale/demolition of property.

Age: 44 years

Assets: Rs.117.45 crores

Criminal Record: Offences related to criminal intimidation

Q. What are the top priorities of your constituency?

The first priority I give to is health. Health is very important because we can’t pay any, in the sense, if the health is spoiled nothing remains, so the first priority will be to health.

The second priority will be employment. Today, the younger generation is suffering without any employment. So the second option will be employment.

Third option will be to the agriculture, industry and financial status.

Q. How do you plan to address these priorities?

Even Lok Sabha will have a responsibility to see the country; the people of this country have a good health where that will also support the country to minimize the exchequer loss and burden to the country. So, once we start with giving a good health naturally it decreases and the people and the society will be clean and it saves the country’s exchequer. So, in that sense it helps by raising a question in the parliament and where the kind the parliament can give a command to the state how they should maintain, what steps are to be taken. In that way I will raise a question.

Q. From your perspective which are the most important issues facing the nation, that you intend to raise in the parliament?

Critical issues now, infront of us I can say employment, today software is down, and many software engineers are out of job. They don’t know any thing apart from software. For example, there are lakhs of people out of job; what’s their future? What about the students who are studying software? We have to discuss how to guide those students. Today it’s the need of the country. Every student has to think and the burden is on the country to lead the students today in which direction the younger generation should go. Today the economy is going down. So we should think that how we can develop the economy. once the economy goes down naturally everything fails. When unless we have a got a strong healthier economy everything fails. so in that sense we have to develop agriculture ,industry and other modes of transportation ,For example you can increase the sea transport where the transportation is very less and that subsidy can be given to industries small scale industry and the small scale industry will also become healthy. So in that sense you should compete with the world not only with the countries. So in that sense you should see that the export will be increased more and you should also see that the transportation will be minimized. So then naturally when the transportation is minimized that will help the small scale industry, medium industry to produce the article and export in a larger extent. So that will help the country and as well as every person, labourer it directly touches the laborer.

Q. What is the most important contribution you have made to the public life?

Now already, even though I don’t have any power I have faced many problems for the sake of public. For example I could say the landlord’s agriculturist like. The government is acquiring the lands. When the government has to acquire a land, Supreme Court a full bench judgment of Supreme Court has stated in somavanthi VS the state of Punjab that only the requirement land should be acquired. But when they acquire the land without any application of mind they acquire the land to a vast extent. For example I can say that when a vast extent of land is acquired those lands are fertile lands. Those lands have been agriculture land. They acquire the land and leave the land without and utilization. That will become a fallow land. and those land it will be a national waste. The lands which were giving the produce that has been wasted without any fertile. They acquire the land they leave it fallow then its some what it’s a national waste. So for that I am going to take a step that the land should be acquired for the extent to the need and if the lands are been acquired more than the need then there is no provision in the law civil procedure code. Once the land is acquired the lands cannot be given back to the landlord. So I will see that the amendment is brought when the lands are not been utilized within a period of time then the land which is being acquired should go back to the land lord. Then again you can use the land for agriculture purpose. that will be an asset and it will increase the nation’s agriculture product where it benefits the every person of the society.

Q. Could you share with us your most significant failure to date? What have you have learned from that experience?

I, I don’t think I have failed. Every time I continue my efforts I will not stop at any time. I don’t think I have failed. If I start a work and if I cant do it right now I will not stop the efforts I will continue my efforts so I don’t think I have failed.

Q. How will you be continuously available and accessible to the residents of your constituency?

Now through out the constituency I have given my visiting card. They can call me to my mobile phone directly. I will answer to them if necessary I will go to them or if they are willing to come to me I will give the address where they could meet me. so in that this thing I will always be available to them. I will open the office and I am going to make a point every week at least I will spend 2 days in the entire constituency where you making the rounds.

Q. Corruption and terrorism are the major concerns, as an MP, what do you think you can do? And what specifically do you plan to do?

Both issues are as important as one and the same. The first issue this terrorism. Yes, we have to give priority and we have to take care. We should see how the terrorism is tackled.  In one this thing we can say the terrorism is become a profession to the terrorist where they are dragged into terrorist when if a person want to become terrorist because of the poverty some are becoming the terrorist. So in that now we have to see we have to eradicate the poverty. Once the poverty is eradicated naturally the person who is going to the terrorism he will not go to the terrorism. So in that you can bring down the terrorism. Once when it starts coming down day by day, day by day then even they think what we are doing is wrong. So we should not do that.  naturally one fine day we can eradicate the terrorism. Today we can see day by day the corruption is increasing, day by day it is like the industrial growth. The corruption has become an industrial growth like. And so unless in my mind I have made a complaint on a police officer I think around 15 to 20 years back. There was a dispute. He made the actual land lord to sit in the station and he made the other counter party who is trespassing over the property to fence the property of the right full owner. So when it came to my knowledge I wrote a complaint to the higher officer to de-promote him. Then once that come into process naturally a person who is a higher officer when he is going to be de-promoted then he will start doing good and he will not do any wrong full thing to the society. He should be de-promoted. There is no such process and procedure in our administration or in the law. So we should introduce that. then naturally every person will have a responsibility that if I make a mistake I will be de-promoted so I should not.

Q. How will you ensure that money meant for development projects are not misused?

In that this thing, I will personally visit the work without any intimation. I will take the assistance of my friends who are civil engineers and I will assess the work which has been done. Then I will send a report to the concerned department to submit a report and if the report varies to a large extent then I will see that an enquiry is being conducted. then I will ask the concerned officers or the contractor to redo the work or to stop the payment which has been allotted to the work that has been given to the contractor. For the misuse of funds or non utilization of funds I will have the data what are the funds released, what are the funds that has been sent or what is the necessary of the fund or whether the fund which has been released is sufficient or insufficient. If there is still necessity of funds I will see that the concerned department from the central or the state release the fund. So once the fund have been released I will see that the allocation of the fund and also check whether that fund is sufficient or utilized or non utilized and why it is not being utilized. I will check that also.

Q. What would you do for the current unemployment issues for the youth and what is your stand on moral policing?

With reference to that, it is a mistake. We have no right to touch another person especially the female member. We have no right to touch any person. But by assaulting the females and all it is very bad and I feel ashamed of myself that even in modern days still such a thing has been continued. So, for that this thing I can say that the government is a failure on that part and the government has some soft corner on such a person where proper action are not being taken. And the courts should also be quiet rigid on such an act to give bail and all. then the people will realize when such an act is done they have to be behind bars for so many days, months or whatever it is. So the courts also should be quiet rigid by granting bails or so. And for that extent the police has to be sincere if that has to be controlled. Unless the police files a proper fir charge sheet that will not survive in the court. so that depends on the government and as well as the bureaucracy department.

Q. What is the message to the people of your constituency?

I request every voter of this country to elect a proper thinking person from any party and also think a party which can definitely give a service to the country and lead this country in a proper direction. Unless the voter does that no party can survive in the center .one fine day every government will collapse. So the responsibility is on the voter today to elect a literate and a person sincerity who has served the society. so when a good people come to the parliament definitely they will have something in their mind that we should do something to this country. And a person who is illiterate comes and sits in the parliament for example we have seen the previous parliamentarians their achievement in the parliament. So when we elect such a person naturally the country will ruin. It is the tax payer’s amount is wasted and day by day the country will go down but will not prosper at all. Because the tax payers amount has been spent on the parliamentarians.

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