Update your details or register yourself on voter list, ahead of BBMP elections

Check if your name still exists on voter list, as there have been deletions of names from voter list in the past. If you don't have your name, here's how you can register.

The BBMP elections are fast-approaching. If you thought BBMP election is not as important as the state or parliamentary elections, you are wrong. It is the local municipal administration, in Bengaluru’s case, the Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagara Palike (BBMP), that is responsible for the mess that you experience because of potholed roads, uncleared garbage or the streets with no light. Being the election that decides who rules the city, this is the most important election of all which can change the way you live in the city.

Irrespective of whether BBMP is divided into multipe municipalities or not, indications are that the elections are going to happen very soon. It’s time for the eligible voters of Bengaluru who want to include, delete or modify their names in the electoral roll during summary revision, to work on the same now.

There have been instances of the Election Commission deleting the names of voters during revision. so do check in advance and make sure your name exists on the voter list. There is always an opportunity to register your name in the electoral roll under continuous updation (between revisions) at any time after the final publication of the rolls until the next draft publication.

Here is an FAQ for this election season:

When is the last date for registration in the electoral roll?

Applications for inclusion/ deletion/ modification of names or modifications of entries in the roll can be made at any time until the next draft publication, even after the commencement of the election process, but during the latter, the requests are acted upon upto the last date of nomination of candidates only.

I am an eligible voter who has completed 18 years as on January 1, 2015. Where can I register my name in the voter roll?

If you want to register as a voter you can go for any of the following options:

If you are a citizen of India, a resident of the particular ward in Bengaluru and have completed 18 years on the date of registration, you are eligible to register your name on the voter list.

How can I enroll my name in the electoral roll?

You have to fill Form – 6 and submit it to the Electoral Registration Officer (ERO) of the constituency.

What are the documents to be produced while registering?

You need to produce following documents/photo while enrolling your name in the voter list:

  1. A recent colour passport photo
  2. Name / age proof in the form of one of the following:

         Passport / PAN Card / Driving License/ Aadhaar card

    3. Proof of ordinary residence (need not be permanent residence). Proof should be one of the following:

  • Bank / Post Office current passbook
  • Ration card, driving license, IT Assessment order, IT Return, passport
  • Latest water / electricity / telephone / gas bills in name of applicant or immediate family member, spouse or parent
  • Postal department’s posts received / delivered at the applicant’s address

In addition, if you are aged below 22 years, then you must produce your birth certificate (municipal, school, Baptism certificate or mark card of Class 10). Copy of birth certificate needs to be certified by the concerned authorities.

If you are a student staying in a hostel, you should bring a ‘Student Declaration Form’ which states the stay in the hostel signed by the Principal / Dean / Registrar. If you are staying on rent, a NOC letter from the owner and the rent agreement is required.

Which forms should be filled for inclusion / deletion / modification of name and address in the electoral roll?

  • For inclusion of names one has to fill Form 6
  • For deletion – Form 7
  • For modification – Form 8
  • For transposition – Form 8A

How do I enroll my name in the voter roll online?

Online registration is made available by the Election Commission in order to felicitate the eligible voters to register without hassle. One can register online by visiting http://voterreg.kar.nic.in/ However, after registration, one has to take a print out of the soft copy, sign the declaration and then submit it to the related BBMP office.

I have shifted to Bengaluru recently. How should I enroll my name in the electoral roll here?

You will have to fill Form 6 for the inclusion of your name in the new constituency. However, you should ensure that you have filled Part 4 in Form 6, so that your name in another electoral roll (the constituency where you voted earlier) would be deleted.

How to check my name on voter list?

To check if your name exists on voter list, you can log on to Election Commission website and search using your voter ID, or name and relationship details which you have entered in Form 6 while registration. You can also check the status of your enrollment application by keying in your mobile phone number.

What am I supposed to do if my name is missing or deleted in the voters list?

Re-register immediately. There is no provision to restore it.

You can check your name even in the B.PAC website by keying in your name, relationship, gender, door number, age, relation name, relation type, EPIC etc. Select assembly, type first few letters and select search. As the data is pulled from the CEO website, the person can even cross check in the website, if particular voter detail is not correctly displayed.

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  1. lakshmi says:

    very useful information!!.. Like to know the process how to get duplicate copy as have lost my original card.

  2. Akshatha M says:

    If you have lost your original EPIC, you can get details of your card by searching your name in the Election Commission Website. If you already have your EPIC number, then visit the nearby Bengaluru One Centre or Tahsildar’s office, pay a fee of Rs 25 and get the duplicate card.

  3. Vijay says:

    Thanks, I have some basic questions (correct me if I’m wrong somewhere): How does one come to know of the election dates, polling centers and candidate/candidate records? Where is the mapping from an assembly constituency (for which we vote an MLA in the state elections) to wards contained within it given (there is polling station information and some contacts given on ceokarnataka but no map of jurisdiction and addresses of individual wards within an assembly constituency)?

    And also, is the MLA the overall in-charge of each local BBMP ward’s administration?

  4. Sampath Shetty says:

    I have a Voter’s ID, but i dont have it with me here and it is in my hometown in bangalore. Can i produce my Passport as ID and Vote. Also, Can i vote if my name does not appear in the voters list?

  5. Ashwini A says:

    Hi i have filled the voter form but still i have not recieved the my VOTER ID and
    not found my name voter list also so help me out guiding ……

    Kindly requesting u………….

  6. Ashwini A says:

    Hi i have filled the voter form but still i have not recieved my VOTER ID and i couldnot found my name in voter list also i kindly requestinf to help me out regarding my voter id …….

    How to find my name in list………….

  7. Ananda alwar says:

    I have been trying to include my family members and myself in the electoral list under Bommanahalli Assembly coming under Hsr layout ward sector 6, as we are staying in Genesis Apartment from 2011on wards. However I am not successful till now because of the negligence of the staff working in that ward.we had submitted 3 application forms meeting all the requirement I.e. Form8A requesting transposition of entry in electoral list even our submitting copies of photo card. This was done during November 2012.
    Later again we did submit the applications in April 2013 they said they will inform us personally in course time for taking photos and issuing electoral I’d card. The callous and ruffian attitude of the staff towards the citizens like us made not approach them again. Though we are Indian citizens by birth we are not able to cast our vote due to some elements. Our application would been kept under cold storage. I was expecting based on our previous application we may get information from the bump ward of HSR. Alas In Bangalore can we expect any response from Bbmp office, the staff belong to different category of employees than other counter parts of Government staff.

  8. H SRINIVAS says:

    My self Srinivas & Sharada i have applied voter card online @ NVSP
    January 2017 reference no is : 15c9175efea4fd7f & 014c86a19a528d30a. i have not yet received the election card & it status show still now submitted so please look this matter.

    Online Application Status

    Enter reference id
    Track Status
    Form Status : Your application is under process.

    Our voter card no is – REJ0803494 & REJ0803478

  9. Subhashish says:

    Hi i need to change my address in voter id. Please help me with the address from where i can get it done. My current location is electronic city phase 1.

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