Explained: Quarantine rules if you travel to Bengaluru

What are the rules for inter-district, inter-state and international travel to Karnataka?

Travel and quarantine rules have changed since the publishing of this article. Visit this page to find the updated rules.

On Thursday, as the first Rajdhani from Delhi pulled into Majestic railway station, many travellers were taken by surprise when they were told that everyone on the train had to go through paid institutional quarantine in Bengaluru or go back to Delhi. Soon enough, 150-odd travellers sat on dharna and refused to go into quarantine, stating they hadn’t been informed about the rule beforehand.

The Health and Family Welfare Services Department has released a series of orders, circulars and advisories regulating inter-district, inter-state and international travel since early May. These rules have changed many times over the past week, leading to a lot of confusion. Here’s an explainer on the rules and conditions for different categories of travellers arriving in Bengaluru.

The process of travelling to Karnataka

a. Registration on Seva Sindhu

Regardless of whether you’re an inter-district, inter-state or international traveller, the process now begins by registration on the state Seva Sindhu website or by calling the helpline 080-22636800.

b. Screening and quarantining

“Everyone who comes in from outside is screened and quarantined now”, says Dr Shivakumar M, Deputy Health Officer, BBMP. Regardless of your mode of transport, you’ll be screened upon arrival in Bengaluru. “If you come to Bengaluru by train, you’ll arrive at Majestic or Yeshwanthpur. You’ll be screened at the station itself. This involves filling up a self-reported form, temperature check, reporting of medical history, among other things,” says Shivakumar.

Based on screening, travelers are classified into Category 1 – symptomatic, or Category 2 – asymptomatic. Those under Category 1 are taken to Dedicated COVID Heathcare Centers (DCHC) for testing.

Those under Category 2 are put under institutional quarantine in designated COVID Care Centers (CCCs) – either paid hotels/hostels, or free government shelters at schools or kalyana mantapas (wedding halls).

Quarantining at one of the paid options can be an expensive affair. “The 5 start hotels can be from Rs. 3000-5000/day, the 3-star around Rs. 1500 and the budget ones from Rs. 750-1200. There is also a free option at kalyana mantapas, but the facilities like separate toilets are not there like in the paid accommodation,” says Shivkumara.


In the case of international and inter-state travellers, both symptomatic and asymptomatic persons are tested after arrival using RT-PCR swab kits. If they test positive, they are sent to Dedicated COVID-19 Hospitals (DCH) for treatment and if they test negative, they may be released into institutional or home quarantine. The rules are less stringent for inter-district travellers.

To ensure home quarantine is enforced, travellers sent for home quarantine are briefed, stamped with indelible ink on their hands and are expected  to download three apps – Aarogya Setu, Quarantine Watch (for self reporting) and Apthamitra (survey for symptoms).

Further, a sticker may be placed on the house of a person in home quarantine and neighbours may be informed. The local RWA too, may be roped in to help as an enforcer.

“If possible, don’t travel right now. Stay put where you are, unless necessary,” says Shivakumar. While the circulars and orders released by the Karnataka Health and Family Welfare Services department since early May outline roughly the same process, regardless of type of travel (inter-state, intra-state or international), there are some caveats, exceptions and specific considerations.

Inter-District Travel

Category 1 (Symptomatic)Screened at entry point and referred to DCHC for sample collection and isolation
If positive – shifted to DCH
If negative – 14 day home quarantine
Testing on arrival
If negative – referred to other hospitals and released into home quarantine
Category 2 (Asymptomatic)Screened at entry point
No quarantine
Not Required
SOP for Inter-district Travellers

State government had earlier allowed for a one-time pass for people stranded within Karnataka to go back home in other districts of the state. Special intra-state buses had also been arranged, keeping in mind the plight of stranded migrant workers.

But for inter-district travel now, you need to register on Seva Sindhu portal so as to get an e-pass.

Inter-district travel is still mostly reserved for those needing a one-time pass (stranded workers, students, etc.) and is possible only through specific entry and exit points of districts.

Screening: Like in the case of inter-state travelers, inter-district travelers will be screened for symptoms upon arrival at the district border entry points.

Testing and Quarantine: Category 1 (symptomatic) travellers will be sent to nearby DCHCs for testing immediately upon arrival and if positive will be shifted to a COVID hospital. If negative, they will be released into 14-day home quarantine.

On Thursday, Health Department clarified that Category 2 (asymptomatic) inter-district travellers need not be subjected to any kind of quarantine.

Inter-State Travel

Category 1 (Symptomatic)Screened on arrival 
All will be sent to institutional quarantine for 14 days
Lab Testing will begin on 10th day
If negative, will be sent home after 14th day
If positive, will be sent to DCH
Category 2 (Asymptomatic)Screened on arrival
All will be sent to institutional quarantine for 14-days
Lab Testing will begin on 10th day
If negative, will be sent home after 14th day
If positive, will be sent to DCH
SOP for Inter-state Travellers

Seva Sindhu Applications: According to the latest Standard Operating Procedures (SOP) for inter-state travel released on May 12, the following sections of people are allowed to apply on Seva Sindhu:

  • Those returning to the state due to death in the family
  • Those facing medical emergency/terminal illness
  • Pregnant women/elderly persons
  • Migrant workers/laborers who have been laid off
  • Students whose educational institutions/hostels have been closed
  • Stranded tourists/pilgrims
  • International travellers arriving at airports outside Karnataka.

Quarantine and Testing:

A recent press note dated May 16 clarified that as per the current policy of the Karnataka government, all interstate travellers will be sent into mandatory institutional quarantine for 14 days, regardless of whether they are symptomatic or not.

After that, lab testing will be done from day 10 onwards and then they can go home on day 14 if result is negative. If the result is positive, they will go to Designated Covid Hospitals (DCH).

Exemptions: There are exemptions for pregnant women, the elderly (over 80 years of age), persons suffering from terminal illnesses and children under 10 years of age. For them, testing will be done within two days of arrival.

If test results are positive, they will be sent to designated hospitals like the others. However, unlike the rest, if their test results are negative, they will not have to complete institutional quarantine. Instead, they will complete the remainder of the 14-day period at home. At the end of this period, they will have to report back to government facilities to get tested for a second time, following which they will be either sent home or to the hospital.

International Travel

Category 1 (Symptomatic)Screened upon arrival at airport
Sent to DCHC for testing and isolation
Tested twice – once on arrival and then on 14th day
If negative, sent for institutional quarantine at COVID Care Centers and tested again on 14th day. 
If positive, sent to DCH for treatment and isolation
Category 2 (Asymptomatic)Screened upon arrival
Sent for 14-day Institutional quarantine at Covid Care Centres
Home quarantine if CCCs don’t have enough capacity
Tested twice – once on arrival and then on 14th day
If negative, sent for institutional quarantine at COVID Care Centers and tested again on 14th day If positive, sent to DCH
SOP for International Travellers

The latest SOPs for international travellers were released on May 6 and 8. While they don’t mention the need for registering on Seva Sindhu, the portal has a section for international travel.

Screening: All travellers at points of entry (airports and seaports) will be screened for symptoms, as in case of domestic travellers. The screening process involves a self-reported form, thermal scanning, pulse oximeter reading (to check oxygen saturation in blood), stamping, checking of medical history and categorisation. Travellers may also be required to download the three Covid apps.

Testing and Quarantine: Category 1 (symptomatic) international travelers will be sent to Dedicated Covid Health Centres (DCHC) for testing and isolation. If they test positive, they will be shifted to Dedicated COVID Hospitals (DCH) for treatment and isolation. If negative, they will be put under 14 days of institutional quarantine at Covid Care Centres (CCC). These include both paid at hotels/hostels and free options.

Category 2 (asymptomatic) travellers too will have to go into 14 days of institutional quarantine at Covid Care Centres, followed by a 14-day self-reporting period. In case there is not enough capacity at the centres, Category 2 travellers may be sent for home quarantine.

In a revision on May 8, the state government declared that all international passengers will be tested twice, once on arrival and then on the 14th day, after which they will be discharged if the result is negative.

Exceptions and Special Instructions: On May 13, the government revised the SOPs for international travelers to offer relaxations to certain groups of people. It excused institutional quarantine for:

  • pregnant women
  • children under 10 years of age
  • senior citizens over 80, and
  • terminally-ill patients (cancer, chronic kidney disease, etc.)

Home Quarantine: All asymptomatic (Category 2) passengers will be sent to a 14-day institutional quarantine. Home quarantine will be considered only in case Institution Quarantine facilities are over capacity or for those exempted (see above).

To ensure the home quarantine is carried out properly, local RWAs will be informed about the need to enforce quarantine. The mobile number of the traveler may also be ‘ring-fenced’ (tracked and monitored within an area).


  1. Bipin says:

    It seems hoteliers in bangalore have done some setting with politicians to run their closed hotels by putting train passengers therein jabardasti.

    People will never forget the plight during this govt rule.

    Let the elections come befitting reply will be given.

  2. Arjun Menon says:

    Under Inter State Travelers, the category of Residents of Karnataka who are stranded outside the state and returning is not mentioned.
    This needs clarification.

  3. Nishant Rajoria says:

    My senior citizen parents are stuck in a UP village. Both are Diabetic and Low blood pressure patient. I cant let them go in Government facility or expensive safe hotels. My plan is to take a house on rent for them or we all remain in home quarentine with them. But with this Government rules, i am not able to call them back. Please help me in bringing them home.

  4. Sophia says:

    What about if someone is travelling to Bangalore in their own vehicle?
    By the grace of God, they are fit and healthy. Have got the pass from both the states. Father and 3yr old son, travelling in self driven rented car.
    Please reply.

  5. Harsh says:

    What if a mother is traveling with a two-year old inter-state and both are asymptomatic on arrival? Are they required to go to instt quarantine or home?

  6. Ramya says:

    Which is really unfair .We stuck in AP,when we got pass and got to know about mandatory paid quarantine,ww dropped our travel plan which is highly impossible with my 7 yr kid . Karanataka govt you just want money from public.thats it .

  7. Nishith Kumar says:

    Rules for InterState travel are nothing but money making model for Hospitality Industry ( Hotels) by Karnataka Government. The simple question is for the interstate travel why you need to test on DAY-10 of institutional quarantine?
    Why can’t the testing be done on Day 1 of arrival?
    Ideally Intestate travellers should be kept in paid institutional quarantine till the reports are out may be (may be for 2-3 days). If reports are negetive they need to sent for home quarantine by stamping them with non erasable ink as per SOP.
    The current rules are just to cause anxiety and discomfort to the arriving natives/citizens to Karnataka and offcourse take advantage of their situation and fill your pockets and of your friends with the heavy hotel charges ( as mentioned in the article)
    Btw is this the model Karnataka Government want to adopt to revive it’s economy ? Anyway Karnataka Government has no problem with all local festivals being celebrated without any social distancing or some of their friends marrying their children, again no norms being followed for social distancing. All the rules are only applicable to the general public who would anyways have no choice but to be forced to follow the whimsical and money making model of Karnataka Government.

  8. Pragathi says:

    I will need to join office on june 1st post maternity leave. I have a 9 months old baby. I cant stay outside with baby which is quite impossible for me. Will government help me with home quarentine?

  9. laxman says:

    Rules are not clear for exemption of institutional quarantine.
    if child has less than 10 years,what about parents,they will also allow to home quarantine or not.

    • siddhant says:

      how to tell if i were asymptomatic pre symptomatic or I gotbinfected say in one of Kalyan Mantapa given that congregation of more than 10 not allowed , how can 10 – 15 be put together in one place…incoherent understanding of risks…& preventive measures are eyewash…

  10. Sonu says:

    Institutional quarantine is more risky. Home quarantine is better option. If 10 to 15 people in kalyan Mantapam for institutional quarantine with same washrooms to be used by all the person quarantined what is the use of quarantine. It’s better they go for home quarantine. Karnataka govt. Is not taking proper decision about quarantine.

  11. Sonu says:

    Many kannadigas stuck in other states are not able to reach their home state just because of compulsory institutional quarantine. Karnataka govt has to think of kannadigas.

  12. Lakshman Sinha says:

    If a person or family come by there own vechile and they are coming for other state what will be the possible treatment

  13. Shivam Srivastava says:

    Rules are not good for inter-state travelers. They should be give home quarantine option every one can not afford the stay at hotel.
    It will be very risky to stay at government shelters.
    My family & child(infant) are out of state & I can not afford to stay at hotel.
    I am worried, How I can come back to my work station.

  14. Balaji says:

    Thanks for the detailed article explaining the quarantine rules.

    Please clarify will people travelling along with Pregnant women also be exempted from institutional quarantine at Covid care centres if they all belong to one family and from and to addresses are same?

  15. towsif qumar says:

    People who will travel after 31 may in domestic flights when they resume facilities. What is the quarantine process.

    • Sandhya Sateesh says:

      What after 31st flight starts and we come by flight to Bengulury and we are already screened at airport should one undergo institutional quarentine when already more than 2 months we were under lockdown already away from family please inform

  16. Sri says:

    I’m very close to my delivery date, would need my family’s support. Can my mother and brother travel by own vehicle to Bangalore with out interstate quarantine rule?

  17. Bharath Kumar says:

    I am at Bangalore now .. but I need to go to Hyderabad to collect my relieving letter from last company and to come back for Bangalore with in a day.. what is the condition

  18. Shivaraj says:

    The practical solution to avoid cistly procedures is to allow people who test negative for 3day institutional quarantine and ask them to be on home quarantine for seven days. This will reduce the burden of spending in hotels fir 14 dsys during this crisis time and also chances of getting affected in mantap environment.. Moreover pregnant women and their immediate family, elders above 65 death related cases can be screened and alliwed inside if negative with 10days home quarantine. Good work undertaken by govt will be construed as joining hands with hoteliers.. specially during this time of crisis diffucult for any ine to spend huge sums or stay in common facilities mantap for long time

  19. Vijay Srinivas says:

    Yes. This is absolutely atrocious.
    People who are asymptomatic and test negative should NEVER be quarantined, and allowed to go home.
    People who are symptomatic and test negative should be Home Quarantined, if possible.
    Only People who are symptomatic and test negative without any place to stay should be institutionally quarantined.
    The government must revoke these rules, and if not so, the centre must intervene in this matter. Or else, Bengaluru could lose its global identity.
    Come on, Mr. Shivkumar, be more friendly to everyone.

  20. Falak says:

    Will the corona test be also paid by individuals or by govt?

  21. Sivakumar Loganathan says:

    We would like to travel from Tamilnadu to Maharashtra(to join essential duty) via Karnataka, whether we should go for quarantine (we have no symptoms)

    • Kunal says:

      Home quarantine should be allowed with certain restrictions so that people cannot move here and there because we are already stuck for a long time outside state and cannot afford another institutional quarantine for 14 days

  22. seshu says:

    Dear Karnatak Govt,

    We are stuck in Andhra due to this Pandemic situation and we are almost in Home quarantine for more than 1 month but now we are planning to go back bangalore but due to this mandatory qurantine we are not taking any risk to come back.

    I think, KA govt should think about Home quarantine with Geo tagging or Seal on hand or any other option.

  23. Sachin Kedare says:

    My daugther will join Bicon Biologicals located in Jigni, Banglore on 4th June 2020. The company will be make the staying arrangement for her. Whether she can quarantine herself for 14 days at company’s guest house/hotel,as manufacturing of medicines are falling under essential product.
    An early reply will be highly appreciable.

    • SP says:

      Hi Sachin, I hope you are doing well and so is everyone at home. These rules are dynamic. So, I am not sure what rules apply on June 4th. The officials would only go by what information they have on hand and would not look to entertain exceptions. If they do not have a clause for allowing your daughter to stay at the Company provided guest house, she can probably talk to the HR Department of the company and check if they are ok with this 14 day quarantine and also if the amount will be reimbursed if she opts for a 3 star or 5 star Hotel stay. I would recommend not letting her stay in budget hotels or Kalyan Mantapas.

  24. Kiran says:

    Its very bad. When Govt inform suddenly nation wide lock down and we stuck in different places. But when we want to travel to home or work place you people for asking paid quarantine after we stuck 60 days in different places. We are already stuck 60 days in other place. Kindly remove this paid quarantine procedure and its better to go home quarantine by putting Seal on Hands like initial days. Its good to change the inter-state rules.

    • Deeksha says:

      Yes..I completely agree…If asymptomatic,person should be sent to home quarantine irrespective of its interstate travel or interdistrict travel..we are putting ourselves at risk by going through institution quarantine.. please change it to home quarantine

  25. Senthil says:

    Karnataka governments (Whether BJP or anyother party’s) do not let go of any opportunity to enforce strict rules, thereby collect handsome revenue. Usually high prices for Electricity, road/parking fines and state taxes are good examples. Hate to live and work in Bengaluru just because of the Administration.

  26. Rahul Kakkar says:

    I am struck in Ghaziabad for last 2 months due to some personal work ..I have my own house in Bangalore and I work for bank ..this is really a pathetic decision by Karnataka government where if reports are negative and no symptoms are there why I need to 14 days quarantine myself in some hotel or government hostels where I will have more chance of getting infected ..what kind of policy is this ?? Just to make money Karnataka government is harassing public ..already we r depressed staying away from family and again we have to go through this quarantine process and have to shell out more money ..what the government want we should die only ..how much more mental torture we need to go through

  27. Anonymous says:

    The rule for 14 days institutional quarantine is extremely stringent and puts the life of those tested negative at risk also as the hygiene of such places also cannot be relied upon. Govt. Should alternativly consider self quarantine for -ve cases as institutional quarantine is a serious blow on the faces of people stuck elsewhere with no other option but to risk their life while returning to Bangalore.I love the city and my job, a humble request to the government to remove the institutional quarantine rule for asymptomatic cases and rather go for home quarantine for such cases

  28. Queen berry says:

    This isn’t right at all
    Been stranded in another state for 2months and now paid quarantine? Not fair
    Government should have a rethink for inter state traveller to be home quarantine

  29. Reshmi says:

    Dear Karnataka Govt,
    Iam from Andhra Pradesh working in Bangalore from past five years,and due to lock down considering our safety and security as priority we reached to our home towns.Now we are asked to report back to work or else it would go as loss of pay.And as per Karnataka govt we should go for 14days quarantine.Here again we are paying it from our pocket ,and no salaries as well.For people who are from middle class it’s difficult to bear the fares.Request you to understand that we are even taking precautionary measures in our state and if you find us asymptomatic please do leave us to report back to our works.

  30. MUTHALAGU K says:

    Hi , I am a 22 years resident of BANGALORE . Currently i am struck in my Native place in TN State. I am fit and healthy. I have to join my company Project Works in BANGALORE. I applied for epass and got the same from seva sindhu portal..but with 14 days institutional quarantine condition. . I felt uncomfortable with the same. So i have not yet commencing my travel to BANGALORE. Will Government of KARNATAKA

  31. Jitendra says:

    We have to shift from Gurgaon to Bangalore as my daughter is admitted in PU college in Bangalore and I am transferred from Gurgaon to Corporate office bangalore.
    There is no option for selecting he reason to come to bangalore for appling pass on seva sindhu web.

  32. Abhishek says:

    Its not good. When Govt inform suddenly nation wide lock down and we stuck in different places. But when we want to travel to home or work place you people for asking paid quarantine after we stuck 60 days in different places. We are already stuck 60 days in other place. Kindly remove this paid quarantine procedure and its better to go home quarantine by putting Seal on Hands like initial days. Its good to change the inter-state rules.

  33. Rathnashree Seetamraju says:

    Respected Sirs, Greetings,
    I think anybody who can add value to work would travel from one place to other in such virus spreading environment. Again with the assurance of IRCTC maintaing hygiene by sanitising all coaches and platforms, there is no threat of infected passenger boarding the train. Quarantining healthy passengers for 14 days is not correct solution, in such case there is no point in travelling when purpose is not served immediately and wait for 14 days unnecessarily. Qurantine for healthy passengers in Govt. Institution is danger for health as you know the facilities, at our cost in hotels is ridiculous in our home city. Request your good selves to allow asymptomatic passengers to reach home without quarantine and report after 14 days for test if required. Sure all passengers will register with the permanent address before travel, in case you need them to trace. We are educated and responsible citizens and well aware not to spread virus and not get infected with negligence.
    Request to amend the SOP for asymptomatic passengers without qurantine and help them to serve the travel purpose.
    We are educated and responsible citizens and honest tax payers of Bharat.
    Thank you

  34. Cinni Seetam says:

    Respected Sirs, Greetings,
    I think anybody who can add value to work would travel from one place to other in such virus spreading environment. Again with the assurance of IRCTC maintaing hygiene by sanitising all coaches and platforms, there is no threat of infected passenger boarding the train. Quarantining healthy passengers for 14 days is not correct solution, in such case there is no point in travelling when purpose is not served immediately and wait for 14 days unnecessarily. Qurantine for healthy passengers in Govt. Institution is danger for health as you know the facilities, at our cost in hotels is ridiculous in our home city. Request your good selves to allow asymptomatic passengers to reach home without quarantine and report after 14 days for test if required. Sure all passengers will register with the permanent address before travel, in case you need them to trace. We are educated and responsible citizens and well aware not to spread virus and not get infected with negligence.
    Request to amend the SOP for asymptomatic passengers without qurantine and help them to serve the travel purpose.
    We are educated and responsible citizens and honest tax payers of Bharat.
    Thank you

  35. Basavaraju says:

    Home quarantine is a better option, it not only provides hygienic environment and support which is of prime importance for the troubled people stuckup for more than 55 days.
    Quality of hotels for middle class seems to be not up to the mark and as reported it may become breeding ground, we have waited for 55 days to openup of domestic flight and flight from chattishgar which is a green zone takes 1.30 hrs and putting us in intitutional quarantine is a crime, in spite of having house with attached bath room, I hope sence will previl and they will change SOP. If required strengthen home quarantine, just because you can’t control some people, don’t penalise all , we have strictly followed lockdown .

  36. SHASHANK says:

    I work in Bangalore,just a day before curfew I travelled from Bangalore to my home for a personal work and had a returned flight on 20th March but it got cancelled. Now that domestic flight has resumed from 25th May my office might resume working from June 1st week and I will have to travel back from Mumbai to Bangalore. It’s already 60 days that I have not step out of my house and now I will have too because I have to earn and provide. Please help or let me know the process and rules once I reach blr.

  37. Naveen Reddy says:

    It’s too harsh on the people who are away from their families from past two months. This Institutional quarantine is very much dangerous. Definitely its a suicide if we opt for government provided quarantine. Spending so much money on the hotels is not at all possible. It’s not appropriate to take advantage of the situation and loot the people who are already financially burdened due to COVID. If people are asymptotic what is the point of pulling them in a tensed situation by throwing them in govt quarantine. People are educated enough to report if any of the symptoms are detected.

  38. Madhusudan Rao says:

    While one can understand Karnataka govt.’s desire to control infection from other states, they can at least consider testing all entrants upon arrival, keep them under quarantine till test results are available, and, if found negative, send them to home quarantine. This way, their objective is fulfilled and the people also don’t have to spend for a14 day compulsory quarantine. I appeal to the govt. to consider this seriously. It only advances the testing from10th day to the first day.

  39. Mallikarjunan Mamgalam says:

    My wife and I are stuck in Chennai braving this harsh summer. We want to return to our flat in Lottegolkahalli as soon as possible in our own car . I am 80 and have stopped driving hence will take help of a driver . What do I do ? We are away for more than 3 months and worried about our health in this heat as well as the condition of the flat uncared for for three months. Only we two live there.

  40. Bibhuti says:


    I got a job offer in Bangalore IT company. My company will compensate for lodge which they have tie up. If I stay in Karnataka govt allocated hotels than I will not get the reimbursment from my new recruiter. Please allow for home quarantine or hotel quaratine which has my company tie up for a free stay.
    Kind Regards

  41. Sam says:

    The week came to NE (in-laws place) lockdown starts, from the past two months at home quarantine only. In NE cases are also very low. Need to go to the home in Bangalore, can do home quarantine for 14 days.
    Mine health is perfectly alight from the past two months. Will travel by air once open. What are the possibilities?

  42. Raj says:

    Will domestic flight people from 25th May will be home quarentine. Is this fair… Karnataka govt have gone nuts.

  43. Naveen Kumar says:

    I request to the Government of Karnataka to provide home Quarantine for asymptomatic interstate travellers. Free Quarantine facility is very very dangerous because it’s noticed that many people get corona in that location itself. Hotel Quarantine also does not assure that we will be safe. Also Hotel Quarantine is very very expensive, which we normal people cannot afford. We have to rejoin our work in Bangalore, otherwise we will loose our job. Kindly help us.

    Thank you..

  44. Narayanankutty.R says:

    Karnataka Govt should allow asymptomatic travellers who arrive in their own vehicle home quarantine. Further, officials who are part of the essential services should be exempted from quarantine with suitable undertaking. Government should also bring out guidelines on travel by flight

  45. D K Agarwal says:

    It seems that decision of institutional quarantine by Karnataka Govt is under pressure of Few hotel industry which are playing game in such hard period where all middle man is co operative with all steps taken by central Govt but now the Karnataka govt is crossing the limit and not considering the problem, who is out from their home from last two months with out any supports from any Govt.(state/ central). Pl understand money is not all and can you give guarantees that travlers after industrial quartile not got carona during stay with you. We are out of state from last 68 days and unable to reach back due to such steps of Karnataka Govt. pl review the same at the earliest.

  46. Mohamed Salim says:

    Even for people who are traveling from international country due to job loss,etc. Should be sent for home quarantine if they test negative. People who have lost their, how will they be able to be pay for the quarantine.

  47. Nirmal says:

    What about parents traveling with children’s below ten years by flight…. whether parents are quarantined in institution and children’s below ten years left alone at home………….plz make home quarantine because childrens can be safe with there parents

  48. Prasad says:

    Hello, My new Job is in Bangalore and i stay in Pune so was planning to drive with my friends in my car on 1st after lockdown. As i am new to city, wont be able to afford quarantine. Can someone tell what can be rules if i am negative and dont have symptoms.Thanks

  49. Atchaya says:

    Total tamilnadu is not in containment zone,where i am in south tamilnadu with very less cases that also not in my hometown.My husband got stucked in banglore.I and my 2 year old twin kids are stucked in south tamilnadu.He finds difficulty in food and to forced to get foods from outside.Also my children has to put general vaccine this month.There is no clarity in qurarantine rules for parents with kids less than 10 years.How many members can be allowed with twin children?.Home quarantine would be the better option to take care both.Hoping to get replies at the earliest.

  50. Krishna says:

    I am presently in Gurgaon (Haryana) but would arrive in Bangalore on a flight from Delhi. Will I have to undergo institutional quarantine or home quarantine?

  51. Aarti says:

    Exactly…. This is 2nd phase of corruption…

  52. Monika says:

    Hotels are only fleecing people and hygienic situation are so bad which can raise the infection chance even triple, home quarantine must be fair one!

  53. Rajib Samui says:

    Hi Anyone,

    Anyone having any idea for a traveller who is travelling to Bengaluru after staying in a different state for some days for some urgent work i.e that traveller has to travel to kolkata from bangalore and come back to bangalore within 7 days
    Now if some one applies for the Seva Sindhu e-pass to come back to bangaluru the option for filling the form in the present address has to be filled in months in terms of stay .

    The travel date fromn Bengaluru is in the month of September

    Any idea

  54. arunkumar says:

    i want to travel to chennai by own car to drop my fatherinlaw and motherinlaw from bangalore on 1.6.20 what rules should be followed on my return should i go for qurantine
    or can i drop them at chennai airport and can i return to bangalore without going out of airport at chennai

  55. Ramachandra says:

    I want to come in my car from Hyderabad to Mysore and pick up my niece working in Mysore. I will be returning on the same day. What are the formalities to be followed?
    Will I be quarantined after entering in Karnataka?

  56. monu says:

    This is nonsense. Chances of infection are more when staying outside be it hotel or guesthouse. what is the logic behind this? What are the guidelines for going and coming back to Karnataka within 2 days. Please change this rule or do testing on same day.

  57. Raghu Jawadekar says:

    I need to come to Bangalore for 3 days – to give back rent home keys and handover office documents to the employers. Will i have to apply for same procedure of 14 days of quarantine?

  58. Shravan says:

    Tomorrow is my flight
    Still I didn’t get the pass to travel from AP to Karnataka.
    How can I get my pass
    Whom can i contact for my pass
    If my pass didn’t approved means I can’t trvael through that flight right ?

  59. Y. RAMARAO says:

    My daughter is pregnant residing at chickmaglur. 8th month is running and aporoximate delivery date is june last week.
    Me and my wife wish to come by flight or train and go chickmaglur and bring her to Visakhapatnam by flight or train.
    OR if her doctor suggests my daughter not to travel, we want to stay with her upto delivery without quarantine if we are fit and healthy on testing at airport/Railway station. What shall be allowed.
    please reply make a plan for our journey

  60. Richa says:

    Hi I am in UT in Dadra Nagar Haveli Silvassa it’s been 2 months I am here and I have to go back to Bangalore and I have 2 years kid and I have to catch the flight from Mumbai I just wanted too know in that case with kid it will home quarantine or institutional quarantine

  61. Avi kumar says:

    We r traveling from odisha to Bangalore .becos we two frnd select for hal apprenticeship training in graduate level.But company is not providing accommodation .Then now what u we do pls replay

  62. Abeed khan says:

    My wife is traveling along with my child,child is infant,both need to goto institutional qurintine or both can go for home quraibtine?

  63. Ayushi says:

    Sir I am from Jharkhand and I just got a job,the company is saying to come to Bangalore as they are unable to provide laptop for work from home.My brother is living in HSR LAYOUT I don’t know what to do. Traveling right know is a good idea or not.

  64. dr prakash krishnamurthi says:

    do please update daily about the do’s and don’ts such that our RWA can brace up to daily requirements of our residents,say 6 am in the mornings,instead on relying on old information thanks

  65. karishma kumari says:

    my husband will be coming from Delhi. as per new rules, he will be home quarantined for 14 days. my question is, do we (my baby, my parents and myself) also have to be home quarantined so can we continue with our routine and he will be quarantined only?

  66. Jayakumar Pichai Iyer says:

    Dear Karnataka Govt, Namaskarams.Myself and wife came from Nagpur to Coimbatore for a function in my Br n law’s house in 2nd week of March 20. Due to lockdown, we are still here. We want to go to Our daughter’s house in Halasuru Bengaluru as she is on family way. Iam a retired GM from Coal India Ltd, 62yrs. Can we get permission to come over there? Pl reply.

  67. VichooZ says:

    As I understand it, an interstate traveller from Maharashtra to Bangalore will have to undergo institutional quarantine and/or home quarantine. In case of latter, how does it affect the people who were already residing in the residence/apartment. Will they also have to undergo home quarantine along with the traveller or will it be OK for them to move around while keeping only the traveller quarantined?

  68. Tania Roy says:

    What is the quarantine process for people travelling by flight to bangalore? Also, if my company already provides a hotel for me to stay in can I opt for that instead of institutional quarantine?

  69. indumathi says:

    My father is coming to bengaluru from tamilnadu on 20th June he has taken the seva sindu pass, he is 82 years old, with the latest rule published on 16June by karnataka govt. anyone coming from tamilnadu has to stay 3 days institutional quarantine and 11 days home quarantine, will he be exempted from institutional this given his age.

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