The Master Meterer – Krishnamoorthy

Water Metering is an often discussed topic, and apartment metering, even more so, due to the complications rising out of multiple inlets.

There have been a few and often spoken about apartments that have implemented metering at a household level – namely Nestor Raga, Ashoka Windows, Samhita Square etc.

We came across this plumber—Krishnamoorthy—who in the meanwhile has implemented metering in multiple apartments. Here is the complete list. The largest is an apartment in Hyderabad – 800+ homes!!!

We are also impressed with the fact that he has diligently maintained a list of all apartments where he has worked. A task we sometimes grapple with πŸ™‚

And yes, for those interested, Krishnamoorthy is available on +91 98456 82355.

If any of you live in these apartments or know of people that live here, please do feel free to share your stories with us. We would really like to know how the metering has influenced the water demand, what have been the issues/learnings with the implementation, billing etc.


  1. Ganga Madappa says:

    Shubha, In case you havent seen these before, 2 old stories of ours where folks have recounted the experience on metering. (the section on Samhita Square, James Jacob)

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