More than 100 lakes waiting in BDA list for rejuvenation

BDA has handed over the lakes under its jurisdiction to the respective BDA engineering divisions due to staff scarcity in Lakes division.

The Lake division of Bangalore Development Authority has handed over the lakes under its supervision to respective zonal engineers of BDA. The north and south lake divisions have been closed down, and have been merged with the BDA’s Engineering Department.

A BDA official, who didn’t want to be named, said that BDA’s lake division had 123 lakes to look after, but only five engineers. These five had to manage the execution of restoration plans. They also had to oversee the protection of these lakes spread all over the city and take action against encroachers, which was practically impossible. Hence the lakes have been handed over to the respective zonal engineering divisions, which will work to develop the lakes.

Urban Development Department had handed over 78 lakes in Bangalore limits to the BDA, for restoration and rejuvenation, two years ago – on January 25, 2012. After this, again 29 lakes were handed over to BDA by BBMP. In 2009, BJP government led by Yeddyurappa handed over 11 lakes to BDA for rejuvenation. So the total number of lakes with BDA is around 118.

Lakes waiting to be rejuvenated

A document obtained from the BDA by Citizen Matters has all list of all the lakes under BDA currently. BDA officials claim that various consultants are working on the Detailed Project Report for the rejuvenation of selected lakes, but the actual work will be taken up as per the availability of funds with the BDA.

Here’s the list of lakes in possession of BDA.

BDA East Division
Lake BBMP Zone Area Area new
Gunjur mouji kere Mahadevpura 63-39
Panathur lake – 1 Mahadevpura 27-17
Gangasetty kere Mahadevpura 21-27
Nalluralli tank Mahadevpura 47-39
Siddapura kere South 27-35
Panathur kere Mahadevpura 6-31
Bhoganalli kere Bommanahalli 12-24
Devara bisenalli kere Bommanahalli 13-31
Gunjur palya kere Mahadevpura 36-27
Gunjur kere (Carmelarm) Mahadevpura 9-17
KR Puram (BEML) Mahadevpura 45-39
Vibhuthipura kere Mahadevpura 45-18
Junnsandra kere Bommanahalli 24-33
Chikka Bellandur kere Mahadevpura 67-14
Sadaramangala kere Mahadevpura 62-11
Garudachar palya kere (Gosala) Mahadevpura 5-36
Hoodi kere Mahadevpura 15-10
Hoodi kere (Giddana kere) Mahadevpura 28-31
Garudachar palya (Achanakere) Mahadevpura 5-14
Chikkabasavanapura kere Mahadevpura 14-7
Pattandur Agrahara-124 16-35
Pattandur Agrahara -54 12-37
Mahadevpura Mahadevpura 13-11
Bellandur Bommanahalli 797-21
Kaggadasanapura East 35-19 50-26
B Narayanapura Mahadevpura 3-8 15-06
Doddanakundi Mahadevpura 111-37 118-32
Varthur Mahadevpura 411-21 470-34
Singasandra Bommanahalli 7-20 11-09
Mestripalya lake 10-34
Byrasandra South 14-30
Haralakunte lake (Somasandrakere) 16-29
Iblur lake 18-06
Garvebhavi Palya Bommanahalli 18-04
Kadirenapalya lake 37-4
Kelagina kere/ Byrasadnra 12-21
BDA West Engineering Division
Srigandadakaval 6-33
Nagarabhavi Rajarajeshwari Nagar 17-39 9-31
Narasappanahalli 11-24 53-24
Manganahalli 6-22
Dubasipalya lake 23-35
Vishwa nidam lake Dasarahalli 4-30
Kenchanapura 20 17-20
Chikkabasthi 6
Kannenahalli 117-16 68-19
Bheemanakuppe 103-02
Nalagadaranahalli 20 19-27
Sulekere 15-7 53-7.13
Moodavara lake 63-18
Doddabidarakallu lake 40-05
Gandhinagar lake 43-30
Kengeri lake 32-16
BDA North Engineering Division
Horamavu kere Byatarayanapura 37-14
Horamavu Agara Byatarayanapura 51-34
Nagareshwara-Nagenahalli lake Byatarayanapura 11-8
Bhattralli kere 18-10
Jimkenalli kere Mahadevpura 8-24
Sitaram palya Rajarajeshwari Nagar 23-37
Chennasandra East 47-38
B Channasandra lake 3-8
Chikkabettahalli Byatarayanapura 1-32
Amruthalli Byatarayanapura 24-36
Chikka Banawara 105-15
Abbigere kere Dasarahalli 47-13
Bellahalli Byatarayanapura 18-32
Medi Agrahara 13-15
Shivanahalli Byatarayanapura 18-12
Singapura kere 66-18
Vaderahalli Byatarayanapura 9-34
Mallasandra Gudde lake Dasarahalli 17-11
Srinivasapura lake Byatarayanapura 3-4
Kalkere Rampura kere Byatarayanapura 187-31 187-06
Lakshmipura lake East 10-20
Baiyappanahalli lake 8-09
BDA South Engineering Division
Byrasandra kere 15-11
Anjanapura lake/Alahalli Bommanahalli 21-25
Chik Begur lake Bommanahalli 41-16 43-05
Kammanahalli lake (Meenakshi lake) East 18-37 17-02
Konnappana Agrahara Bommanahalli 5-17
Chunchanaghatta Bommanahalli 14-14 20-31
Vasanthapura Bommanahalli 7-10
Gottigere lake Bommanahalli 37-13
Gattigere palya lake Rajarajeshwari Nagar 1-30 0-37
Subbarayanakere Bommanahalli 5-10
Subedeharanakere Bommanahalli 6-05
Subramanyapura lake Rajarajeshwari Nagar 18-06
Swarnakunte gudda kere 9-05
Yellenhalli lake 4-39
Kalena Agrahara lake 7-30
Annappahalli/Yelachenahalli lake South 6-32
Kalyani/kunte next to Sai Baba temple Bommanahalli 1-08
Chikkammanahalli lake East 5-19 6-19
Devarakere lake South 7-15
Nyanappanahalli lake Bommanahalli 6-07
Basapura lake -2 10-29
Basavanapura lake Mahadevpura 7-34
Begur lake Bommanahalli 137-24
Chowdeshwari layout lake Byatarayanapura 11-18 11-34
Chikkegowdana palya lake Rajarajeshwari Nagar 1 -10 1-33
Gowdana Palya lake South 9-30
Arekere Bommanahalli 37-21
Hulimavu Bommanahalli 130-17
Gubbalala Rajarajeshwari nagar 8-10
Hosakerehalli Rajarajeshwari nagar 59-26
Konankunte Bommanahalli 19-18 10-14
Doddakallasandra Bommanahalli 21-16
Lingadheeranahalli Dasarahalli 5-22/11-32
Kembathalli 5-16 8-07
Sarakki / Puttenahalli lake 82-24
Varahasandra lake 17-20
To be handed over to BBMP
Rachenahalli lake 128-06 North
Jakkur-Sampigehalli lake 168-30 North
Venkateshpura lake 10-35 North
Mallathahalli lake 72-00 West
Ullalu lake 24-00 West
Kommaghatta lake 34-00 West
Ramasandra lake 132-00 West
Thalaghattapura lake 19-16 South
Konasandra lake 37-14 South
Kothanur lake 18-09 South
Sompura lake 18-20 South


1) Citizen Matters couldn’t verify whether list contains all the lakes, or there are some lakes left in the list. Duplications have been eliminated. There is a possiblity that some lakes are still under BDA, but not in the list. If you happen to note such lakes, please drop a comment.

2) Citizen Matters had published an action plan by BBMP for saving various lakes in Bangalore, drafted in 2011. The list had areas of the lakes mentioned. Most of these lakes have been handed over to BDA now. We have taken the list and have compared the area of the lakes, and the area, if different from the old list, has been added in the column ‘Area New’. Some lakes have expanded in area while getting transferred from BBMP to BDA, while many lakes have shrunk in size.

BBMP preparing to take 11 lakes back

There are 11 lakes already rejuvenated but not handed over to BBMP. When asked about this, BBMP Chief Conservator of Forests Brijesh Kumar said the BBMP officials have asked the BDA to give the list of things / work done by BDA at each lake. Once the BBMP gets this list, a spot inspection would be done for each lake to compare the list and the reality. After this the cost of maintenance would be estimated and BBMP would take over the lake.

Inputs from Nikita Malusare.

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  1. bbc abc says:

    BDA is a 420 organization filled with corrupt land mafia goons and gang leaders. they have cheated 8800 people who were arkavathy layout allotees. after collecting full money they refuse to give the land to the allotees even after 8 years wait. arkavathy allotees are going to meet at BDA office at 3 PM on 22 Jan 2014. all allotees/victims of BDA are invited.

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