Will bring Kendriya Vidyalaya and an arts college to Royapuram: DMK candidate Idream R Murthy (Video)

We interviewed IDream R Murthy, when he shared his thoughts on the performance of the sitting MLA and his plans for the constituency if elected.

R Murthy, popularly known as Idream R Murthy is contesting his first election from Royapuram constituency. The proprietor of Idream cinemas in Royapuram, Murthy has been associated with the DMK for many decades now. 

Projecting himself as a change-maker, Murthy has charted plans for Royapuram, the constituency that has historically been an AIADMK stronghold, voting D Jayakumar to power five times. A successful businessman, Murthy is optimistic of winning the seat, as he says, “People in Royapuram deserve the best. They want to see the change.” 

R Murthy has been campaigning for more than 10 hours a day, reaching out to all sections of the society and trying to understand their grievances. He is known in the constituency for his social service, as the Idream group of companies sponsors education for many economically backward students.

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In an interview with Citizen Matters, the candidate shared his vision and plan for the constituency, besides explaining the key issues.

Watch the full interview here: 

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