Info for voters of BTM Constituency – MLA, Candidates, Voting and more

If you are one among the lakhs of voters of BTM, this is what you need to know!

Background information

Incumbent MLA: Ramalinga Reddy

List of candidates, 2018

Ramalinga Reddy

Party: Indian National Congress

  • Family: Wife & 3 Dependents
  • Educational Qualification: B. Sc.
  • Profession: MLA Home Minister
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 83 lakhs, Spouse- 17 lakhs, Dependent- 2.15 lakhs
    • Movable Assets: Self-17.41 cr, Spouse- 5.43 cr, Dependent- 34.11 lakhs
    • Immovable Assets: Self- 37.21 cr, Spouse- 6.20 lakhs
    • Liabilities: Self- 15.74 cr, Spouse- 2.36 cr, Dependent- 22.57 lakhs
  • Additional info: Twitter @incbtmlayout

Lallesh Reddy

Party: Bharatiya Janata Party

  • Family: Wife & 2 Children
  • Educational Qualification: B. Sc. & MBA
  • Profession: Real Estate
  • Online: No details given
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 2.9 lakhs, Spouse- 11.81 lakhs
    • Movable Assets: Self- 17.45 cr, Spouse- 16.55 cr
    • Immovable Assets: 27.66 cr
    • Liabilities: 3.54 cr

D.R. Syed Asad Abbas

Party: Aam Aadmi Party


  • Educational Qualification: MS Communication
  • Profession: Anchor, Motivational Speaker, Event Management
  • Online: 
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 5.75 lakhs
    • Movable Assets: Self- 9.31 lakhs
    • Immovable Assets: NIL
    • Liabilities: NIL

K. Devadas

Party: Janata Dal (Secular)

  • Family: Wife & 3 Children
  • Educational Qualification: 8th STD
  • Profession: Corporator, Private Business
  • Online:
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: 4 (Criminal intimidation, Waging war against an Asiatic Power in alliance with the Government of India, false statement made in declaration which is by law receivable as evidence, theft)
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 78.6 lakhs, Spouse- 12.2 k, Child- 6.86 lakhs
    • Movable Assets: Self- 8.29 cr, Spouse- 33.47 lakhs, Child- 26.60 lakhs
    • Immovable Assets: Self- 14.8 cr, Spouse- 8.5 cr
    • Liabilities: NIL

Full List of Candidates:

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Previous Results:

2013 candidate




Vote Share %

Ramalinga Reddy










J. Ramesh Reddy





Ravi Krishna Reddy











2008 candidate




Vote Shre %

Ramalinga Reddy





G.Prasad Reddy










Citizen Demands:

About the Constituency:

[flexiblemap src=”” width=”100%” height=”400px” ]


BTM Layout is considered to be the entry point of the IT hub. Its eight BBMP wards are  BTM Layout, Madivala, Adugodi, Ejipura, Koramangala, Lakkasandra, Sudduguntepalya and Jakkasandra.

The acronym ‘BTM’ stands for Bannerghatta, Tavarakere and Madiwala. In 2008, this constituency was carved out of Uttarahalli. It is a blend of residential and commercial properties and is well-known for restaurants and shopping malls. Being near the Outer Ring Road, Bannerghatta Road, JP Nagar and Jayanagar, BTM is a preferred residential destination, with Madiwala Lake being its sole lung space. Real estate in this area is a booming industry. Most of its voters are from the land-owning Reddy community.

In 2016, local volunteers and residents cooperated strongly with a team using low cost local sensors to assess pollution levels. In 2012, volunteers protested strongly against construction debris dumped in the open ground. Hence, the government spent Rs 25-30 lakh to rebuild the area, restoring streetlights, toilets and even a security guard.

  • The total number of voters in 2008: 1,01,184
  • The total number of voters in 2013:1,10,589.
  • The total number of registered voters currently: 2,63,853.


  1. Ats says:

    Would be good if the candidate I do also includes data from the past affidavits as well as past candidate manifestos if it exista. Wondering how someone with an IT return in lakhs for several years is able to declare movable assets that has grown in 10s of crores, over 20 times their income. Immovable assets including agricultural lands have grown by large amounts even in a state that has strict land ceiling regulations that prevent anyone with such income levels from buying farm lands. Indicates all candidates find loop holes to exploit that they never fix and keep increasing taxes for salaried classes.

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