All you need to know about Ward 48 – Muneshwara Nagar

What did Muneshwara Nagar ward get in last five years? How much money was spent? What are the complaints of the residents?

48 – Muneshwara Nagar


The existing woman corporator is recontesting here. This is one of those areas where garbage is not seen as so much of a problem, but road, water etc are. More information on the ward below.

MLA (2013): Akanda Srinivas Murthy R (JDS), Pulikeshi Nagar (SC)
MP (2014): D V Sadananda Gowda (BJP), Bangalore North

BBMP 2010

Corporator: S. Kriyaa Shylaja (JD(S))
#32, E-19, C Ramayya Building, Kaval Byrasandra, R.T.Nagar Post, Banglore-32. Ph: 9845307991
Reservation: SC

Winner’s percentage: 22.5
Winner’s margin: 2186
Total votes polled: 11601
Total voters: 25662

BBMP 2015

Total voters: 28870
Male: 14718
Female: 14147
Others: 5

Reserved: General (Women)

Contesting Candidates

BJP: Kalavathi
INC: Syed Majid
JDS: Kriya Shailaja
SDPI: Smarina Khanam
AIMIM: Shaheen Taj
SDPI: A Tulasi


  • Population (2011): 35814
  • Households: 7419
  • Area: 0.5 sq km

Civic Amenities/Infrastructure

  • Road length: 36 km
  • Lakes: , Total area: 0 sq km
  • Parks: 1, Total area: 0.1 sq km
  • Playgrounds: 1, Total area: 0.5 sq km

Active citizen groups/RWAs

If you represent any RWA from this area, please click here and fill your info. It will be added to this space after verification.



No candidates have filled the information collection form so far. If you know anyone contesting, do ask them to fill the Candidate Information Form as soon as possible.

How was the money spent? Tenders, job codes, bills:

  • Click on the sections corresponding to complaints, tenders and bills, to get a feel of what are the problems, what is being addressed, how much money is being spent, and is it really happening on ground.
  • Scroll using your arrow keys to see the details within the sections.

Click here to view the raw data.

What’s bothering the residents? Complaints represented in a wordcloud:

Data Courtesy

BBMP, Janaagraha, BBMP Restructuring Committee website

Disclaimer: This data is an extract; it is not complete, and not verified independently. It is not from the entire tenure of BBMP council 2010-15.

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