All you need to know about Ward 150 – Bellandur

What were the works done in Bellandur ward in the last five years? How much money was spent? What are the issues troubling the residents?

150 – Bellandur Ward


The data for Bellandur ward shows that the BBMP spent quite a lot of money digging borewells in the ward. However the ward continues to suffer from water shortage. Here is more information on the ward.

MLA (2013): Arvind Limbavali (BJP), Mahadevapura
MP (2014): P C Mohan (BJP), Bangalore Central

BBMP 2010:

Corporator: B.P. Babu Reddy (INC), Reservation:BC-B
#G-07, Durga Saffron Square Apartment, Outer Ring Road, Devarabisanahalli, Bellandur Post, Bangalore-103.. Ph:9880701567

Winner’s percentage: 21.7
Winner’s margin:374
Total votes: 17502
Total voters: 40515

BBMP 2015:

Total voters: 60873
Male: 33708
Female: 27142
Others: 23

Reserved: SC (Women)

Contesting Candidates:

BJP: N Asha Suresh 
INC: Munilakshmamamma
JDS: Manjula Mohan S


Population (2011): 80180
Households: 22368
Area: 26.4sq km

Civic Amenities/Infrastructure

Road length: 3008 km
Lakes: Haralur, Junnasandra, Kasavanahalli, Doddakannelli, Kaikondanahalli, Ambalipura Melena Kere, Ambalipura Kelagena Kere, Soul Kere, Bhoganahalli, Devarabeesaranahalli, Bellandur, Total area:425.5 sq km
Parks: 43, Total area:10.5 sq km
Playground: 0, Total area:0 sq km

Active Citizen groups/RWAs

  • Kasamuktha Bellandur

If you represent any RWA from this area, please click here and fill your info. It will be added to this space after verification.

More information about candidates

If you do not find a particular candidate on this page, do ask them to fill the Candidate Information Form as soon as possible.

Tenders, Work orders and other ward-related data

  • Click on the sections corresponding to complaints, tenders and bills, to get a feel of what are the problems, what is being addressed, how much money is being spent, and is it really happening on ground.
  • Scroll using your arrow keys to see the details within the sections.

What’s bothering the residents? Complaints represented in a wordcloud

Data Courtesy

BBMP, Janaagraha, BBMP Restructuring Committee website

Click here for raw data.

Disclaimer: This data is an extract; it is not complete, and not verified independently. It is not from the entire tenure of BBMP council 2010-15.


  1. Ajit Iyer says:

    What’s the status on the list of complaints posted here? There is no completion date or progress update.

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