Info for voters of Basavanagudi Constituency – MLA, Candidates, Voting and more

If you are one among the lakhs of voters of Basavanagudi, this is what you need to know!

Background information

Incumbent MLA: Ravi Subramanya L A

List of candidates, 2018:

Sankleshpur Gundappa Sitaram

Aam Aadmi Party

  • Family: Wife & 2 Dependents
  • Educational Qualification: MBA
  • Profession: Service in Private Oil and Gas Industry
  • Online:
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 2.82 lakhs
    • Movable Assets: Self- 67.13 cr, Spouse- 18.1 cr
    • Immovable Assets: NIL
    • Liabilities: NIL

Ravisubramanya L.A.

Bharatiya Janata Party

  • Family: Wife & 3 Dependents
  • Educational Qualification: MBA
  • Profession: Member of Karnataka Legislative Assembly
  • Social Media
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 31.11 lakhs, Spouse- 9.73 lakhs
    • Movable Assets: Self- 2.94 cr, Spouse- 1.42 cr
    • Immovable Assets: NIL
    • Liabilities: Self- 203.82 cr, Spouse- 94.77 cr
  • Net Worth (2013)

M. Boregowda

Indian National Congress

  • Family: Wife & 3 Dependents
  • Educational Qualification: –
  • Profession: Business
  • Social Media:
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 11.77 lakhs, Spouse- 50.72 lakhs, Dependents- 9.77 lakhs
    • Movable Assets: Self- 73.06 lakhs, Spouse- 1.27 cr, Dependents- 32.67 lakhs
    • Immovable Assets: Self- 3.81 cr, Spouse- 1.62 cr, Dependents- 3.43 cr
    • Liabilities- NIL

K. Bagegowda

Janata Dal (Secular)

  • Family: Wife & 3 Children
  • Educational Qualification: SSLC
  • Profession: Land Developer
  • Online:
  • Number of Pending Criminal Cases: NIL
  • Net Worth (2018)
    • IT Returns: Self- 439.73 cr, Spouse- 23.47 cr
    • Movable Assets: Self- 863.4 cr, Spouse- 43.73 cr
    • Immovable Assets: Self- 212.83 cr, Spouse- 16.45 cr
    • Liabilities- Self- 55.48 cr, Spouse- 29.25 lakhs

Full List of Candidates

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Previous Results

2013 Candidates Party Votes Age Vote share
RAVI SUBRAMANYA.L.A. BJP 43876 55 42.33
K.BAGEGOWDA JD(S) 24163 56 23.31
B.K.CHANDRASHEKAR INC 21588 76 20.83
RAVIKIRAN KJP 1741 55 1.68


2008 Candidates Party Votes Age Vote share
H.M.VISWANATH JD(S) 6486 55 6.73
H.S.SUBBARAO IND 433 65 0.45

Citizen Demands:

About the Constituency

Basavanagudi is part of Bangalore South. It derives its name from the famous bull’s statue. Its wards are Basavanagudi, Hanumanth Nagar, Srinagar, Girinagar, Katriguppe and Vidyapeeta.

This is an unreserved constituency. What makes this constituency stand out is the Bull Temple and the annual kadlakai parishe. The Basavanagudi Shiva temple and many others in this region were built by Kempe Gowda, the founder of the city.

Hence, Basavanagudi is an old area, yet it has been showing rapid development with the attendant erosion in greenery. There has been proliferation of IT industries, commercial and business growth. With the growth the metro line, the congestion has reduced as well as increased. As trees have been getting cut down rapidly everywhere, there is also an increase in the pollution and congestion.

There are a number of sewerage and water lines here that are almost 50 years old, and need replacement. Other issues in this area include garbage mismanagement, irregular water supply and power cuts and lack of adequate parking regions.

In 2008, there were 9,6,361 voters in this constituency, but in 2013, the number of voters increased to 1,03,942. Currently, the number of registered voters is 2,38,614.

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