Explainer: How to get HSRP done in Karnataka

If your vehicle is older than April 2019 it will be necessary to install High Security Registration Plates (HSPRPs) soon. HSRP features a 10-digit number.

The transport department’s notification on the mandatory installation of High Security Registration Plates (HSRP) has confused vehicle owners. It is mandatory  for vehicles registered before April 1, 2019, to install HSRPs by November 17, 2023. 

The number of such vehicles is well over a crore and it is possible that the date maybe shifted a few times. However, if your vehicle is older than April 2019 it will be necessary to install HSRPs soon.

Here is an explainer on what is HSRP and how to get one:     

What is HSRP?

High Security Registration Plate (HSRP) is a standard for vehicle number plates. It has been the norm for all vehicles registered in India since April 1, 2019. These plates are made of aluminum and the numbers are laser encoded. A chromium hologram with the Ashoka Chakra is also hot-stamped on the top left-hand corner. 

The HSRP also features a unique 10-digit number, which is linked to the vehicle chassis number and engine number in a centralised database. In the case of cars, each vehicle gets two such numbers, one for each number plate – front and rear, and a sticker is attached to the windshield which mentions the vehicle registration date, registration number, and the two HSRP identification numbers. For two-wheelers only one 10-digit number is engraved on the rear number plate; no sticker or card is provided.

A steering wheel
Representative image. HSRPs are installed using rivets instead of screws. Pic: Pixabay

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HSRPs are installed using rivets instead of screws. These rivets serve as non-reusable locks and if the plates are removed forcibly or accidentally they cannot be installed again. In case your HSRPs get damaged accidentally, you have to apply for replacement ones. The same process detailed below applies there also.

These features are meant to make it difficult to make and install counterfeit number plates. They are thus manufactured by specific authorised makers, and installed by them or authorised vehicle dealers (vehicle showrooms) only. 

Note that the “IND” number plates provided by roadside number plate vendors are not HSRPs. They don’t come with unique IDs, nor are they installed with rivets.

How to get HSRPs in Karnataka?

A cursory online search for HSRPs throws up a lot of websites with similar-sounding names: makemyhsrp.com, orderyourhsrp.com, bookyourhsrp.com, etc. Most of them are valid authorised websites that can provide HSRPs but not all of them serve Karnataka, and in Karnataka each site serves only specific vehicle manufacturers. 

This means that based on your vehicle manufacturer – Hyundai, Suzuki, TVS, Royal Enfield, etc. – the website you need to use will vary. There are two ways to find out the website that applies to you:

One is to call your dealer (showroom) and ask them for the website.

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The second DIY method is to visit the website of the Society of Indian Automobile Manufacturers (SIAM) and click on “Book HSRP” on the top right. This will lead you to a page where you will need to enter your contact details and your state and district of residence. 

The next page will display a list of manufacturers for two-wheelers, three-wheelers as well as cars. Choose your vehicle type from the dropdown and click on your vehicle manufacturer’s logo; it will lead you to the site which can serve your vehicle in Karnataka.

Booking and installation

Once you have found your vehicle-specific site, you will have to provide the following details: 

  1. Vehicle details – registration number, engine and chassis numbers. Keep your RC card handy.
  2. Pick a dealer where the HSRP will be installed. Here you can choose the district where you live and, in a dropdown, pick your nearest dealer (showroom). The HSRP will not be sent to your address but to the chosen dealer.
  3. Pick an appointment slot on the same website with the dealer for the installation. The slots will be available only a week from now to give them time to make and ship the HSRP.
  4. After the details are entered, including your number, you will have to make the payment online for the HSRP. The price for a car’s HSRP would be between Rs. 650 and Rs.850 inclusive of taxes. For a two-wheeler, it would be between Rs. 400 and Rs 600 after taxes. This includes both the number plates.

Closer to the date of your appointment you would get an SMS that the HSRP has reached the dealer. Visit the dealer according to your appointment and get the plates installed. 

A correct installation will include:

  1. Removal of your old number plates, and fixing the new ones on both sides using the rivets that are shipped along with the HSRPs. The HSRPs should not be screwed in.
  2. Fixing the sticker with your vehicle registration date, number and the HSRP unique numbers to the windshield in case of cars.

And you’re done.

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  1. Manoj says:

    That is assuming all goes well. In case of vehicles where the manufacturer has shut shop, there is confusion at the SIAM site on how to get the plates

  2. Prem says:

    How to check your number plate is hsrp compliant in karnataka bangalore

    • D R PRAKASH says:

      The HSRP plate will have the Engine & Chassis numbers clubbed as a code and will be punched to the plate in small characters.

      Both the plates, front and back will have the same figures, except the LAST DIGIT figure which will be adjacent number.

      As there is NO provision to post images, am UNABLE to clarify with image of the HSRP.

  3. D R PRAKASH says:

    What are the benefits of HSRP is NOT explained anywhere.
    What is the need is also NOT provided.
    As I have seen right in my contact vehicles, the quality of fixing is VERY POOR, as the rivets get loosened / give way. The rivets are of ORDINARY type & doesn’t have any seal of the issuing authority / manufacturing company.
    Are the customers / users REIMBURSED / PAID CHARGES in case of loosening / detaching ?
    It looks like another HARRASMENT to make ILLEGAL REVENUE / UNWANTED EXPENSES by the government / owners.

  4. Girish says:

    I booked my hsrp from BookMyhsrp site. The plates were delivered to a reputed dealer in Bangalore, and I received a message from the site. When I went to dealer, they refused to fix the plate and asked me to take the plates and get them fixed from outside. What should be done in such a scenario?

    • D R PRAKASH says:

      Have you been charged the fee for fixing the plates ? The fee is termed as CONVIENIENCE charge.

      If you have paid it, the issue has to be raised with RTO as well as the Government.

  5. Vashisht says:

    Unfortunately, this scheme is not well thought out. For cars made by Chevrolet (Spark), Daewoo (Matiz, Cielo), etc., the SIAM website does not switch to any HSRP ordering site. What are vehicle owners supposed to do in such cases? Any help please?

  6. Raju P says:

    I own Chevrolet Spark, 2009 model. SIAM doesn’t have any dealer details for this manufacturer. There are couple of other sites like: bookmyhsrp, bookhsrponline, etc. However, the last page allows you to select the fixing dealer. But, there are no dealers available anywhere. Any help is much appreciated. Thanks in advance.

  7. Madhukarvi says:

    No choice of CHEVROLET cars in SIAM website, they should arrange a dealer for these cars

  8. KUMAR says:


  9. Bheemase Chalageri says:

    I have Maruti Zen Estilo car. The registration number has only one alphabet in the middle. Because of this booking for HSRP not being completed. Every time I enter the vehicle details a message like ‘Please input correct Registration Number of Karnataka state” appears and filling the details would become incomplete. Please guide me how to solve this problem.
    I tried to contact mobile number 9205262323 of bookmyhsrp.com, but no one is receiving/responding.

  10. Muthu says:

    Bookmyhsrp web site timed out as I was trying to book. I tried 6 times, every time improving my speed. But it looks like the site is not happy with my progress in speed. I have to try some time and improve my speed otherwise I’m not eligible for getting hsrp.

  11. Mohan Pujar says:

    I have a TVS Jupiter scooty, which was manufactured in 2018 and registered in the same year. I am a senior citizen living in a village near Sarjapura. I underwent retina detachment surgeries twice after I purchased my vehicle. My vision is very poor, however, I use my two-wheeler within a radious of about two km. While applying for HSRP, I found that most of the TVS dealers are located far away, within at least s0-25 km. How can I ride my vehicle on a busy Sarjapura road, which is a state highway? No thought has been given in this matter. I do not know what I am supposed to do now.

    • Jayanthi says:

      I got sms that my hsrp plate is ready. But it is too far me to go and fix that. So I called customer care and deactivated my hsrp plate. How can I come to know that my Hsrp plate is deactivated. Please suggest

  12. Sathish.R says:

    It is useful

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