Hebbal voter guide: Candidates and constituency info

Find out how Hebbal Assembly Constituency to the north of the city is faring and about the major issues in this constituency.

Find out how Hebbal Assembly Constituency is faring and what the major issues in this constituency are. Learn about the incumbent MLA and INC candidate BS Suresh and other candidates – Katta Jagadish (BJP), Manjunath Naidu (AAP), and Mohid Altaf  (JDS).

About the constituency

Hebbal Assembly Constituency is in the Bengaluru Urban district and comes in the Bengaluru North Lok Sabha Constituency. Byrathi Suresh of the Indian National Congress (INC) is the sitting MLA and won the 2018 Karnataka Vidhana Sabha assembly election.
The constituency is relatively small, but links the rest of the city to north Bengaluru. The Hebbal main road, in particular, connects the rest of the city to the International airport via the Outer Ring Road. Government institutions like the Veterinary College and hospital and the Central Bureau of Investigation (CBI) are within this constituency. Major private hospitals like Baptist Hospital and RajMahal Vilas hospital are also in Hebbal.

A new metro line connecting east Bengaluru to the airport will cut through Hebbal main road. The Hebbal railway station is one of the train stops being developed on the Mallige network of the suburban rail network. Neighbourhoods include Sanjay Nagar, Ganganagar, RT Nagar, Lottegotahalli and Hebbal.

At a glance

Constituency NameHebbal
Constituency No158
Constituency Area (in sq.km)11.27
Number of voters (January 2023)269,609
Male voters137,751
Female voters131,805
Other voters53

Data for all 28 constituencies can be found here. Corresponding source:ceo.karnataka.gov.in

Key issues in the constituency

The constituency, particularly the Hebbal main road and neighbourhood close to the airport road, are known for traffic related issues and several major traffic accidents. Hebbal main road is a major junction and bottleneck for vehicles plying to and from the airport. 

There was a major drive by the Bengaluru Traffic Police Department to decongest the flyover in 2022. However, a plan by the BDA to widen the flyover has been delayed several times, despite protests by residents.

Hebbal also suffers from poor public transport connectivity, bad roads and walkability. Currently, BMTC is the only public transport available in Hebbal.
Wards like Manorayanapalya also struggle with regular water supply. Karnataka Slum Development Board had built low cost housing for the poor in the Hebbal ward in the constituency, but residents allege that they still don’t have the property deeds. 
In November 2022, during the height of the voter data scandal, close to 40,000 names had been struck of the electoral rolls. The incumbent MLA BS Suresh from INC and JD (S) leader claimed that minorities were especially being targeted.
Residents also fear an increase in crimes and have complained of some neighbourhoods being unsafe for women.

Key parameters – How does this constituency fare? 

*Based on their performance in each sector, constituencies are divided into three groups. High=top nine constituencies; Medium = mid nine constituencies; Low = bottom nine constituencies. A ‘High’ rating does not necessarily mean the constituency is doing well; it only means that the constituency is among the top nine constituencies for that parameter.


Metrics / CountRating*
19 Govt schools
1 school for 0.59 sq. km

Hebbal is among the top nine constituencies in terms of area served by government schools. Currently, one school serves an area of 0.59 sq. km. Schools serving small areas suggest that there are enough schools to cater to the constituency and students can access schools easily and do not have to travel far.


Metrics / CountRating*
0 Metro StationsNA
400 Bus StopsMedium
12.17 Bus trips per 100 residents dailyLow

Hebbal currently has no metro stations. The constituency rated medium in terms of number of bus stops per sq km. However, in terms of frequency of bus trips per day, the constituency had a low rating. This suggests that despite the many bus stops, BMTC is not plying enough buses through all parts of the constituency.

Citizen engagement

Metrics / CountRating*
Voter turnout 
2013: 54.33% 2018: 54.89% 
8 wards held 201 ward committee meetings in two yearsHigh
25 meetings per ward High

Voter turnout in the constituency did not change much. Hebbal was also among the constituencies with the highest number of ward committee meetings between 2020-22. Most of these meetings would have happened between two major COVID waves and lockdowns.


We have not rated public health infrastructure as the data available was inadequate, and the data is simply presented as is.

Metrics / CountRating*
4 Namma clinics
6 Urban PHCs
35 Anganwadis
3 BBMP hospitals (general and maternity) 

While there maybe a number of PHCs within a constituency, the real state is reflected by the availability of staff and their capacity, distribution and access of these facilities within the area, the availability of free medicines, availability of equipment and diagnostic facilities, efforts in preventive/promotive healthcare and community participation, in addition to the process challenges of insistence on documentation like Aadhar, taayi card. 

Click here for our data sources and the details on how all constituencies fare and their source(s)

Constituency map

Hebbal Constituency map

Citizen demands

Based on media reports, citizen demands include Cauvery water supply to all areas, better roads, widening of Hebbal flyover, more footpaths and better policing.

Incumbent MLA: Byrathi Suresh

Byrathi Suresh is the current MLA of the Hebbal constituency. He is part of the Indian National Congress. Suresh was nominated to the Karnataka Legislative Council in 2012 and held the position till 2018 and resigned in 2018 to contest the Assembly elections. He won the seat in Hebbal, which was seen as a BJP stronghold. BJP MLAs held the seat in the previous elections up to 2008. 

Suresh is registered as a voter in Serial 14, Part No. 175 of the Hebbal constituency as per his latest affidavit. He has studied up to 12th standard from National College, Bengaluru Pre-University in 1991. He lists his profession as agriculture and landlord. He has no criminal records or pending cases. 

He was in the news in 2019, when his wife Padmavathi Suresh filed nomination papers to contest in the bye-election in Hoskote. Her affidavit showed that the couple’s wealth had increased by Rs 8 crore in just 18 months. He is considered a close aide of former Chief Minister Siddharamaiah. 

The MLA has often been surrounded by controversy. In April this year, he manhandled journalists questioning Siddharamaiah in New Delhi. He also gave away 40,00 free smart TVs in his constituency in Hebbal, claiming that it was to aid online education of deserving students while providing for the rest of their family as well. He has two pending criminal case investigations against him. According to his affidavit, one is for participating in a protest rally and the other for constructing a building above 15 mts without seeking permissions from the Fire department. 

In the news

  1. In 2023, Suresh BS apparently manhandled journalists trying to question Siddaramaiah in Delhi
  2. In 2019, in the aftermath of the BJP taking over the government, he denied rumours of infighting in Congress party and asserted the party was united.
  3. He alleged that minority voters names were deleted during the electoral roll revision in November 2022, during the Chilume scam.
  4. He gifted smart tvs to students in his constituency in January 2023 but denied it was a freebie for votes. 
  5. BJP alleged that BS Suresh had gifted former CM Siddaramaiah a Mercedes for political favours.
  6. When his wife, Padmavathi Suresh, filed nomination papers for Hoskote constituency in 2019, it emerged that the couple’s wealth had increased by Rs 8 crores in 18 months.
  7. A man attempted to stab the MLA, allegedly as revenge for a property deal falling through.
  8. He has been accused of being involved in the death of former CM Siddaramaiah’s son.
  9. He has denied corruption charges numerous times.
  10. Some of his constituents have claimed that he helped them get long pending title deeds for housing built for them.

List of candidates

Incumbent MLA: Suresh BS (INC) 

Suresh BS became the MLA from this constituency in 2018. He has two pending criminal charges against him and no convictions. For more details go to MLA profile.

  • Education: 12th Standard
  • Profession: Agriculture and real estate
  • Online: Twitter -@byrathi_suresh
  • Net worth: Rs 600 crore
  • Political experience: Formerly MLC from 2012-18

Wealth declaration 

DetailsHoldings in 2018Holdings in 2023Change in %
Movable property15.85 Crore64.09 Crore304% increase
Immovable property400.94 Crore578.65 Crore44% increase
Liabilities41.69 Crore114.86 Crore176% increase
Total416.79 Crore642.74 Crore54% increase

Source: https://affidavit.eci.gov.in/

Read more: Residents north of Hebbal fed up of traffic, says RWA president

Candidate: Katta Jagadish, BJP

Katta Jagadish Naidu is a first time MLA candidate and a former BBMP corporator from Vasanth Nagar in the past. His father is MLA Katta Subramanya, who won from the Hebbal constituency in 2008. Jagadish has no convictions, but has five criminal cases against him as per his affidavit. He has been accused of bribery, influencing a witness, money laundering, attempt to murder and atrocities under the SC and ST Atrocities act. 

  • Education:10th Standard
  • Online: Twitter and Instagram -@kattajaga; Facebook – Kattajagadish
  • Profession: Business
  • Net worth: 19.67 crore
  • Political Experience: Formerly BBMP Corporator

Candidate: Syed Mohid Altaf, JDS

Dr Syed Mohid Altaf is a spokesperson of JD(S). He is an educationist and advocate, according to his website. He runs a law college in Anekal. He has contested Assembly elections from Sarvagnanagar in 2008. He has two pending criminal cases, both filed recently. One case by a BBMP tax inspector for blocking traffic during a JD(S) rally and the other for tweeting in violation of election rules as per his affidavit.

  • Education: PhD
  • Online: Twitter – @drsyedmohidaltaf; Instagram – @drsyedmohidaltaf; Website – https://www.drsyedmohidaltaf.com/
  • Profession: Educationist and Practising advocate
  • Net worth: Rs 5.77 crore
  • Political Experience: Spokesperson of JD)S); special representative of State Government to Centre in 2018-19 (Under HD Kumaraswamy government)

Candidate: Manjunath Naidu, AAP

Manjunath Naidu is a candidate for AAP. He lists his profession as Agriculture and self employment. According to his website, he was formerly Vice President of the Karnataka RigOwners Association and has experience with infrastructure works. He has no criminal cases against him.

  • Education: B.Com
  • Online: Twitter – @manjuforhebbala; Facebook – manjuforhebbala; Instagram – @manjuforhebbala
  • Profession: Agriculture and Self-employed
  • Net worth: Rs 35.97 crore
  • Political experience: AAP party worker

Full list of candidates  


 Past elections results

CandidatePartyVote Share (%)
Vote Share (%)
Suresh BSINC50.76
C.K. Abdul Rahman ShariefINC28.6
Y A NarayanaswamyBJP36.3455.7 (2016- by poll)
Hanumanthe GowdaJDS9.61
Abdul AzeemJDS21.7

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