Halanayakanahalli Lake Walkathon, Connect The Lake

Halanayakanahalli Lake is located off Sarjapur Road, near Rainbow Drive/ Rainbow Residency, about 1.5 km from Mori Gate. It belongs to the Halanayakanahalli Gram Panchayat. Hidden away from the traffic of the main road, currently with little water, the lake can be easily mistaken for “land to be developed”. There is a bare island somewhere in the middle, and a wooded area that has full grown trees, and admist these have been spotted a variety of birds that have made this place their home.

The lake consists of three parts:
Halanayakanahalli Lake (42 acres 23 guntas)
– Chikkanayakanahalli Lake (22 acres 13 guntas)
– Chikkannelli Lake (28 acres 58 guntas) which is a part of the greater Halanayakanahalli Lake area.

Halanayakanahalli Lake
(Pic: The Halanayakanahalli Lake Team)

Realising that the lake area offers substantial lung space that needs to be preserved, a group of residents have come together to try to get the lake rejuvenated. The Halanayakanahalli Lake Team, in association with the Halanayakanahalli Gram Panchayat has planned a walkathon to increase awareness about the lake.

Date: Sunday, 19th Jan 2014
Time: 7:30 am onwards
Place: Halanayakanahalli Lake  
Getting there: Google map 
More information: Contact – Prabha Sunder <prabha.sunder@gmail.com>, follow on facebook

During the “Namma Kere Namma Bengaluru” workshop held by the Save Bangalore Lakes Trust (SBLT) in Nov-Dec 2013, one of the key activities proposed to connect lake activists together was a “Connect the Lake” event on the third Sunday of every month. Open to all, it aims to get people acquainted with the neighborhood lakes in a given locality, network with like-minded people and those with expert/ special knowledge related to lakes.

The first of the “Connect the  Lake” events will be held at Halanayakanahalli Lake, along with the walkathon. Bangaloreans can use this opportunity to get to know the lakes in the Varthur area. For more information, please contact Arbind Gupta from SBLT <arbind.gupta@gmail.com> / Cell 9845193233.


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