Get your Khata through Sakala, without bribe

Don’t think that paying bribe is inevitable. There are people who got Khata without paying an extra penny. You can do it too.

One of the useful initiatives by the erstwhile BJP Government in Karnataka was the Karnataka Guarantee of Services to Citizens Act – 2011,also known as Sakala. Introduced on 1 March 2012, it aims at bringing transparency in administration. There are various services offered under Sakala, including obtaining a Khata for your house. For more information on Sakala, visit the website here.

The Sakala website mentions the list of documents required for submitting your Khata registration application:

  1. Application in prescribed form
  2. Attested copy of the title deed
  3. Copy of Encumbrance Certificate (in form 15) for the past 10 years
  4. Conversion Certificate of the Land Conversion of the issued by the competent authority
  5. Survey sketch / Tippani copies
  6. Copies of the NOC from Town Planning Authority (BDA) for bifurcation of land (in case of land measurements less than the measurements in land conversion certificate)

Sample Khata Certificate (click on image to enlarge)Sample Khata Form (click on image to enlarge) Sample Khata Form (click on image to enlarge)

Click on images for sample Khata form and Khata certificate.

However, this list is not fully correct and incomplete. You will be asked for a few other documents too. This is where you’ll start feeling frustrated and feel that it may have been less stressful to just pay the service charges (bribes) like many others and get the Khata delivered to your home.

But this notion isn’t true. A group of apartment owners from Ozone Evergreens, Bellandur Ward, have succeeded in using Sakala to get their Khatas registered. And they did it without paying any bribes.

To apply for your Khata for a new property (Khata registration) through Sakala, here’s what you need to do.

  1. Collect copies of the documents required from the developer. In the case of a layout or apartment, these will be common for all owners:
      • Khata certificate and extract in the name of the builder or previous owner
      • Approved site plan
      • Building plan approval letter
      • Tax paid receipts of the last three years. If you have just got your property, this would have been paid by the builder. If you are applying after you’ve paid tax yourself, then attach your receipts.
      • Occupancy Certificate
  2. Collect copies of your property’s documents
    • Sale deed – attested/ notarised
    • Tax paid receipts of the last three years
    • Latest Encumbrance Certificate, for at least a year, that shows the property in your name – if you haven’t got the Encumbrance Certificate that shows the property in your name, then apply for one at the Sub-registrar’s office in your jurisdiction with a copy of your sale deed. You should get it in less than three days by paying a fee of around Rs 45 per year. You can also do it through a broker at a higher cost.
  • Buy a Khata Application form for Rs 10 from the BBMP Assistant Revenue Officer (ARO) Office. Fill the application form and attach the documents mentioned at 1 and 2 above. It is important that you fill your mobile number in the form.
  • Your application form is now ready for submission. Take it to the BBMP Office and tell the BBMP Case Worker/ Receiving Clerk that you are submitting the Khata application form under Sakala. He/ she will then upload your Khata application details to Sakalaand you will be given a 15 digit acknowledgement number that will reach your mobile phone.
  • If the Case Worker/ Receiving Clerk is hesitant to accept your application, find out if anything is wrong, if there are any other documents you need to submit. If there are genuine problems or requirements, you can correct them/ get the required documents and then submit. If you find the demands unreasonable, or if the worker does not want to accept the application using Sakala, do not hesitate to escalate the matter at the Sakala helpline number 080-44554455.
  • Once submitted, contact the BBMP office after a few days to know the approval status. According to the Sakala website, it should take not more than 30 days.
  • If the Khata application is approved, then you will be told to make two Demand Drafts – one for an amount which is 2% of the stamp duty you paid at the time of registration (this is the Khata registration fee) and another for Rs 125 (for Khata Certificate and Khata Extract). Get them made at any bank and submit them to the BBMP office. Then collect the Khata Certificate and Khata Extract in your name.
  • According to the Sakala website, the following is the Work Flow for the processing of Khata registration:

    Work Flow

    Step Description No. of Days Designation
    1 Receiving and verification of document issue of acknowledgement by case worker / receiving clerk 1.00 Case worker
    2 Office manager- for verification and placing before aro for acceptance and referring to the concerned ward case worker 1.00 Manager
    3 ARO /manager – for approval to refer the file to case worker 1.00 Others
    4 Case worker – to register in ktr books and verification of documents with reference to existing assessment entries before putting up preliminary report 2.00 Case worker
    5 Manager / case worker – for approving the preliminary report and referring the same to the concerned revenue inspector or to issue suitable endorsement if any to the applicant 1.00 Manager
    6 Revenue inspector – for verification of documents , spot inspection etc., and putting up necessary reports on file 5.00 Inspector
    7 ARO – for verification of reports / documents and inspection if necessary and for report 2.00 Others
    8 Revenue officer – for verification / inspection and approval or recommendation reports 3.00 Revenue officer
    9 Zonal deputy commissioner – for approval or recommendation 2.00 Deputy commissioner
    10 Zonal additional / joint commissioner- for orders 3.00 Additional/joint
    11 Zonal deputy commissioner / revenue officer – for sending the file to concerned ARO 2.00 Deputy commissioner
    12 ARO / manager – for referring the file to case worker for collection of ktr fee etc., and preparing mutation 2.00 Others
    13 Case worker – for preparation of mutation entries / endorsement / remittance of fees and comuterization of data etc. 2.00 Case worker
    14 Manager – for scrutiny of mutation entries and endorsement 1.00 Manager
    15 ARO – for verification and approving the endorsement / certificate 1.00 Others
    16 Case worker – for dispatch of certificate to the applicant 1.00 Case worker

    Useful tips:

    • There could be variations in the procedure mentioned because different ARO offices could work slightly differently. But don’t despair. Ask questions, find out the procedures when in doubt.
    • If you face any resistance, call the Sakala helpline 080-44554455.
    • If the Sakala helpline does not help, contact Lokayukta 080-22251394, 080-22257013 or Audio recordings of discussions at the submission offices can help your case.


    1. Pavan Mulpur says:

      Really very nice and helpful article. Thank you for posting.

    2. Manish Solanki says:

      Thanks a lot Arathi for posting this article. The information on the detailed procedure and documentation needed is really helpful. I am definitely motivated to try. However since its local government staff interaction, my previous experience says that either you should be able to speak Kannada or take a person who can be your translator. Even without a bribe English or any other language doesn’t work.

    3. foli says:

      Thank you so much for posting the info on Khata Transfer. I followed the guidelines as indicated in your post and got my Khata transferred in 40 days without paying brible. Thanks to all concerned staff at BBMP Rajaji Nagar Office and Mahalakshmi Layout BBMP Ward Office. They all were very receptive and helpful. Amazing experience from BBMP. Wish they could continue the good work always.

    4. foli says:

      Thank you so much for posting the info on Khata Transfer. I followed the guidelines as indicated in your post and got my Khata transferred in 40 days without paying brible. Thanks to all concerned staff at BBMP Rajaji Nagar Office and Mahalakshmi Layout BBMP Ward Office. They all were very receptive and helpful. Amazing experience from BBMP. Wish they could continue the good work always.

    5. Clement Selvaraj says:

      Hi foli.
      I’m really excited to hear from someone who has experienced this process.
      I have forwarded this post to my apartment mates. I stay at Le-Terrace near SAP Labs India and we are interested in knowing your experiences in detail. (example: did you get the 15 digit acknowledgement ID once you submitted the form? did you get the PDI in the khatha?)
      Would you mind sharing your experience directly with us..? In that case can you please let me know your contact details..?

    6. akgrs1 says:

      I recently bought a property near Hebbal in Dec 2012. Post registration, I came to know that builder has not paid the property dues from 2009 (when the flat was constructed). He now insists that i pay that amount and because of which i am not able to initiated Khata. What to do. Pls help. the amount of tax runs into 50K. I informed the builder that i will pay all tax dues post purchase, but refuses to pay his dues. is there any help available. the building is now transferred to the apartments owners association & builder is not picking up my calls now.

    7. Samar Biswas says:

      I got khata transfer without paying bribe a single penny. Sakala helped to to done the process. I got khata transferred within 25days. But I had to walk many (9/10) times to the office to move your application from one table to another. If any one need help related to this mail me:

    8. Rachit Gupta says:

      is there any way to trace process online?

    9. Dharvesh Syed says:

      what is the total amount for khata transfer???

    10. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Dharvesh Syed – Khata registration/ transfer fee is 2% of the stamp duty you paid at the time of registration. In case of a flat, if the previous owner(s) did not transfer the khata to her/ his name, the fee will be 2% of the stamp duty paid during each sale. Rs 125 – for Khata Certificate and Khata Extract.

    11. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Rachit Gupta – According to the sakala website, you can track your application. You will need to enter the SAKALA/ FAP/ SAP No. However, I admit I have not used it and and am not sure of its working.

    12. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      akgrs1 – It has been some months since your comments and I wonder if you have sorted it out. It is important that before registration you ensure that to-date property taxes are paid by the builder/ previous owner. In fact, one of the documents required for registration is the up-to-date property tax receipt. You have the option of approaching the BBMP officers and asking them how they registered the property without the up-to-date tax receipt. The second option is going after the builder – serve him a notice and if he does not respond, take him to court. The third option is paying the amount yourself.

    13. antony george says:

      Can you please explain the process for khata transfer for DC converted, gram panchayat sites in Bangalore Urban. Where can i get the application for khata transfer for panchayat sites? What is the khata registration fee to be paid for gram panchayat sites? What to do if 3 months has already elapsed since property purchase, but khata is not transferred yet?

    14. Manish CMR says:

      All, I need to get Khata transferred to my name from previous owner. The shameless employees at BBMP pretend that they don’t know hindi or English. One of the official dialled to someone and asked me to talk to the person on phone (he dialled from his number, so I can not record conversation). The person on other end asked me 10K bribe. These shameless employees don’t hesitate to directly ask bribe too as I experienced in their sub-office. The problem in Blore or Karnataka is that .. even if you record the conversation, there is no where to get the help to punish these corrupt officials.

    15. Shree D N says:

      Friends, this is not a platform for language debate or abuse, but meant for meaningful interaction on the subject that’s written about. Disabled the abusive comments and reactions to such comments. Thanks!

    16. Manish CMR says:

      ‘@Shree : Point Noted.. Just last time to put my point forward.

      @Mahesh.. after introspecting for sometime, I think that I did not use right language (e.g. kick out) but message was kind of right. Just get above the feeling of being local in Karnataka, think as being Indian and tell that what you think is right or not. Do you think that you or any other local officials should discriminate others if they don’t know local language but know Hindi or English? The population in India now moves from one location to another every 2-3 years. Should we expect everyone to know local language? How about defence force personnel? They protect boundaries and help with internal peace. Do you expect them to learn local language to enjoy “So Called YOUR” air, water, land and facilities? If you think that they should then you need a treatment.

      Just think that… Gandhi, Sardar Patel, Subhash babu etc did not ask you or your ancestors your language or where you belong to get us freedom. I am proud Gujju and proud Indian.

    17. Pavan says:

      Hi ,
      For Applying Khata for a flat in an apartment ,is OC compulsory and mandatory?,because I see in bangalore most of the apts doesnt have OC and do they have Khata?
      Please confirm.

    18. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      OC is one of the documents that needs to be attached with the khata appln. Without OC, I doubt that khata will be issued.

    19. sureshbabu payasada says:

      thank you for the info on Khata Transfer. I followed the guidelines as per sakala got my Khata transferred in 45 days without paying bribe. I registered my site 133 in VIDYARANYAPURA THINDULU to my daughter SHILPA .B.S by DANA PATRA .I got transferred the khata to my daughters name without paying bribe. Only I had to go up and down 5 times to bbmp corporation office VIDYARANYAPURA THINDULU. This is any way the requirement only.
      Amazing experience from BBMP. Wish they could continue such good services instead of harassing and troubling..
      Thanks to all concerned staff at BBMP VIDYARANYAPURA, BBMP Ward No 9. They are all were very receptive and helpful. Amazing experience from BBMP. Wish they could continue to help others with good services like this

    20. Shyam says:

      I have a slightly different question. I, unfortunately, seemed to have misplaced the Khata for a property I own jointly with my brother. How hard is it to get a copy of the Khata?

      Thank you

    21. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      ‘@Shyam, you just need to write an application to the ARO of your area, stating that you both own the property and requesting for the khata certificate. The cost used to be Rs 100, for which you will get a receipt. Khata certificate is issued only to the owner. Anyone can apply for a khata extract. It should take 2-3 days.If the property is in one of the erstwhile BMP areas (Blr proper of old), you can get this at any of the BBMP offices (such as Mayo Hall, Jayanagar, etc.) at once as it is computerised.

    22. Deepak Kumar BV says:

      This is Deepak
      I wanted to know how to check online about Khata transfer status..
      I hv purchased property (DC converted Site) in Bangalore Rural in Hoskote hobli, Samethanahalli rampanchyat, Nadavathi vilalge.. And i have applied for Khata transfer in Grampanchyat pls let me know to check the online status on the website link to check…

      Email i’d:

    23. venkatesh k says:

      Am venkatesh. I have purchased a 30-40 site in gundur village, bidarahalli hobli, bangalore east taluk. I have done the registration of site in sub registrar office of banaswadi belonging to shivaji nagar. The layout in which i took site is DC converted gramathana site. Can i go to any bbmp office and get katha using the above steps.. Does sakala include rural or gramathana sites

      Pls let me know thanks

    24. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      Thanks to the Author for this useful article.

      Today, i went to BBMP office , Marathalli along with 3 other resident in my apartment to apply for Khata transfer. Thanks to this article, the officer verified all the docs submitted and confirmed it is perfect and i got acknowledge receipt back in 15 mins. In addition to the above docs, i added possession certificate along with the above list.
      I requested the officer to consider the application under Sakala. She directed to Revenue Inspector(RI). He said that , though our individual documents are fine, he needed proof of bifurcation of entire apartment. He wanted a tabular data with details – Flat no: , Name of the Owner, Super Built up area details of individual flats. This ask was manageable.. But along with this data, he wanted Attested sale deed copy, EC transferred from Builder to current owner & Property tax paid by owner since registration of flat for “all” the owners of my apartment.
      These additonal dociuments from other owners for getting khata transfer done for our flats left us in a state of shock. Though our apartment is small of only 48 flats, close to 20 owners are staying abroad. We offshore people are not in contact with onshore people. They hardly participate in discussion. So, to trigger a response from onshore people is not that easy in our community. So, when we where there in BBMP office, we made Sakala officer to re-confirm with revenue inspector. sakala officer talked to RI on our behalf and he also confirmed that we need to produce the basic documets( EC, Sale deed & Property Tax Reciept) of other owners also.
      Left with no choice we are now back to our community to seek cooperation. It might take us close to 2 months minimum to coordinate and get the documents from all 48 owners. RI told that once you produce all documents, they can process faster than Sakala timeline of 45 days. So as of now , our application is not accepted under Sakala and also it is on hold. Only when we bridge the gap, by producing the requested docs, they BBMP will process under Sakala.

      I am posting this just to enhance value of this article. Many others are likely to face the issue which we are facing now.

      Does anyone of you faced such an issue with your community while submitting for Khata transfer? I couldn’t see any comments which is in sync with my issue. Does anyone has any suggestion?

      Thanks for reading through my concern.

    25. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Ramanathan – I too have heard what you have mentioned – all the flats have to get ECs, apply together, etc., but I found that this is not true. Those who are applying for khata need to have the notarised/ certified sale deed, EC, property tax receipt to be attached with the application along with other docs. It is not required for all flats. Once bifurcation is done, applying for EC, khata, etc. is the owners prerogative. Even one owner can apply for khata. When we applied for khata for our flats, it was done in small lots and we did not need all the owners papers to show. I suggest you go to the AE and let him know that what is being asked for is not required and urge him to accept your applications.

    26. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      Hi Arathi,

      Thanks a lot for your quick response and your time.

      Today, we went to AE office, Mahadevpura , the helpdesk staff told us that AE takes care of Road/drainage related issues only and for Khata transfer
      we need to meet RO in Bellandur ward for our area. Please advise if we are being shown the right direction.

      Today, one of the officer from ARO Marathalli(don’t want to reveal name/designation in public) approached our Builder’s manager and asked for bribe for getting things
      done for 48 owners put together. When i initially started for getting Khata transfer, i approached an agent to get a pulse of the amount being asked. Agent
      is well connected with Marathalli BBMP officer. The Marathalli officer has slashed the bribe amount by 65% especially when he realized that we are very
      much aware of Sakala and utilized the same with him.

      Now, we have decided that we will not give bribe. We did aggressive campaigning and in 3 days already we have got response from all the owners except 5 out
      of 48. We will be in a position to apply for khata transfer in 1 month time for all. Now the question is, since we are going to ignore the bribe
      offer, we might be facing resistance. The other day, sakala officer after talking to BBMP officer in front of us also told we need to submit paper work of
      all the 48 owners. If we face resistance, should we again call Sakala or Lokayukta? Will Lokayukta be effective. RTI is another option we have. I know in 1 apartment in Whitefield Borewell road – Vijashree Elixer, where individuals have got Khata. Also, we are not sure how the meeting with
      RO is going to be. Much will depend on RO’s response. We have not yet spoken with ARO. But when we talked with RI, we could feel that ARO and RI are in
      same side of the coin.

      Please provide your suggestion/advise how to proceed especially on the option of Sakala/Lokayuktha/RTI if we face resistance. My Mail id is If you could drop a mail to me, it will be really helpful for
      our community.

    27. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Ramanathan – Yes, ARO/ RO is the person, not AE. As you are collecting all the documents that BBMP has asked for (of all the 48 owners), BBMP will not have anything to complain about. I appreciate the efforts at trying to do this without bribe. This is definitely the way it should be. I don’t I think you will face resistance because they already know you are not going to pay them anything. However, if you do have a problem, I think you have been patient enough to let them know that you will report them. Stay patient, don’t get anxious. Good luck. Will mail you separately.

    28. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      Few more related thread and experiences. Another set of good reads which could help Khata transfer applicants.

    29. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      As suggested by Mrs.Aarthi, we were about to meet RO, but we got deviated in another channel. We wrote a complaint letter and forwarded the same to a team who is very much aware of escalation process in BBMP. This was forwarded to BBMP administrator Mr.Vijay Bhaskar IAS. Through him, we managed to get a “dedicated” Sakala officer to overlook the processing of our applications.

      Yesterday, we were able to submit 47 applications out of 48 in our flat. We also provided what the BBMP officers call – “Sub number details” which gives them an idea of bifurcation of apartments. It includes – Flat no:, Name, Super Built up Area, Undivided Share & Property tax payment details(Application Number & amount). This seems to be mandatory but nowhere it is mentioned in BBMP website or Sakala Website.

      When we submitted the applications , we told that RI we are yet to submit application for 1 flat and he was OK. In our case, we actually submitted the whole set of documentation for all the 47 owners to avoid any further delay. I am still not convinced why we need to submit the basic documentation for all the flat owners. How can government keep a rule which is practically impossible for citizens to achieve. Flat owners especially in Bangalore stay in every part of the world. By keeping such stringent rule, basically service is denied to common man indirectly. But with bribe, no such rule is applicable which is really ironical.
      So, as of now our applications are good to get processed after 22 days of holding.

      Ramanathan c

    30. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Ramanathan – this bifurcation of the area for flats is generally the builder’s responsibility, which is why it would not figure in the khata registration process outlined.

    31. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      Hi Mrs. Arathi,
      I agree with you on bifurcation. But why is that the officials are asking for Basic documentation( Attested Sale deed, EC & Property Tax paid receipt) for all the owners. If an apartment has more than 100 flats, is it possible? First time when we met RI, he was particular that we must submit the basic document of all owners, but second time when we submitted 38 applications, he was not keen. He was also under pressure from Sakala team.
      Just for collecting documents from 47 people, we had to put in lot’s of effort. I would have exchanged close to 200 mails in 2 weeks. Some owners had to come from different state. It was a humongous task, never easy. I seriously doubt that we were deliberately mislead by RI & ARO .

    32. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      As mentioned to you earlier Ramanathan, khata for a flat is at the flat level. Once bifurcation is done, each flat is on his own. The whole building together is only from a logistics perspective – it makes it easier for the officer to do the whole lot in one go. This I say from our own experiences, where we also were told to do all the flats together, but we didn’t do it that way. I am aware that currently, in parts of Bangalore, people in apts are applying for their khatas, and this in small lots, as BBMP is doing “khata drives” to rake in untapped revenue. It is worth mentioning here that for each apt complex, the officials give their own list of requirements, and it varies from apt to apt. People are so desperate to get the khatas that no one questions.

    33. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      Hi Mrs. Arathi,

      Thanks for clarifying.

    34. Kiran kumar says:

      Hi Arathi,

      Kiran here, request your suggestion on the following..

      i have purchased a land near Chikkabanavara from one individual and it has been registered in the month of Oct 2013, and i have visited the panchayat office many times and they are saying that transferring of Khatha is on hold as per the Govt orders.. is it really so. i am waiting since from Oct 13 to get it done.


    35. Somesh B K says:

      Hi Mrs Arathi,

      The post is very informative, Thank you very much for this.
      I purchased an apartment in 2012. We had very less occupants initially, Hence the builder delayed in transferring the KHATA but now 25 flats have been occupied out of 48, Still the builder is delaying for the transfer and he is not providing the Occupation Certificate as well, Is there any way or government process to get it from the builder?? Is there any rule that states the minimum number of occupants for issuing katha or Occupation certificate?

      Somesh B K

    36. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Somesh BK – if one goes by the rule (BBMP Building Byelaws), the flats should not be occupied without Occupancy Certificate (OC). You can read more at this link OC will be issued if there are no violations or if the violations are within the permissible limits. Otherwise, the builder will have to wait for akrama-sakrama to get the violations regualrised and then get OC. OC is generally given for the whole building, and this will be needed before khata bifurcation and after that khata registration is done for individual flats. You should pursue the builder for the OC, find out the reasons why it has not been issued, and depending on this decide on how to proceed.

    37. Somesh B K says:

      Thank you for the Quick Reply 🙂
      The Link you provided is not showing up.
      I discussed with my neighbors and we have a 25% violation in the building so is this within the permissible limits ??
      Any idea when will the akrama-sakrama be enabled by the Government?

    38. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:
      Upto 5% deviation is permissible. Violations could be in one or more of these – setback, built-up area, height of bldg, FAR, amenities requd., maybe others.
      Akrama-sakrama plans to regularise deviations upto 50% for residential bldgs, but no idea about when it will come into force.

    39. Manoj says:

      Hi, I have a CMC katha from Mahadevapura for a villa and many of my neighbours transferred the Katha to a BBMP Katha by paying money. However, I was not willing to but while trying to get it transferred officially, officers started saying my Katha is not written in their books. How do I proceed to get an official BBMP katha for a site I own & live for 16 years?

    40. Banumathi Nagarajan says:

      HI Arathi! I am Banumathi I had purchased a flat in Vignan nagar during Nov 2014
      Please guide me in getting the khatha certificate through SAKALA.In the first para of this
      page it is for applying khatha certificate for new property Is it the same for 4th buyer also?
      kindly clarify.

    41. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Manoj – you should not have to pay, and if you do pay, you should get a BBMP receipt for all payments.

    42. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Banumathi – The process described in this article is for khata registration (first time khata issual for a new flat) but the process is about the same for khata transfer. Work flow is a bit different but still takes about 30 days.
      4th buyer means that there are totally 4 sale deeds for the flat. Is there a khata issued at all? If so, then it is khata transfer. Requirements are the same as mentioned.
      If nkhata has been issued to the previous owners, then it is khata registration and you can go through the same process as above, but you will need to attach all 4 sale deeds and khata fee is 2% of the stamp duty of all the sale deeds.

    43. Banumathi Nagarajan says:

      Hi Arathi thanks for the information.once it is done I will let you know.

    44. caroline says:

      Hi Arathi,

      Do we need to pay any anything called Betterment charges as part of Katha Transfer? I am hearing a lot about these nowadays and the charges are very high. Kindly guide.
      Also i would like to know if we can apply for Katha at any other nearby BBMP office or is it necessary to do it from our area itself?

    45. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Caroline – betterment charges are actually supposed to be paid by the builder, which he charges to the flat owners, either as part of the quoted rate or separately. As a part of building sanction, many builders paid bettement charges to the BDA, so they were not willing to pay again to the BBMP. The BBMP started collecting betterment charges from the flat owners Check with your neighbours about wht they have done. Is yours a new place or does it already have a khata? Depending on this, the processes differ slightly. You will need to apply in your area’s BBMP office.

    46. VVK RAMA RAO says:

      VVK Rama Rao
      Can you pl clarify about Khata Transfer Charges.Your site says it is 2% of Stamp duty paid on Registration. Registration fees now is 5.6% of value of the property, and Stamp duty is 1% of value of the property being Registered. I went to Ward No 79 Sarvagna Nagar BBMP revenue office with all proper documents, and a DD for 2% of Stamp duty paid on Registration. They demanded a DD for 2% of Registration fees. When I Questioned about it , they showed me that they are correct and showed applications of many people with DD’s of 25 on Registration fees. I had to buy an extra DD for the balance and submit the papers.

      Please clarify

    47. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      VVK Rama Rao – stamp duty is 5.65%, while registration fee is is 1%. You have interchanged the two.

    48. VVK RAMA RAO says:

      Hi Arathi
      Thank you very much for the prompt clarification. I was about to take up the issue with ARO.


    49. Sekar says:

      Hi Aarthi,
      I have brought a flat in hoysala nagar (parallel) to ramamurhy nagar in 2004. I have bkhata with me for my flat. In my apartments of 40 flats around 19 flats were issued akhata (none of us know how). When we checked with bbmp office, they mentioned that our akhatas have not yet arrived. We are clueless on what needs to be done for a bkhata to akhata conversion. Can you please help? Thanks

    50. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      Sekar – I think you should ask BBMP what you need to do to get your khata. It would be good if the khatas just “arrived” (that’s the way it should be after going through registration, etc., but it is not the case!). We need to ask for them, and BBMP, being the issuer, is the best “person” to let us know what it needs to issue the khata.

    51. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      Continuing to post on our never ending story for benefit of people visiting this useful page….Probably ours is the only case here where we have faced stiff challenge from officers who do not want to do service but disservice.
      Listing out all that happened….
      On Jun 6th: Submitted 4 applications for Khata transfer. RI – Mr.Gopal asked for some additional documents from rest of the flat owners in my apartment.

      Jun 8th – RI Mr. Gopal comes to our apartment in the pretext of inspection. But rather doing inspection asked for bribe of Rs.5000 per flat to our Builders manager. We just didn’t bother about it. We ignored.
      Jun8th –Jun20th: Did aggressive campaigning in apartment asking others to submit for Khata application and got ready for submission for 38 extra apartments. Some people who had rented their apartments had to come from other state, some people had to fedex from US to put signature on the form, met all kinds of difficulties…..was never easy!!!
      On 27th June: Submitted remaining 38 applications along with sub number details.(Refer my above post for more details). Sakala officer Mr. Sumanth called RI- Mr. Gopal when we were in office and asked him to expedite. RI got frustrated as he understood that getting bribe from us going to get tougher.
      June 27th – July 19: No action taken. Deliberately application kept on hold. Did multiple follow ups and trips to his office. Even Sakala officer called him multiple times but for no effect.
      July 20th- RI Reported that for some of the sale deeds , stamp duty pages were missing and asked to re-submit sale deeds for 12 flats.
      July 22nd- RI visited apartment for inspection( for a change) this time. Was expecting that manager would open for bribe, but only in his dreams. Then started doing his job of inspection and could not find any loop holes. But weirdly, started asking to submit originals of blue-print of the building plan. We had infact submitted photocopy but he claimed that certain portion was not visible to his eyes. He gave 24hr deadline to submit the original and to his disappointment we did that as well.
      Towards July end: Left with no choice, did his job and ARO also did his and forwarded our file to RO office, Mahadevpura.
      July end to Aug end: No action was taken. Applications were on hold for nearly 1 month.
      Towards July end: Met Kemperangiah, RO BBMP Mahadevpura for processing the applications. He got irritated that there was already a complaint with Sakala. He started shouting at us from the first meet .He deliberately speaks only Kannada. On the contrary, the helpdesk person at BBMP RO office, Mahadevpura, speaks excellent English.
      Around 1st week of August: Followed up with RO 2-3 times directly and also was patched by Sakala officer in call few times. Every time the same behavior – shouting and speaking in Kannada only. He eventually told that he was in election duty and can take up the case only after election.
      Towards end of August & early september: Followed up with RO multiple times directly and through call. He started saying that we had not submitted Betterment charges receipts. We told him that we had submitted the same in ARO office( infact 42 copies of the same were submitted) and RI Mr. Gopal had acknowledged the same. He kept quite. Then he started saying that we had not provided the sub number information in a call with Sakala officer, himself and my apartment mate and disconnected the call.
      Sept 10th: I posted the rude behavior of RO and disservice he is doing in FB BBMP Administrator page in the night.
      Sept 11th: Got reply in FB and in the morning lady officer from BBMP patched the call with RO- Mr. Kemperangiah. He started saying (all in Kannada) that we had not submitted Sub number information with owner/tenant details). I argued that we had submitted to RI and if you did not get it, then he should follow up with RI. The lady officer threatened to complaint to senior BBMP officials and he got scared and agreed to do it ASAP and forward it to DC( Deputy commissioner). Then he told that he got only 4 applications. I argued that I have 42 acknowledgement copies issued by ARO BBMP office . Lady officer who is fluent in kannada told him to process all the applications.
      Later in the afternoon, Sakala office Mr. Sumanth followed up with RO in call and he was shouting at him as usual and told that he has done his job and forwarded the same to DC. So, we are now heading towards DC. What kind of a person is he going to be!!!….time will only tell….Also not sure if RO forwarded only 4 applications or 42 applications.
      So, here is where we are with Khata transfer. Still fighting….posting it for the benefit of those people in Mahadevpura constituency & Bellandur ward.

    52. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      In my previous post, chronological ordering in between is not correct. The correction is as below:
      “July end to Aug end” time frame should come after the 2nd “Towards July end” time frame..


      Hi Am Manjunath. I have purchased a 30-40 site in chunchanakuppe village, Taverekeri hobli, bangalore south taluk from developers. I have done the registration of site in sub registrar office of Rajarajeshwari Nagar belonging to Jayanagar nagar on 14/10/2015. The layout in which i took site is BMRDA(MPA-magadi pradikar autherity) aproved site. where Can i submit form (which bbmp office) to get katha using the above steps and when (means after registration we have wait? or we can apply after registraion).. Does sakala include BMRDA sites Pls let me know and for this which all documents need to collect from developers for submission of khata transfer(for khata transfer developers asking 15k)


    54. Shibu M Kuriakose says:

      Hi All,
      Can you please share your thoughts on the below point? Builder has paid tax only till assessment year 2011-2012. Construction got completed in 2014.
      1. sale agrement on April 2011
      2. sale deed executed on 2014 April
      3. OC for the block on 15/07/2015
      BBMP is asking individual owners to clear the dues considering it as individual flats starting from 2012, which is actually not the case. The question is for 2012-13 and 2013-14 is there any possibility of clearing the tax for the property as we have done it for the year 2011-12, considering it as a non-bifurcated under construction property. please share your thoughts,
      Regards, Shibu

    55. Laxmi Narayan Kath says:

      Hi, I am Laxmi Narayan a kashmiri Pandit Internally displaced for the last 25 years at present jammu,during the year 2005, I purchased a site 40×75 khata No.1367/1368/25/15.28 in the layout formed by M/s Brindhavan Developers at Kengeri Hobli,Bangalore south taluk under Absolute registered sale deed in September 2005 with the intention to settle here for feeling climate similarity with Kashmir
      Since 2005 ,I have been paying the property tax to BBMP authorities Kengeri till date which they have been highlighting on thier web.I have obtained encumbrance certificate in the year 2005.I have applied for transfer of Khata in the year 2014,which has not been transferred yet for unknown reasons
      I could not construct the house immediately upon purchase of site due to financial constraints, of late I have come to know that above said layout formed for residential purpose has been acquired by M/s KIADB,Banglore and given to M/s NICE for development.
      Recently I had been to above layout, I could not find my site as all markings, drains and stone Pillars have been removed by locals
      I met the local revenue officials they are unable to helpme ,may be due to language problem
      I visited Bangalore number of time but all in vain,I am totally exhausted, I don’t known where to go and whom to meet.I want someone to help me that is only hope left

    56. Nami says:


      I want to know whether we can apply e-Khata for panchayat areas?
      I have got flat at Mayasandra panchayat Anekal area. Earlier i paid 6K through builder to get Khata. Now they are saying u need to get ekhata. I dont want to pay bribe again. Please let me know if i can apply from Sakala scheme for ekhata.
      I have khata in my name, sale deed, tax paid receipts for all the years. Looking forward for details.
      I would like to know if we can apply for electrical name transfer from any online for Panchayat areas.

    57. Ramanathan Chellappan says:

      Hi all,
      Finally, Khata for all individual flats in our entire apartment got approved a week back. We applied on June 6th and we got approval notice on Dec 14th – 6months!!! But the process in not over yet. we have been asked to submit DD to get khata certificate. So, 1 last step still remaining.
      If your area is aligned to JC who sits in Mahadevpura BBMP, then wake up and and apply for Khata if you have valid documents including OC.. Special commissioner, Revenue Department – V Rashmi is helping general public by overseeing the issues faced by general public for khata applications. She is a honest and upright officer. Lot of complaints have gone to her especially on Marathalli ARO office. 3 ARO office falls under Mahavadepura Zone – Marathalli, Hoodi & Whitefield. This is the ideal time for applying, if you fall in these areas.

    58. kiran says:

      Hi All,
      please suggest me as per below statement
      Can i get the katha for revenue land, i have only the sale deed apart from that i don’t have any document related to that.
      Actually my dad bought that land(Near to electronic city) of 20000 Sqft almost 20 guntas.And now the land is build up with buildings illegally.
      Could you please suggest any one on this.


    59. Siva Kumar says:

      Hi All,
      This is Siva Kumar thanks for letting me for very useful information,I bought a plot last year(2015-01-27) from one of

      builder, which was converted from agriculture to residential, near white field(Rural Bangalore),Malur taluk,Kolar

      district.Currently,i am staying in bannerghatta,it’s almost 80 km to reach Malur.

      Can any one please tell me
      1)Am i go to any nearest Sub-registration office for Katha transfer in Bangalore(J.P.Nagar/eny one),as i am feeling online process
      or, i must go to only at malur sub-registrar office where my plot got registered?
      2)Is that still katha transfer fees is 2% of stamp duty at the time of registration?

      Siva Kumar

    60. revathy reva says:

      i applied katha through panchayath office at Doddabelekere. Still have not received the Katha certificate. plz guide me

    61. John says:

      Very useful. Is there any restriction as to who can collect the khata certificate once ready. I live abroad and will not be here by the time it’s available. Do I need to collect in person or have a POA or letter authorised person collect ?

    62. Arathi Manay Yajaman says:

      ‘@John – Khata Certificate can be obtained by the owner of the property, Khata Extract by anyone. You can write an authorisation letter for someone to collect it on your behalf. Anyway, there is no time limit for procuring the Khata Certificate. You can do it anytime.

    63. John says:

      Thanks Arathi. I got the ack no. and the form acknowledges receiving docs that I have not provided !! For example the clerk said the approved plan and current khata are not needed and gave the ack. I suspect it is make us go through one failure and eventually succumb to a bribe. Its been 5 days now and at the stage of giving an endorsment as per the workflow shown above. So I called the Sakala office and they said rejection/approval both take 30 days.

    64. John says:

      Another complication is that the builder claims that the records for this property are still with BDA so we have to pay tax to BDA and get khata transfer done through BDA with a “convenience” fee. I had already paid tax to BBMP Mahadevpura as there was no response from builder earlier and I wanted to avoid the “convenience” fee. Builder says that BDA will not accept that tax paid to BBMP and I have to pay again to BDA for the same year. Your help is greatly appreciated since there are over 200 owners looking for a bribe free way to get the khata transfer done.

    65. Varsha Krishna says:

      Hello, I recently purchased a site in a layout in Bukkasagar (Near Bannerghatta under BMRDA) – Please help me with the procedure to get the ekhata completed. Also what are the documents required to submit the application?

    66. praveen kumar says:


      We had purchased 700 sq ft land in Marathahally and it is of B-Khata. How can i get the A-Khata Conversion done? Is Marathahally BBMP accepting Betterment Charges for conversion of khata?

      Any inputs will be really helpful.


    67. Gaurav says:


      I have applied for Khata Transfer using Sakala. My application is accepted and I got the 15 digit acknowledge number. I just need to know, when I am supposed to pay the two DD’s on for 2% of Stamp and other for 125rs for khata certificate/extract.?

      Is it after the 30 days when the full process is over? or In between I have to go and submit? No document say when to submit the DD.? Do we get a notice for submission of fees in between these 30 days?


    68. Citadil Cons says:

      Form B Property Construction Loans For A Khata, B Khata, E Khata Panchayat Plan Approval @ 9008133998 9964563600 . We Provide All Kind of Khata Properties Loan for A Khata Loan, B Khata Loan, E Khata Loan, Panchayath Khata Loan, Gramathana Property Loan, Bmrda Site Loan, B Form Home Loan, Form B Property Loans, Form B Property Plan, Form B Property Plan Approval, Form B Property Plan Approval Sanction, Form B Property Plan Approval Fee, Form B Property Plan Approval Charges, Plan Approval For B Form Bangalore

    69. Member Valuehome says:

      Well explained…

    70. banda nawaz says:

      Hi Arathi,

      I recently bought a flat in HSR layout, its a resale property the builder has registered the Flat on this his Fathers name and then later sold to me.

      1. The land is A khata but the Apartment is not, because the builder has violated the rules and made deviations. he dint give OC and CC to anyone.
      2. Initially the flat has registered in his fathers name and he has not made any Khata certificate.
      How to get the khata certificate? Can you please guide me.

    71. karthik natarajan says:

      There is option shown online for Katha transfer on sakala website. One of the requirement is attested copy of sale / gift deed. When spoke to sakala call center they mentioned it is to be attested by revenue officer. Then what is the benefit of online option. They said I have to submit the form at office as well. Is it right

    72. Suma S says:

      Hi , I had purchased KHB site in Bagepalli, Chikkaballapur, Karnataka, I had done the registration , Can u pls help me in How to apply Khata , for the same

      • ankita says:

        Iam also KHB, Bagepall, chikkaballapur LIG site owner. I need to register the site and they are asking for bribe Rs.10,000/- towards draft sale deed. Can youi plz let me know what is the amount i need to pay at various stages towards bribe and also the procedure

    73. Manasi parija says:

      I have purchased a flat at varthur,bangalore. plz let me know how to do the khata apartment land is A khata. Builder is telling for khata transfer cost 12000/- I think it is very costly…so plz let me know the details …how to fo the transfer?

    74. Imthiyazpasha says:

      Hi I had purchase a revenue land in my village medimallasandra,hoskote taluk. I got registered of1.4gunta before 1 month and now jslip has been came for khata asking 10000/ for this ,what I have to do

    75. surekha Suman says:

      I have purchased flat 2 years back. property is having a khata. All the flat owners want to get A khata for their flats individually. But we donot have an occupancy certificate. Now somebody is asking Rs. 45,000/- to get khata along with occupancy certificate. Please help us regarding this.

      • Saidasan says:

        Can you share phone number of person..who is providing..OC along with A Khata at Rs 45000…My case is same like you.

    76. Vinayak says:

      Very informative post Arathi.

      Any success scenarios guys???

      Please post, if any, along with hiccups.

      This will boost the moral of the readers. 🙂

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