Doddabommasandra Lake tree planting evokes memories

The 124-acre Doddabommasandra Lake (located in Vidyaranyapura area of north Bangalore) is now richer by 1500 saplings! Yesterday morning (Sunday, 27th July 2014) more than 950 people of all ages participated in a major tree planting activity, as a part of the neighbourhood’s lake rejuvenation efforts. 

For the senior citizens, the event was one that evoked memories of old Bangalore, when everybody participated in “community” activities without having to be invited. The message just carried in the air and everyone would be there! 

Though the event was not widely publicised, word of mouth proved to be very effective. People brought the agricultural tools for tree planting from their houses. The neighbourhood public were seen offering coffee, tea and biscuits to those who were actually doing the digging and planting. Morning breakfast was arranged by the local Corporator Sri Pillappa. The local minister Sri ByreGowda and his team were seen actively participating. 

Dr.Srinivas (CMO at BEL Hospital) was reminded of his younger days when he used to dig the fields using plough and cart. Sri G.S.Natarajan (Hon.Secretary,BEL RWA) recalled the Shramadan while attending NCC camps during his college days. 

A young girl of around five years old was overheard telling her mother that this planting event should be done every Sunday. While planting would not be done again for some time, the little girl will surely get an opportunity to nurture the saplings that have been planted. Here’s hoping that all of them hold root and grow into beautiful tall trees.

Veearagallu (a resident of the DB Lake area) found this photo of the lake, as it was seen in 1983

An old stone with carvings in the DB Lake premises

A view of the lake area

Tree planting in progress

Thanks to Sri Gopala Krishna for the information and pics.  

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