Dasarahalli voter guide: Candidates and constituency info

Find out how Dasarahalli Assembly Constituency to the north of the city is faring and about the major issues in this constituency.

Find out how Dasarahalli Assembly Constituency is faring and what the major issues in this constituency are. Learn about the incumbent MLA R Manjunatha (JDS), and other candidates-S Muniraju (BJP), G Dhananjaya (INC), Kirthan Kumar (AAP).

About the constituency

Dasarahalli Assembly constituency was carved out of Uttarahalli Assembly constituency in 2008 and has seen three elections in 2008, 2013 and 2018. It has 12 wards: Bagalukunte, Kammagondanahalli, Shettihalli, Mallasandra, Defence colony, Chokkasandra, T Dasarahalli, Nelagadderanahalli, Rajagopal nagar, Rajeshwari nagar, Hegganahalli, and Sunkadakatte. Tumkur Road Dasarahalli, better known as T Dasarahalli or Peenya Dasarahalli, was formerly the City Municipal Council, which was merged with the Greater Bengaluru Metropolitan Corporation.

T Dasarahalli offers widespread connectivity to prominent parts of the city via Dasarahalli metro station. BMTC, Jalahalli Village, Chikkabanavara railway station, Nagasandra metro station, Jalahalli metro station also enhance the overall connectivity of the area.

Dasarahalli Assembly constituency falls under the Bangalore North Lok sabha constituency. In the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Bharatiya Janata Party candidate D V Sadananda Gowda won from Bangalore North Lok Sabha (MP) Seat with the margin of 147518 votes by defeating Krishna Byre Gowda of the Indian National Congress.

During the BBMP delimitation 2022, Dasarahalli Assembly constituency the number of wards were increased to 12 from 8. The new wards are: 16- Kammagondanahalli 17-Shettihalli, 18-Bagalakunte, 19-Defence Colony 5, 20-Mallasandra, 21-T Dasarahalli, 22-Chokkasandra, 23- Nelagadderanahalli, 24-Rajagopal Nagar, 25-Rajeshwari Naga, 26-Hegganahalli, 27-Sunkadakatte.

At a glance

Constituency NameDasarahalli
Constituency No155
Constituency Area (in sq.km)36.80
Number of voters (January 2023)4,32,751
Male voters2,32,065
Female voters2,00,614
Other voters72

Data for all 28 constituencies can be found here. Corresponding source ceo.karnataka.gov.in

Key issues in the constituency

Peenya industrial area is one of the oldest and largest industrial areas in south-east Asia. Whilst it has contributed significantly to the growth of the capital city, it has also been the source of air and soil pollution, along with the contamination of water sources. CAG audit had flagged sewage flowing in the SWDs due to a chain of fractured manholes in the drain connecting to Herohalli Lake, Dasarahalli Zone. Peenya also is known for its Labour Stands and highly exploitative and informal hiring market

According to a study by KSPCB out of 66 borewells, 31 were found to have total chromium and hexavalent chromium content exceeding standards, while samples showed high levels of iron, cadmium and chromium in surface soil compared to three feet below the ground.

300 CCTVs were installed in a bid to fight crime in Mallasandra ward. It was supposed to tackle the issue of garbage black spot but failed to do so as most of them were largely defunct. Mallasandra is also one of the BBMP designated seven construction waste collection point.

Key parameters – How does this constituency fare? 

*Based on their performance in each sector, constituencies are divided into three groups. High=top nine constituencies; Medium = mid nine constituencies; Low = bottom nine constituencies. A ‘High’ rating does not necessarily mean the constituency is doing well; it only means that the constituency is among the top nine constituencies for that parameter.


Metrics / CountRating*
30 government schoolsLow

Dasarahalli is among the bottom nine constituencies in terms of government schools. Currently, there is one school for 1.22 sq km, placing it among the lowest nine constituencies.


Metrics / CountRating*
Metro Stations – 2Low
Bus Stops – 94Low
Bus trips – 12.16 per 100 residents dailyLow

Dasarahalli currently has 2 metro stations for a distance of 11 kms. The constituency rated low in terms of number of bus stops per sq km 254.0541. In terms of frequency of buses at these stops, the constituency has a low rating. Despite being an industrial area, the low frequency of buses suggest that particularly the interior and more rural parts of the constituency are not being served adequately.

Citizen engagement

Metrics / CountRating*
Voter turnout
2013: 45.04%
2018: 54.54%
8 wards held 247 meetings in two yearsHigh
30.9 meetings per wardHigh

Voter turnout in the constituency has marginally increased by 9%. However, Dasarahalli was among the constituencies with the highest number of ward committee meetings: 247, between 2020 and 2022.


We have not rated public health infrastructure as the data available was inadequate, and the data is simply presented as is.

Metrics / CountRating*
5 Namma clinics
78 Anganawadis
1 BBMP hospital (general and maternity)

While there maybe a number of PHCs within a constituency, the real state is reflected by the availability of staff and their capacity, distribution and access of these facilities within the area, the availability of free medicines, availability of equipment and diagnostic facilities, efforts in preventive/promotive healthcare and community participation, in addition to the process challenges of insistence on documentation like Aadhar, Thaayi card.

Click here for the details on how all constituencies fare and their source(s)

Constituency map

Map of Dasarahalli AC

Citizen demands

The Constituency is home to largely middle and low income households. Long time residents of slums have been demanding land title deed to be transferred into their names.

Incumbent MLA: R Manjunatha (JDS)

Of the 28 Assembly constituencies in Bengaluru, Dasarahalli is the only constituency with an MLA from JDS. R Manjunatha, who won the 2018 election by vote Rate percentage 43.00% margin, 10,675, total votes 94,044.

R Manjunath was the personal security guard of S M Krishna (ex-CM of Karnataka) for 17 years, before turning into an entrepreneur, representing a high-end tyre company. He aspired to get the Congress ticket, when it did not materialise, he joined JDS. He successfully took on two-time BJP MLA Muniraju, a close confidante of deputy chief minister R Ashoka. His success was completely unexpected as he had just lost in the previous BBMP elections, for which he had contested from Mallasandra ward but lost by a margin of just 300 votes to a BJP candidate. He has a 97.26% attendance record in the assembly.

Work in the term

Some of the works taken up during his term are widening of Nelagadaranahalli and Abbigere roads, to asphalt Kammagondanahalli Road.

He went to High Court against the BJP government for release of funds for his constituency. He alleged that all the funds earmarked by the erstwhile coalition government had been withdrawn by the BJP government.

In the news

  1. Congress party workers staged a protest against R Manjunath accusing him of a Rs 900 crore bribe scam and for not providing the slum dwellers their land title deed.
  2. He protested against the demolition drive in Dr Shivaram Karanth Layout.

Questions raised in the Assembly

  1. He highlighted the issue of water supply and storm water drain in his constituency and appealed to the Chief Minister for help.
  2. He raised the issues the Cauvery-Vaigai- Gundar river interlinking project would create for Karnataka.
  3. He, along with others, proposed the inclusion of Kadugholla (Kadugolla) community to the Scheduled Tribe (ST).
  4. He raised the issue of how even after 3 years of its launch, under the Bengaluru’s LED street lighting plan only 100 lights had been installed in his constituency.

List of candidates

Incumbent MLA: R Manjunath, JD (S)

R Manjunath made his political debut during the 2017 BBMP election, where he lost. He became the only JDS candidate to win the 2018 assembly election in Bengaluru, making him the first time MLA.

  • Education: SSLC
  • Profession: Business, petrol bunk owner
  • Online: twitter: @RmanjunathMLA
  • Political experience: 1st time MLA

Wealth declaration 

DetailsHoldings in 2018Holdings in 2023Change in %
Movable Assets1.17 Cr4.22 Cr260.37% increase
Immovable property27 Cr30.18 Cr9.90 increase
Liabilities4 Cr4.35 Cr4.09 increase
Total24.45 Cr27.33 Cr11.78 increase
*Includes assets and liabilities of spouse and dependents

Source: https://affidavit.eci.gov.in/

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Candidate: S Muniraju – BJP

S Muniraju is a two-term MLA from Dasarahalli. He won his seat in 2013 with high margin of almost 22, 000 votes. Muniraju states he started his political career as labour leader from 1976 before joining the BJP.

  • Education: SSLC
  • Online: twitter.com/munirajusbjp
  • Profession: Business and Agriculture
  • Net worth: Rs 28.36 Cr
  • Political Experience: 2 time MLA, with 47 years of experience in politics.

Candidate: G Dhananjaya, INC

Dhananjaya Gangadharaiah is a business man, who was the Managing Director of G & G Concrete Products Pvt Ltd. He also holds high positions in several educational institutes; Vice President at Shantidhama Educational Institutions and Chairman of National Public School, Sarjapura Road, President of Mount Litera Zee School East Bangalore.

  • Education: BBM and MBA
  • Online: FB: Dhananjaya Gangadharaiah  
  • Profession: Business man
  • Net worth: Rs 154 Cr
  • Political Experience: NA

Candidate: Keerthan Kumar – AAP

Keerthan Kumar is an educationist/entrepreneur. He holds a Bachelors in Business Administration from La Trobe University, along with a Postgraduate Certificate Education (International) from the University of Nottingham La Trobe University and a Master’s in Business Administration from the Coventry University London.

  • Education: BBA, iPGCE and MBA
  • Online: https://www.keerthankumar.com/
  • Profession: CEO/Co – Founder of Soundarya Group of Institutions
  • Net worth: Rs 2.63 Cr
  • Political experience: NA

Full list of candidates  


 Past elections results

2018CandidateSexPartyAgeVote Share (%)
1R ManjunathaMJDS5943.48%
2S MunirajuMBJP5938.55%
3P N KrishnamurthyMINCN Krishnamurthy
4None Of The Above0.93%

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