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July 31st 2014
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Awareness Programs for Children’s safety

Teju Nageshwari of NSmiles has organised a’ Safety at Surroundings workshop’ for children aged 3-7 years and 8-12 years this sunday. To enroll your child, contact tejuvijay at gmail dot com
Teju Nageshwari has a certificate on child psychology, life skills and relationships from Banjara Academy. is a firm focusing on emotional health and wellbeing.


ConfidentLiving Learning conducted more than 10 workshops for children on “Safe touch-Unsafe touch” from 25th July to 29th July in Green Glen Layout. The workshop was open for all children and it was done free of cost.

The workshops, attended by more than 200 children (5-15 years), covered:
1. Unsafe touch- identification, prevention and protection
2. Identification of trusted people
3. Plan of Action in case of emergencies
4. Safety tips for Facebook, telemarketing calls, emails, online games etc (this was done for higher grades only)

Few more sessions are planned for the coming week. In case you want your children to attend the workshop, contact info at confidentliving dot co dot in.


MAPSAS update

Sewage diversion work still continues at Kaikondarahalli Lake with some 50 feet left to connect to the last inlet. The major sewage inlet has been connected to the diversion drain. MAPSAS members have inspected the sewage flow with the officials and have found it to be flowing through the kaluve and reaching the diversion drain at Soulkere, just as planned. The remaining part of the work at kaikondarahalli will take a few more weeks to complete. With monsoons, the sewage that has already entered the lake will get diluted and the fresh water will flush the lake with new life.

MAPSAS has recently signed MoU for 3 more lakes at a function where Chief Minister presented the MoU’s to MAPSAS. Genpact will be the financial sponosor for Soulkere. MAPSAS is looking for sponsors to raise money for maintenance of Kasavanahalli Lake and Haralur Lake. Please help and participate in building the community spirit around these lakes… point us to some CSR initiatives that are willing to partner with us to maintain the lake. Email to

Green Glen Layout – Garbage issues

Garbage is found piled up in unsightly smelly mounds at various locations in Green Glen layout.
Bellandur ward vendors are also throwing some of their garbage in Iblur lake which falls under HSR ward. This has created confusion among residents as to whom to approach for complaints. Residents have requested Latha Narasimhan, HSR Corporator to send the ward health inspector to evict the illegal vendors as this comes under her ward. This is pending execution. The BBMP engineer needs to come for rounds and surprise checks atleast once a week and fine the offenders. Residents are unable to comment upon Bellandur corporator, Mr. Babu Reddy’s response on this issue.

Garbage being burnt on the footpath

Garbage mound in Green Glen Layout. Pics and Article Courtesy: Vinod Colaso

Independence Day – Tree planting event at Soulkere

MAPSAS and Genpact are working together on maintaining SoulKere. WWF has donated 300 tree saplings to green the upcoming lake. Volunteers are welcome to particpate in this tree planting drive. To better plan how many trees we can plant on August 15th we will need to know how many volunteers will show up. Interested people can email

This, if works will be in fine contrast to the recent tree planting spree by BBMP in our ward. It is reported that some of the trees planted recently in GGL have already perished for the lack of care and watering. We hope that involving a community of volunteers will help the saplings survive.

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