Lockdown 3: BBMP Covid advisory for apartments, resident groups

What do the lockdown relaxations mean for apartment residents in Bengaluru? Are domestic workers allowed, what about movement relaxations? Here's an explainer.

Yesterday, a team of representatives from Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF) – a federation of apartment RWAs in the city – participated in a video-conference with Bruhat Bengaluru Mahanagar Palike (BBMP) officials. BBMP Commissioner B H Anil Kumar, Special Commissioner (Health and Projects) Dr Ravi Surpur and Special Commissioner (Solid Waste Management) Randeep Dev were present, along with representatives of various Resident Welfare Associations (RWAs). 

Here are some key updates which were shared in the meeting:

RWAs to stay alert and updated 

As per the order of the Ministry of Home Affairs, Government of India, on May 1, and subsequent orders by the Government of Karnataka on May 2, Bengaluru Urban is a red-zone district where certain restrictions are in place. And within Bengaluru, containment zones have been defined based on reported infections. Very strict conditions are applicable to these zones, including on entry/exit from them.

The list of containment-zones shown below is as of May 3. This list is dynamic and keeps getting updated – please refer to http://bbmp.gov.in/covid19bulletins for daily updates on containment zones. Each RWA should stay in touch with these updates, to assess risk for their own communities.

Daily activities to resume in non-containment zones with order and responsibility

The BBMP team was confident that the majority of Bengaluru was safe, with infected zones well-contained. Hence slow resumption of daily activities was being encouraged.

To that extent, people in non-containment zones can start exercising the relaxations mentioned in the order, with a sense of responsibility and continued caution.

Domestic workers and support staff can resume work, but with caution 

On the issue of services by domestic workers and other support staff, BBMP team has assured that it is safe to permit resumption of services. This resumption should be accompanied by very strict measures like perimeter temperature checks, sanitisation, wearing of masks and gloves, social-distancing in common-areas as applicable, etc.

People from containment zones are strictly banned from leaving those zones, and authorities are ensuring this. But it is in the interest of RWAs to double-check entry origins vis-à-vis containment zones. Home-stay rules for people aged above 65 and those with co-morbidities apply in the case of domestic workers as well, for their own safety. In case any domestic worker is not yet comfortable resuming duty, there should be no coercion on that count.

BBMP Commissioner BH Anil Kumar in another tweet clarified that ‘Maids should walk to work…’ is not a rule, as highlighted in a newspaper headline. They can come by any vehicle but in view of non-availability of public transport, it was suggested during the video conference that they can come by walk if they stay nearby, he said.

Private sector organisations can function with 33% of staff

Residents who will resume work based on the allowance for public sector organisations to function and for private sector organisations to function with 33% staff, should exercise all precautions and adhere to conditions applicable as they go to and return back from work. RWAs should implement perimeter screening and hygiene measures for them, as applicable to all.  

Moving places within the city allowed, except for containment zones

People who are waiting to move in to a new house or to move out of one, can do so as long as the source and destination locations are not within containment zones. Also during the process, all perimeter screening and hygiene measures are strictly applicable. While move-in/move-out has been deemed to be essential, aspects like interior work should wait till the end of this lockdown phase.

Places around Bengaluru clubbed as one unit for easy movement with restrictions

As per an additional order today by the Chief secretary, GoK, Bengaluru Urban, Bengaluru Rural, Ramanagara, Chikkaballapur and Kolar districts will be treated as single unit for purpose of movement between 7 am and 7 pm, and would not require passes.

However, this allowance is only for permitted activities and with applicable red-zone restrictions (like the number of passengers per vehicle). Travellers should also produce organisational letter/ID card when demanded. In short, no free movement is yet allowed during day – only movement for permitted activities is allowed without pass.

Approximately 10,000 stranded Indians expected to return, RWAs to implement strict safety measures

There would soon be a wave of stranded Indians who would be permitted to be return from abroad – about 10,000 people are expected to arrive in Karnataka. BBMP team has sought the support of the RWAs in implementing home-quarantine measures (14 days) as was done during the first phase of lockdown.

Common areas in societies to remain closed

Restrictions remain on opening up clubhouses, gyms, swimming pools, etc. These restrictions will be reviewed after completion of the current lockdown phase.

BBMP team appreciated the role played by RWAs and residents in keeping Bengaluru safe during lockdown.

[This article is based on a press release from Bangalore Apartments’ Federation (BAF), and has been published with edits]


  1. vani chaitanya k says:

    Though central govt. State govt and local govt. Permitted work for domestic labour and support staff with proper precaution, our apartment is not allowing them. My maid is a single mother and lives on her earning. Yes we can pay her without working, but will she feel nice sitting talking money at home, feeling like untouchable by so called rich in the apartment?!? Don’t we have dignity of labour? Covid is not poor people disease but still we are practicing descrimination.
    When I tried to explain this to association about long term goals.. they are more worried about blame games..
    Hope we come out of our small mentality during this hard time and treat human beings equally..

    • Varshini says:

      Yes in our apartment they say maid should not use lift. My maid is 50yrs old n i live in the 4th floor how i call he inspite of she being ready to work.

      • Rajesh Kumar says:

        File complaint with police or DM. This is completely against MHA orders. You should be allowed to move as long as you follow hand wash, mask and social distancing.

  2. Apps says:

    If the association is not allowing people to move in inspite of the change in rules, what can be done? Can the authorities give a written permission?

  3. Guruprasad Aithal says:

    Is interior work inside apartment allowed in green zone in Bangalore

  4. Naganagowda Reddy says:

    Good suggestions

  5. Ctizen says:

    1. How BBMP will assist RWAs to make sure that the domestic helps are moving within the permitted zones and How RWAs to know wether all the above said hygiene is being followed before entering premises.
    2. Are free moving domestic helps allowed to go to houses that has old people aged above 65 and small Babies.
    3. How BBMP ensures that domestic helps are not asymptomatic and RWAs can allow them without resistance.

  6. sree says:

    There is lot of confusion about what can be done and what cannot be done, especially in apartment complexes. Each association have their own rules even after relaxation for entry of maid servants, service providers, like electricians plumbers etc. What is is BBMP/GOVT of Karnataka rule on this?

    Can a relative come to an apartment for a visit, following safety precaution.

  7. Hetal says:

    Even in our society only one maid since this Monday is allowed and I have two of them as I work with Essential sector I.e and m single mother with 6 year child..now either on rotation we have to go to office or work from home from morning 8:30 to 6:30 and in between have kids school online classes and assignments.

    Our association which is not registered/by law or formed there are group of men who makes the rule convienient from them self as they have live in maid/help inspite of been in a non containment zone ward no.21 they are restricting entry of maid and also asking us to ensure maid live by 5 pm.

    This is not helping citizen of bangalore.

  8. New Flat owner says:

    How is painting of the flat for moving in and out considered during this lock down?
    Moving in and out is okay, but how can you move in with out basic necessitates like painting and cleaning. Moving in needs little maintenance work. some associations have classified this as non essential, but surely this in not nonessential in some cases (such as purchase of new and resale of flats). I have also waited during this lock down period bearing the expenses and paying rent, EMIs but future is unpredictable. And rules are unclear. Some flats are allowing house maids, house keeping staff, car battery repairs, and others things claiming it as essential but painting in ones house is becoming non essential for moving in to flat. Consider every ones benefit and safety. Don’t make decisions biased.
    I don’t say allow painting of all the flats but should be allowed for needy, like house maids are allowed for the needy families.

  9. vidya pati pandey says:

    Hello Sir , I am planning to move in with non containment zone.. Old Airport Rajeswari theatre to Vibhitipura.. ..we are waiting for lockdown to be relaxed to move to our own house..we need to do cleaning and painting before movement.. There is no interior required to be done for movement.. Only cleaning and painting.. My socaitely is not allowing event that and I am in serious financial stress to manage the EMI and give rent.. Pls let me know painting is allowed or not in non containment zone..

  10. Subhash Mehta says:

    Should visitors be allowed in apartments after May 4th with due care. Does domestic help included car washers.

    • Vikram Rai says:

      ‘– Domestic help could include all support categories including car-washers too.
      — BBMP has advised that casual visitors be avoided. I anticipate than this can also be relaxed post 17th.

  11. thaza karath says:


    Is there anyway I can transfer my dog from Bangalore to Kerala.?
    He was put in a pet boarding even before the lockdown without realizing that he will be there for a month – 2.

    Any help will be appreciated.


  12. Krishna Reddy D says:

    I need to take some documents from my flat in Benguluru(non containment zone). Iam travelling from Andhra. Can I pickup my stuff and leave the next day.

    • Vikram Rai says:

      Currently 14-day institution-quarantine guidelines apply to any inter-state travelers coming in to Karnataka.

  13. Chitra says:

    Yes. In our apt also in orange now, RWA is still not allowing domestic helpers inside till today. Even they are not allowing us to go for walking inside apartment. Many have health issues and where govt has granted many relaxations, still we in our apt are living in lockdown1.0.
    We both parents are enterpreneurs with 2 small kids. We are finding it extremely difficult in current situation to generate revenues for our family even. Now when industries are opened we parents cant work with full strength or I esp being a lady at home have to work household chores n managing kids in mornings and working on my projects almost whole night. Tough to understand whether the RWAs or authorities can see that pain of such people. 🙁

    • Vikram Rai says:

      There is no definition of a particular building being red/orange/green – an apartment can be a “containment zone”, if there is an infection case. Currently there is only 1 apartment-zone (in Hagaduru ward) which is classified as containment-zone. RWAs can facilitate relaxation measures, including permitting domestic-helps and walking in campus – necessary hygiene, social-distancing and mask precautions to be ensured.

  14. Rohan says:

    If RWA is not allowing move in for new tenants despite not in the red zone, what can we do in this case?

    • Rajesh Kumar says:

      File a complain with DM. RWA has not right to decide who will stay as long as he is a legal and valid occupant.

  15. Aditya Sohaney says:

    hello sir, my name is aditya sohaney and i am 14 years old. I am a basketball player living in Brigade lakefront, Bangalore . I’ve been selected to represent Karnataka in the Jr.nba nationals and am also selected for the NBA Academy india team selections. The dates for these will be disclosed just when there is relaxation in conducting these. Sir I know about the danger caused by the corona virus ,but it is really important for me to practice and keep my form in place.Sir i have seen relaxation in many essential and non essential things such as carpentry work and so on. I have half sized basketball court in my apartment and i need permission so that i can practice.

     Sir i reside in graphite india to be exact which currently falls under the green zone of Bangalore. I have reached out to my society association but understood according to  BBMP guidelines , amenities are not supposed to open up. I understand things aren’t normal but it is my humble request  if i would be granted permission to practice for a few hours in my community basketball court.

    I will make sure that i practice alone during odd hours. I will also make sure not to involve any friends or any second person while i am playing and not break any social distancing norms of the current scenario.

  16. vijaya lakshmi says:

    Sir inter district with asymptomatic reaching home after 54 days of lock down with ksp clear pass is allowed ? My apartment is not allowing even for 1 day for my family and parents. our apartment is in non containment zone.
    Kindly share things need to be done for this case.

  17. Shahnawaz Sharif says:

    Dear Vikram Sir. When will be the next press release from Bangalore Apartments Federation (BAF)? Also wondering if there will be interior/furniture work allowed in Lockdown 4. Karnataka Government has lifted many restrictions today (i.e.) 18th of May. Please also consider the request of all apartment owners who were going to move-in to new apartment and essentials work (electricity fixings, based furniture like bed and wardrobe, etc) are being on hold since 2 months. Looking forward to your response.

  18. Priyanka Gupta says:

    Hi, I’ll be travelling in mid June, and from UP. So for Home Quarantine, is the RWA making any issue, for those who live in rented accomodation? My flat is in Whitefield, near Varthur Kodi.

  19. Vikalp PAHARIA says:

    My apartment is not allowing maids and urban clap services in spite of being in green zone. What can I do?

  20. SUBI says:

    you know all these write ups are decided in a room and written published in internet but actually in democratic country you cannot dictate because I had neighbors who were visited by bunch of relatives and no one wearing mask and when i informed my neighbor he says “dont worry they are from green zone” and one of the male from that bunch was coughing. And this dude who works in mnc payroll team says this lines, sounds ridiculous

  21. M K BHAT says:

    If anybody wants to shift their household articles from Bangalore to Mangalore residence(apartment)..
    1. does it need special (covid_19 related)permission and
    2.safety procedure to be followed or documented (covid_19 related).

  22. Samir Sikdar says:

    My apartment is not allowing no-contact-doorstep delivery offers by e-commerce (Amazon and many others). Rather forcing residents to come to main gate to collect their packages/goods and exposing to crowd without maintaining any social distances. This is a violation of social distance. Can’t understand if these power holding egomaniac people really want to help protect or abuse their power? It seems residents are slaves to them. Please advise to whom we can complain and ask for help?

  23. NITIN KUMAR says:

    Hi, I have purchased a resale flat in hagaduru ward, and requires a painting and cleaning before move-in. But society is not allowing for the same. It is difficult to manage EMI and paying rent. Please suggest me how can I shift to my flat. Current hagaduru is put into containment zone.

  24. Sangeetha says:

    What about the home quarantine rules? Are the family members also need to be home quarantined? My husband returned from Chennai. Our Association asked me and my son too to be inside home for 14 days. He’s just 6yrs. A child barred from playing and even meeting his friends. My friend is been advised by the members not to allow her son to play with mine. Is this right in any way on part of the association to instruct? Kindly explain

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