Bengaluru all set to celebrate environment day

Connect with Nature' is the theme for this World Environment Day. This is a list of environment day programmes you can attend in Bengaluru over next few days.


‘Connect with Nature’ is the theme for this year’s World Environment Day. Pic: Bhoomi College

World Environment Day is here again, with the theme “Connecting people to nature” this year. The motto is to “get outdoors and into nature, and appreciate its beauty and to think about how we are part of nature and how intimately we depend on it.”

Like every year, this year too many organisations have planned several programmes in Bengaluru to celebrate the environment day on June 5th and even on the days before or after the environment day. If you are interested in participating in environment-related events, or want to know more about the environment and issues around it, or want to volunteer for causes etc, here is the list of environment day programmes happening in the city this weekend.

Alternative 17

Alternative 17 is organised at New Horizon College, Bellandur on June 2nd.. Bengaluru-based various waste management community groups – Swachagraha, 2Bin1Bag, Green the Red, Trashonomics etc will be part of it. This event will help you know various aspects of waste management in a city including home composting, using alternatives for sanitary napkins, waste segregation and plastic ban.

Tree festival

Jhatka will organise tree festival on June 3rd  from 11 am to 2pm at Cubbon Park. According to the organisers, this festival is a celebration of Bengaluru’s trees, and an appreciation of the role of trees in helping Bengaluru beat the heat, air pollution and droughts. Through an exciting line-up of speakers, and fun activities, at the iconic Cubbon Park, the organisers intend to get Bengalureans to connect with trees again.

The organisers also wish to highlight the need to protect Bengaluru’s remaining trees. They have started a petition asking the BBMP to form Greening Committees to monitor the greening of the city. This Greening Committee, with citizen representation at the ward level, will ensure effective plantation of trees and ensure that Bengaluru’s trees are not cut arbitrarily.

Bhoomi Santhe

Bhoomi Santhe is organised by Bhoomi College in Chikkanayakanahalli on June 3rd. Bhoomi Santhe is an event to connect with local farmers and shop for fresh organic veggies, fruits, pulses and herbs. It will give you an opportunity to find out how food, community, farmer and health are connected. The programme will also have a storytelling session by Priya Muthukumar of Storipur. This is the 4th Bhoomi Santhe organised by Bhoomi College.

A day with farmers

Team Being Social will organise “a day with farmers” on June 4th at Sruthadhama in Bynahalli village. The organisers along with volunteers will plant banyan saplings in the village to promote evergreen India.

Revive Bengaluru

A running event is organised on June 4th by Times Foundation, in collaboration with Khel India, named “Revive Bengaluru – Marathon for Greener City”. The run aims to create awareness on preserving nature and shedding light on the current state of the environment. By being agents of the environment, the participants of the marathon spread the message on bringing back greenery of old Bengaluru. This is open to people aged 13 years and above. It will be flagged off at 6.30am at Play Mania in Bellandur, then will move to DRDO, Ambedkar Nagar and back.

System Thinking and You

If you are an employee of RMZ EcoWorld, then you have a unique event that you can attend.. The event is called “System Thinking and You,” organised on June 5th. The organisers, GREEN will present a systems case study of how food is the most important and the most leverage-worthy aspect of our lives.

Programmes at Bannerghatta zoo

The officers and staff at Bannerghatta Biological Park have planned some activities on June 4th and 5th to mark the World Environment Day. Movie screenings, best out of waste competitions for volunteers, educational talk, volunteer litter picking, organic painting contest, tiger and leopard birthday celebration etc have been planned, looks like a fun day, don’t miss it!

Environment Day by KSPCB

Karnataka State Pollution Control Board has planned Environment Day programme at the campus of University of Agricultural Sciences, GKVK on June 5th at 10 am. There will be an exhibition organised in the University campus to promote a sustainable world through reduce, reuse and recycle of waste, you can visit and see what products are available that promote sustainability.

Distribution of saplings

Avani Green Foundation, a non-profit organisation, will organise an event to celebrate the World Environment Day. They will distribute free saplings to all those who are interested to plant trees. They will continue to distribute and plant saplings on every weekend till the end of monsoon. The programme is organised at Bangalore Turf Club Road. For more information, contact: 9886598859.


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