Bellandur residents send questions to their MP, PC Mohan

Public Letter

To PC Mohan, Bangalore Central

from Bellandur Forum (RWA/Residents group of Bellandur – BBMP Ward 150)



Dear Shri Mohan,


Residents of our ward had been looking forward to hearing all candidates in a large public forum – unfortunately that has not happened. However we have a few questions for you, especially as the MP who has represented us in the last 5 years.


We will share your message with the 15000+ voters represented by the RWA members in our forum. Look forward to your response.


1. Give examples of 1-2 issues you have raised in parliament, something relevant to us residents directly, the follow-up and impact of those questions.


2. As our MP, how have you communicated with us voters directly in the last five years? Please give specific examples. If elected again, will you commit to a monthly communication – email/website and/or public meeting?  How can we residents send you our concerns and how will you act on those concerns?


3. After getting elected, what will you do, to prove to voters that you are honest and communicate to us about your work transparently?


4. How will you ensure public participation – i.e include us citizens of Bangalore Central – Bellandur ward – for policy-level decisions if you get elected again?


5. We see that you spent Rs. 10 lakhs from your MPLAD fund for a project by Swarna Bharat Trust in Nellore, Andhra Pradesh.  As we understand it, MPLAD funds are for long term asset creation to benefit the constituency you represent.  How did this project in Andhra Pradesh benefit our constituency?


6. Your MPLAD funds have been used to dig 48 borewells in our constituency at a cost of more than Rs 2 crores.  Given that borewells are not long term solutions to water problems, how do you justify these expenditures? How have you used MPLAD funds to recharge ground water and provide other sustainable solutions to water problems.


7. Tell us how our Bellandur ward has benefited from your MPLAD funds. Please give specific examples.


8. What is your opinion on MPLADS? If you think it serves a purpose, how can it be used effectively and not on things BBMP should be doing anyways? How will you get citizen inputs on where it should be spent?


9. For us, groundwater recharge, cleaning up of Bellandur lake and sustainable development are important. How will you use your MPLAD funds to help us?


10. Given that the 74th amendment talks about empowering local governments and recommends devolving power to Municipal Corporations, what will you do to ensure this happens, using your power as an MP?

a) Will you support more powers for BBMP including ability to raise its own revenue so it is a strong independent local government?

b) Do you want mayor to be city’s leader with real power over a 5 year term as opposed to the current one year term?  Yes or No.


11. Given that the MP can take high-level policy decisions regarding infrastructure development based on population’s needs and given that local authorities like the BBMP’s hands are tied – will you support a new policy to put on hold permissions for new commercial and residential construction till the water problem and road infrastructure are addressed? Yes or No


12. Take any massive problem — e.g groundwater recharge in entire neighbourhood or complete lack of sewerage lines in most of Bangalore’s newer areas.. pollution or public transportation. What is that one item – you will take up as a pet project – and your voters can hold you to your word.



  1. Sriram Narayanaswamy says:

    The AAP and the Congress candidates have replied, but the BJP incumbent has not. Perhaps he’s banking too much on a certain presidential wave to carry him ashore?

  2. Badrinathan Jayaraman says:

    Shri Mohanji do you care about your ward people. Am surprised even when Shri modiji said he visualised internet as future technology in interview with Karan thapar but his team is not efficient enough to utilize it.

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