Bellandur Buzz – Vote for the Minions; Snehadaan needs help; Khata joys

Bellandur Buzz…

Issue # 39

Date: 3rd July 2015

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Another reason to vote

We all know how important it is to vote. We have cried ourseleves hoarse over the garbage situation, the potholes and the corruption in the ranks of the political class. But these are not good enough reasons to brave the Bangalore traffic on a lazy holiday.What if we give away free tickets to the newly awaited movie ‘the Minions’ to all voters if they make it to the voting station and cast their vote. Minion tickets for the entire family who comes to vote. Err I want to know if my 7 yr old can vote too? Last I heard a 190yr old lady was still there in the voters list. So what if she wasn’t alive. I am sure with this announcement, we will have a recordbreaking turnout. But beware! Traffic to the theatres may get worse. This may dampen the voter’s mood given an average Bangalorean’s aversion to traffic.

Before we let our imagination run wild with Pixar studio creations, let’s do a ground check. Your politicians really want you to vote? The reality is I will go out to vote and then watch the movie afterwards (with my own hardearned money) as a reward for my exertions. I already feel like voting!

Now that we got your attention, here is some important information –

  • Polling day is 28 July, Tuesday.
  • Voter Registration is open till 15 July (register on However, it is advisable for the citizens to enroll their names before July 8th. Once the names are enrolled, 8 days time is given for filing objections and claims.
  • The State Election Commission has published Electoral rolls, link below: (navigate via Bangalore Urban -> Mahadevapura -> Bellandur)
  • Search for your name in Electoral rolls by Voter EPIC or by name


Snehadaan needs your help!

Calling out to all good Samaritans out there. These organisations need your goodwill.  Snehadaan Care Home, situated near St Patricks school is a residential school for HIV positive children housing some 300 plus children. Aimed at bettering the lives of HIV positive individuals, the Home also has a hospice that houses adults affected by AIDS. There’s an adolescent version of the school in Krishnagiri. Since 2012, the govt has reduced help to HIV patients and this has created a very difficult situation for this segment. The home urgently requires financial help for ramping up its hospice facilities and to help out the increasing number of needy children. If each of us RWAs can take it upon ourselves to sponsor an amount per person, we would make a genuine difference to the lives of these people.  

Bank details are as follows:

Account name: Sneha Care Home,

Bank: South Indian Bank, Branch: Sarjapur Road,

Account no: 05180530000518

Update by: Meera Nair. 

Khata joys

Sobha Jasmine residents had a field day when the BBMP officials came to their doorstep to deliver their khatas on 20 Jun. MLA Satish Reddy personally came to deliver the same in what turned out to be a happy occasion for the residents,who had waited long to get their khatas.

Pic & Update: RamKumar

Ibblur lake

After much prolonged period of inactivity, the KSPCB convened a joint meeting of the BDA, BWSSB and BBMP officials to discuss the situation of lakes in the area. Whilst Bellandur was the biggest victim of sewage destruction, it was agreed upon to make sewage diversion for flows coming in to Ibblur lake. Detailed project reports have been tabled before the BWSSB and BDA and some funds have been ear-marked from MLA-LAD funds. Now, action awaited on the ground.

Update: Mukund Kumar

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