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Issue #22

Date: 7th November 2014

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Green Diwali celebrations

In SJR Verity, an apartment complex on Kasavanahalli road, it all started with the idea of encouraging people to say “NO” to crackers this Diwali. This would have been enough if the residents had believed that the atmosphere is the only thing that makes our environment; however, they believed that our environment included everyone who is impacted by crackers- from the people who buy the crackers, to those that fall sick because of them, to the firecracker retailers. They wanted to find a way to make sure that none of those people were impacted negatively. So, instead of spending their hard-earned money on environment-polluting crackers, they decided to support the health and education of the needy families, like those of the firecracker retailers. Posters were printed and put up in the complex to request people to refrain from bursting crackers and to donate to the needy instead.

The next problem that needed to be solved was about how to substitute crackers. The residents came up with the idea of organizing a competition that encouraged bonding-time between children and their parents. The objective was to create craft items using household dry-waste. The time was carefully chosen as 7 pm to 8.30 pm, as this is the time that most people burst crackers. Despite there being several setbacks while planning the event, twelve families participated in the event.

SJR Verity celebrated a fun-filled Green Diwali.

And what an event it was! What enthusiasm! Beautiful flowers, wall hangings and smiling suns were created using household waste. More creative projects included a working model of boat with propeller using a juice tetra pack which was decorated using used gift wrap, and a big chameleon made with only bubble wrap. Mission accomplished? Well, waste due to firecrackers was cut down 75% from the previous year.

Article courtesy: Sujata Nanda

Kasavanahalli Road needs clean up

The Prime minister’s call for Swaach Bharat has inspired the residents of the Kasavanhalli/ Kaikondrahalli area to take up a clean-up drive. The health and hygiene conditions of that area are in dire state of neglect. There have been multiple incidents of dengue fever in the area. Currently, there is non-adherence to waste segregation and erratic waste collection by the BBMP vehicles. Dumping garbage in vacant plots could be one of the reasons for proliferation of hogs in the area, making it unhygenic. However, the response received from the BBMP has left much to desire.

A collective effort will be required from all the people in the area to clear the mess. Extensive support and guidance from nodal agencies, in particular the BBMP, is required to continue forward with this task. Please contact, if you want to particpate in this clean up drive.

Pigs have a field day on Kasavanahalli road

Article courtesy: T V Ambareesh

Miscellaneous updates on SWM

1. Kasa Muktha Bellandur (KMB) has tied up with two major online retailers – Big Basket and Bazaar121 for the sale of the segregation kit consisting of bins, bags and the guideline pamphlet. This hopefully makes it easier for communities to order the same in bulk and have it delivered at their doorsteps with less hassles. Check them out!

2. The recently concluded 1st edition of Bengaluru Marathon hosted 8000+ runners and was a nearly zero waste event. The organizers showed the way in impeccable waste management starting from enroute aid stations to post run breakfast. Here’s how!


Upcoming Event:

Ranjani Fine Arts Concert

The November 2014 Program of Ranjani Fine Arts will feature two special Carnatic concerts by winners of the Kalavanta 2014:

Date  : Saturday, Nov 8th, 2014
Venue : Sobha Lakeview Club, off Outer Ring Road, Bellandur

4:00 PM: Performance by students of Kalasampurna School of Music.

5.00 PM : Apoorva Krishna (violin), Sumesh Narayan (mridangam)

6.30 PM : Hemantha and Heramba (flute duet), Vittal Rangan (violin), Akshay Anand (mridangam)

Entry is free for members and children below 18 years. Non-Members are requested to collect donor passes at the entrance. For more information, check out

Author’s note: This article is co-edited by Ritesh Chitalia.

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