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October 10th 2014 
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Celebrate cracker-free Diwali

Seven year old Nurba isn’t playing, she’s working because YOU want to buy crackers. Source

As Deepawali approaches we would like to remind everyone about why we shouldn’t burst crackers. Besides the obvious side-effect, that is, air pollution (Did you know air pollution increases by almost 30% during Diwali?), noise pollution, injuries and various health hazards, there are several other negatives of firecrackers. Did you know that there are millions of underage kids that are exploited by the firecracker industry, and that many of them get killed in factory accidents? Besides this, there is so much garbage generated during diwali that the pourakarmikas, instead enjoying Diwali with their families, are working overtime to clean up the garbage created by our firecrackers. Many animals, especially dogs are frightened by the crackers, and it is often harmful for their health. So this Diwali, lets all say no to firecrackers, show some consideration for other people and animals, and celebrate diwali in the traditional way, by lighting diyas and distributing sweets. Remember, every person that says ‘No’ makes a difference.

Article by: Ritesh Chitalia


SORRBA’s Puja celebrations


SORRBA, Sarjapur Outer Ring Road Bengali Association, recently celebrated their signature event – DurgaPuja at the sprawling ground on Sarjapur Road. The beautifully arranged Puja and Pushpanjali over the five days from 30th September to 4th Oct provided everyone a chance to take blessings from Devi Durga. The dance dramas, the musical soiree, the dramas enacted by adults and children, the workshops and the competitions – all were greeted with thunderous applause. The Dashami night saw Sahaj-Ma – a renowned folk artist from Bengal and her troupe, set the tune of rural Bengal on stage. On all the days, Kichuri and Pulao bhog were served during lunch time and a grand Bijaya Sammilani dinner was organized for members on Dasahmi night.

On this occasion of Durga Puja, SORRBA published TOSHANI- annual souvenir carrying articles, short stories, poems and other art work and contents from patrons and well-wishers. Over a period of five days, the event saw an average foot fall of 20000+ per day. SORRBA, being a socially conscious organization, initiated old books and clothes collection drive starting on Ganesh Chaturthi day running upto Durga Pujo. SORRBA thanks all its members, volunteers and corporate patrons for the successful event.

Update courtesy: Jayanta Tewari


Event: Ranjani Fine arts concert

Date: Oct 11th, Starting 4pm

Venue: Sobha Lakeview Clubhouse, off ORR.

The event will feature students from the Kalasampurna School of Music, followed by a concert by Vidwan Bellary M. Raghavendra (vocal) , Vidwan Mattur Srindhi (violin), and Vidwan Tumkur Ravishankar (mridangam). Entry will be free for members and children below 18. Non-members will be required to collect donor passes from the entrance.The vocalist, Vidwan Bellary M. Raghavendra is an A-graded artiste of All India Radio. He has performed at various sabhas and music festivals in India and abroad, as well as on several radio and TV channels.


Miscellaneous updates from GGL side of ORR

– The stalled work on the road repair from Outer Ring Road to GGL/Sobha Apartments finally resumed a fortnight ago. Heavy machinery to fix the roads arrived at the site, much to the joy of the beleaguered residents. However, this joy was short-lived, as heavy rains prevented any work. Now, the equipment is lying unused while the residents wait for the festive holidays to end for work to resume.

– Fencing of Ibblur Lake finally completed by BDA along with preliminary cleanup support from HSR Layout Corporator Mrs. Latha Narasimhamurthy.   

– There was enthusiastic response to PM Modi’s call of “Swachh Bharat” on October 2 from GGL and Sobha Apartment residents.

Update courtesy: Subramanian Sankaran

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Author’s note: This article is co-edited by Shilpi Sahu and Ritesh Chitalia.

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