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Bellandur Buzz Issue # 27

Date: 16th January 2015.

This fortnightly newletter is published by the citizen group

The DIY solid waste management website

The website for 2Bin1Bag has been launched to help individuals and communities manage their waste. 2Bin1Bag started off as a small citizen initiative to find a solution to the problem of solid waste disposal in the Bellandur ward. However, years of research and effort put in by a group of committed citizens has culminated in a movement encompassing the entire city. The movement, which is endorsed by celebrities like Mr. Rahul Dravid and Sri. Ramalinga Reddy has spread to more than 50,000 households in the city.

The success of the movement can be attributed to its simplicity: All it requires is two different colored bins- a red one for reject waste and a green one for compostable waste, and reusable plastic bag for recyclable waste. By following simple color coded guidelines, detailed on a pamphlet that can be bought with the segregation kit, over 40+ tons of waste is being saved from the fate of a landfill everyday. Vew the website and actively begin your participation in the zero waste movement. Dont forget to watch the 4 minute video explaining the segregation methodology, featuring the local talent!

Be part of the Ewaste collection drive in our ward

If you or your community has been accumulating tubelights and bulbs and not been able to get rid of the same, please write to and indicate your interest for participation in a collective E-waste collection drive. 

Kere Habba 2015

On 10th January 2015, Namma Bengaluru foundation launched the first event in its Lake Day series – Kere Habba Or the Lake festival at Kaikondrahalli lake on Sarjapur Road. Every month this festival will be held at a different lake to connect the city dwellers with the lakes in the city.

There was a line up of nearly 20 events. Events started at 6am and went past 6pm. The habba was attended by 2000-3000 vsiitors. There were various talks, activities for all age groups all day long on the 2km pathway around the lake. Here’s what you missed!


Leaf/Pebble art

Show and tell: Native cows

Kids from the nearby slum participating in rangoli

Swap a book brought to you by Springfields Library team

Yummy homemade breakfast and coffee right from the neighbour’s kitchen.

Suggested donation of 30 rupees! Price was steep but the suggestion was cute. They raised 3000 Rs for the lake.

Building a Play Area from scrap – Thanks to the team from Gear school.

Young readers read ‘oolta’. So what?

Report from the run event held at the Kere Habba is here – The Family Run

The green aspect of Kere Habba involving traffic, food and waste management is covered here.

Photos courtesy: Nikunj, Chandru, Prasanth, Tarun and Mahesh – The volunteer photographers at the Kere Habba event.

More of their pictures can be viewed on flickr


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This article was co-edited by Ritesh Chitalia.

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