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Issue #21

Date: 22nd October 2014

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Lake activists meet with Upa Lokayukta

A meeting presided by Upa Lokayukta Justice Adi Subhash was held on 17th October to discuss lake rejuvenation and preservation. Attendance was hearteningly high, with representatives from various lakes including Kaikondrahalli, Kasavanahalli, Halanayakanahalli, Ibblur, Saul Kere, Puttanahalli, and Chikkanasandra adding their voice to the discussions. Representatives from the BBMP, the DC’s office and villagers from Halanayakanahalli village were present as well. Where officials were not available, the Justice made notes to follow up with them subsequently. 

Ibblur lake featured prominently in the discussion, with the Justice instructing the BDA Chief Executive Engineer to clear all remaining encroachments and debris around the lake. The CEE committed to do this activity by 25th of this month.  The Justice also clarified that the BWSSB had surveyed the Ibblur lake sewage inflow and found the volumes did not justify investing in a commercial scale STP. MAPSAS then offered to do a bio-remedial project on the sewage inflow into Ibblur Lake, and has requested Justice Adi to help secure part of the land around the lake for this project. 

Update courtesy: Subramanian Sankaran


Compost Solutions meet by BBMP

BBMP recently organized a compost-solutions meet, during which vendors came and presented their solutions to manage wet waste. 

Compost solutions meet. Pic courtesy: Harini Srinivasan

Mr. Anselm Rosario from Waste Wise Management and Consultancy Services began the proceedings. He explained the need for waste-segregation, the model his company follows, and some solutions for waste-segregation, including color-coding. Following this, Aruna Green Ventures Pvt. Ltd. demonstrated composters suitable for various volumes of wet waste. Another vendor displayed a solar composter useful to 1 to 10 families for a year.

This was followed by a question-and-answer session. Some of the vendors offered to show working composters at their headquarters. KMB made its presence felt by asking questions and offering suggestions to improve the model we follow. 

Update Courtesy: Harini Srinivasan


Phytorid at Rainbow Drive, Sarjapura Road

Rainbow Drive on Sarjapura Road recently replaced its Sewage Treatment Plants owing to high maintenance costs. The technology that was chosen to replace the Plants was Phytorid from NEERI. The system treats 250 KL of waste water and has an anaerobic baffle reactor and a reed bed. It has just been commissioned for very controlled testing with some raw sewage and seems to be working well. Once the treatment system stabilizes there is a plan to pipe this water back to the various houses for gardening. With continuous recharge of ground water, frugal use of water , a sound tariff system that supports economic use , water education and now waste water treatment and reuse, Rainbow Drive is on its way to be a totally water sustainable layout.  More details and pictures can be found at

Update Courtesy: Shubha Ramachandran, Biome


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