The 260-member juggernaut: Will it drive BBMP haywire?

Who are the councilors of BBMP who can vote in the mayoral election? Which party they belong to? Here is the full list.

BBMP elections are over, but Mayoral elections are still pending. While many corporators are holed up in resorts and Congress and JDS seem to have struck an alliance, the BBMP Commissioner and regional district commissioner are preparing for mayoral elections.

Here is the full list of voters eligible to vote in mayoral elections, and will play an important role on which party will get the mayor’s post in Bengaluru. The list has been prepared by the BBMP Commissioner. It includes the names of nominated MLCs, though at this point, it is not clear whether can be included or not in the list, as the KMC act prohibits nominated members from voting in the council, but there is no clear instructions on whether it is only nominated corporators or whether it includes nominated MLCs and RS MPs too.

125 BJP members

100 corporators, 12 MLAs, 9 MLCs, 3 Lok Sabha MPs and 1 Rajya Sabha member.

Check this article to see the list of corporators from BJP.

BJP MLAs from Bengaluru:

  1. S R Vishwanath (Yelahanka)
  2. M Krishnappa (Bangalore South)
  3. B N Vijay Kumar (Jayanagar)
  4. Satish Reddy (Bommanahalli)
  5. S Raghu (C V Raman Nagar)
  6. Ravi Subramanya (Basavanagudi)
  7. R Ashoka (Padmanabha Nagar)
  8. Arvind Limbavali (Mahadevapura)
  9. Jagadeesh Kumar (Hebbal)
  10. S Muniraju (Dasarahalli)
  11. S Suresh Kumar (Rajajinagar)
  12. C N Ashwatha Narayana (Malleshwaram)

BJP MLCs from Bengaluru:

  1. V Somanna
  2. Lehar Singh
  3. Ramachandra Gowda (Graduates constituency)
  4. B J Puttaswamy
  5. Vimala Gowda
  6. Ashwath Narayan
  7. Jaggesh
  8. D S Veeraiah
  9. Tara Anuradha

BJP MPs from Bengaluru:

  1. Ananth Kumar
  2. P C Mohan
  3. D V Sadananda Gowda

BJP Rajya Sabha MP from Bengaluru:

  1. M Venkaiah Naidu

100 Congress members

76 corporators, 13 MLAs, 6 MLCs, 2 MPs and 3 Rajya Sabha members.

Check this article to see the list of corporators from Congress.

Congress MLAs from Bengaluru:

  1. B A Basavaraja                                       
  2. Dinesh Gundu Rao
  3. Krishna Byre Gowda                                
  4. Priya Krishna
  5. S T Somashekar                                    
  6. R V Devaraj
  7. Munirathna
  8. Krishnappa
  9. K J George
  10. Ramalinga Reddy
  11. R Roshan Baig
  12. M Krishnappa
  13. N A Haris

Congress MLCs from Bengaluru

  1. R V Venkatesh
  2. K Govindaraj
  3. M R Seetharam
  4. V S Ugrappa
  5. Jayamala
  6. H M Revanna

Congress MPs from Bengaluru:

  1. D K Suresh                                           
  2. Veerappa Moily

Congress Rajya Sabha members from Bengaluru:

  1. B K Hariprasad                                      
  2. Rajeev Gowda
  3. Rahman Khan

21 JD(S) members

14 corporators, 3 MLAs, 3 MLCs and 1 Rajya Sabha member.

Check this article to see the list of corporators from JDS.

JDS MLAs from Bengaluru:

  1. Gopalaiah K                                           
  2. Zameer Ahmed Khan
  3. Akhanda Srinivas Murthy

JDS MLCs from Bengaluru:

  1. Puttanna (Teachers constituency)
  2. T A Sharavana
  3. M Srinivas

JDS Rajya Sabha member from Bengaluru:

Kuppendra Reddy

14 Independents

  • 7 independent corporators
  • 1 corporator from SDPI
  • Independent MLC – D U Mallikarjuna (Supported by BJP)
  • Independent MLC – G Raghu Achar
  • Independent MLC – Byrathi Suresh (Supported by JDS)
  • Independent RS member – Rajeev Chandrasekhar (Supports BJP)
  • Independent RS member – Vijay Mallya
  • Independent RS member – B Jayashree

So, how does the number game work during Mayoral elections?

At present, BJP has 125 eligible voters, which means it falls in short of 6 votes to rule the BBMP. As Independent MLC Mallikarjuna and Independent Rajya Sabha MP Rajeev Chandrasekhar support BJP, the votes for BJP will be 127. BJP has to now garner an additional 4 votes to win the Mayoral election.

Congress has a total strength of 100 councillors, hence it falls short of 31 votes. Independent MLC Raghu Achar is said to be supporting Congress. JDS has a vote share of 21 and an additional vote by Independent MLC Byrathi Suresh who supports the party. So a combination of Congress and JDS will secure 123 votes for the coalition, again falling short of 8 votes. Therefore, Congress and JDS have to convince those who are not a part of BJP officially to vote in favour of Congress. The list includes many from the list of 14 independents given above.

What dos this all mean to the voter? Read more in this article: Frequently asked questions on BBMP Mayoral elections, answers

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  1. Nanda says:

    Was the purpose of the elections only to elect a mayor? These permutations and combinations which the journalist has taken the trouble to analyse (without questioning the ethics and letting-down-the-voter angle of it) shows how inured we have become to the games politicians play. We have obligingly skewed our priorities accordingly; as if “winning” at the election is end of story, reaching the goal post – and then it’s only fun and games

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