Basavanagudi voter guide: Candidates and constituency info

Find out how Basavanagudi Assembly Constituency to the South of the city is faring and about the major issues in this constituency.

Find out how Basavanagudi Assembly Constituency is faring and what the major issues in this constituency are. Learn about the incumbent MLA and BJP candidate Ravi Subramanya, and other candidates Satyalakshmi Rao (AAP), U B Venkatesh (INC), and K D (Aramane) Shankar (JDS)

About the constituency

Basavanagudi is an integral part of Bangalore South. It derives its name from the famous Bull Temple. The wards in this unreserved constituency are: 210-Basavanagudi, 211-Hanumanth Nagar, 212-Srinivasa Nagar, 213-Srinagar, 214-Girinagar, 215-Katriguppe, and 216-Vidyapeeta ward.

This constituency is famous for its Bull Temple, the annual kadlakai parishe, the Basavanagudi Shiva temple, Indian Institute of World Culture, and many other historic structures.

Basavanagudi, an old Bengaluru locality, has been showing rapid development and thereby, a decrease in greenery. Predominantly a residential locality, there has been an increase in IT industries, commercial and business activities.

At a glance

Constituency NameBasavanagudi
Constituency No170
Constituency Area (in sq km
Number of voters (January 2023)2,21,654
Male voters1,13,219
Female voters1,08,433
Other voters2

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Key issues in the constituency

Pollution and traffic congestion are said to be the key issues in the constituency. There are a number of old sewerage and water lines that need replacement, garbage mismanagement, irregular water supply, power cuts and lack of adequate parking areas are the other issues faced by the residents. The family of an accident victim blamed poor roads for the accident.

Residents and traders of the constituency had opposed the ‘pedestrianisation’ of the famous Gandhi Bazaar main road that was undertaken by DULT. An evaluation showed that roots of 80 trees were impacted by the work on Gandhi Bazaar main road.

In the recent past, the main issue has been a tussle for space in the new scheme of things for the pedestrians, street vendors and hawkers.

The indefinite tipper-auto driver strike had also caused hardship to the residents when garbage was not collected for days.

Key parameters – How does this constituency fare? 

*Based on their performance in each sector, constituencies are divided into three groups. High=top nine constituencies; Medium = mid nine constituencies; Low = bottom nine constituencies. A ‘High’ rating does not necessarily mean the constituency is doing well; it only means that the constituency is among the top nine constituencies for that parameter.


Metrics / CountRating*
6 Govt Schools 1 school for 1.15 sq KmLow

Basavanagudi is rated Low for its schooling with 1 schools for every 1.15 sq Km.


Metrics / CountRating*
0 Metro StationsNo Rating
31 Bus StopsHigh
6.84 Bus trips per 100 residents dailyLow

There are no metro stations in Basavangudi assembly constituency. Though the constituency is rated high in terms of number of bus stops per sq km, it is rated low in terms of bus trips per 100 residents.

Citizen engagement

Metrics / CountRating*
Voter turnout
2013: 53.01%;
2018: 52.33%
1.29% increase
154 ward committee meetings Medium
25.7 meetings per wardMedium

Voter turnout marginally increased marginally by 1.29% between 2013 and 2018.
Basavanagudi got a medium rating for ward committee meetings between 2020-22


We have not rated public health infrastructure as the data available was inadequate, and the data is simply presented as is.

Metrics / CountRating*
4 Namma clinics
24 Anganawadis
4 BBMP hospitals (general and maternity)

Please note that the number of PHCs or Namma Clinic within a constituency is not sufficient to draw conclusions about the state of healthcare. We also need data on the availability of staff and their capacity, medicines, equipment, diagnostic facilities. Quality is also determined by the distribution and access of these facilities within the area, the efforts in preventive/promotive healthcare and community participation, in addition to the process challenges, for e.g., insistence of Aadhar or Thayi cards.

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Constituency map

Basavangudi constituency map

Citizen demands

Residents and traders of the constituency had opposed the ‘pedestrianisation’ of the famous Gandhi Bazaar main road that was undertaken by DULT. The shops in the area claim that there was up to a 50% decrease in business since the works began.

Citizens also raised the issue of heritage structures being razed down during other works in the constituency.

Incumbent MLA: L A Ravi Subramanya

The incumbent MLA, L A Ravi Subramanya is a three- time MLA since he defeated K Chandrashekar sitting MLA of INC in 2008. He has no criminal cases registered against him. He is a post graduate, who has an M.B.A. From CSM Institute Of Graduate Studies 2004 and a B.A. From Bangalore University In 1984.

Work in the term

BBMP constructed Ingu Gudis in 29 parks and 8 grounds of Basavanagudi. A model to recharge ground water, this project costs Rs 8.79 Cr.

The MLA, in response to his constituents’ appeal, wrote to the Forest Department officials about the problems they were facing because of monkeys.

In the news

  1. Ravi Subramanya and Tejasvi Surya were in the news during COVID-19 when they exposed the bed-blocking racket by their own executive machinery where beds were sold to Covid patients. They had accused muslims who were working in the Covid War Room for blocking beds. The opposition and BJP accused each other of wrongdoing. The Congress demanded the minister responsible for BBMP be named and action taken.
  2. Ravi Subramanya was in the news again for allegedly getting commission for vaccines given at a particular hospital. A telephonic conversation where hospital staff mentioned it had gone viral. The activist who shared the audio was issued a notice as the hospital had filed a case against him. The MLA denied all allegations.
  3. The MLA also had promised to visit Gandhi Bazaar main road and explain to the residents and business owners that the width of the footpaths for pedestrians will not be compromised.

Questions raised in the Assembly

  1. In 2021, MLA Ravi Subramanya raised the issue of Kempambudi lake encroachment.
  2. Ravi Subramanya had raised the question about the fraud in the assembly. It is said the bank is liable to pay Rs 2,073 crore and Rs 375 crore as an interest to 994 fixed deposit holders.
  3. He took up the issue of street dogs and requested immediate government intervention by setting up animal shelters on the outskirts of Bengaluru and removing stray dogs from the streets.

List of candidates

Incumbent MLA: MLA L A Ravi Subramanya, BJP

Wealth declaration 

DetailsHoldings in 2018Holdings in 2023Change in %
Movable Assets4.41 Cr8.70 Cr97.11% increase
Immovable property1.82 Cr1.82 Cr0.05% increase
Liabilities2.98 Cr5.81 Cr94.86% increase
Total6.23 Cr10.70 Cr71.7% increase
*includes spouse and dependents assets


Candidate: Satyalakshmi Rao, AAP

An ex- Senior banker and an Independent Director of Bangalore Smart City Ltd. 

  • Education: MSc in Physics and MBA (HR)
  • Online: Twitter –
  • Profession: Bank Manager (Retd.), Human Resource consultant
  • Net worth: 2.21 crore
  • Political Experience:  A first time candidate

Candidate: U B Venkatesh, INC

Candidate: K V (Aramane) Shankar, JD(S)

Full list of candidates

Past elections results

2018CandidateSexPartyVote Share (%)
1Ravi Subramanya. L.A.MBJP58.46%
2K. BagegowdaMJD(S)29.23%

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  1. Ranganatha HR. says:

    Foot path on 80 foot road is not scientifically made.
    At some places we have to climb 1.5 to 2 ft.The vehicle are parked on the foot path.Vennders are selling things on the foot path.

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