About News Desk 95 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Revathi Siva Kumar 48 Articles
Revathi Siva Kumar is a freelance writer based out of Bangalore.
About Navya P K 28 Articles
Navya P K is a journalist at Citizen Matters, and a freelance journalist based in Kerala.
About Aruna Natarajan 25 Articles
Aruna is a staff reporter at Citizen Matters Chennai. Apart from writing, she enjoys watching football. She tweets at Aruna_n29.
About Ashwani Sharma 17 Articles
Ashwani Sharma is a senior journalist based in Shimla.
About Satarupa Sen Bhattacharya 17 Articles
Satarupa is National Editor at Oorvani Media.
About Raj Machhan 16 Articles
The author is an independent journalist and online media specialist. He has been engaged as a state correspondent with several leading dailies in the past.
About Prerna Chatterjee 15 Articles
Prerna Chatterjee was sub-editor, Citizen Matters
About Hepzi Anthony 13 Articles
Hepzi Anthony is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai.
About Arjun Rajan 13 Articles
Arjun Rajan was a Research Associate at Citizen Matters.
About Rishabh Shrivastava 12 Articles
Rishabh Shrivastava is an independent journalist.
About Deepa Mohan 12 Articles
Deepa Mohan is a freelance writer and avid naturalist.
About Harsha Raj Gatty 11 Articles
Harsha Raj Gatty is Editor and Co-founder of StoryInfinity news agency (Subs and Scribes Media Ventures LLP).
About Vijaya Pushkarna 11 Articles
Vijaya Pushkarna is a journalist based in New Delhi. She was formerly Deputy Bureau Chief, Delhi at The Week.
About Gurvinder Singh 11 Articles
Gurvinder Singh is a freelance journalist based in Kolkata.
About Sara Borasio 10 Articles
Sara Borasio interned with Ashoka India's Youth Venture programme. She was always drawn towards capturing human experience through writing, publishing her first book at the age of 15. She will be pursuing her interest in social dynamics next year, when she will begin studying Human, Social and Political Sciences.
About Shuriah Niazi 10 Articles
Shuriah Niazi is a freelance journalist based in Bhopal.
About Deepa Vaishnavi V M 10 Articles
Deepa Vaishnavi is a member of Co Media Lab, she is also a soft-skill trainer and a citizen journalist.
About Sri Krishna 9 Articles
Sri Krishna is a former Special Correspondent, PTI.
About Manasi Paresh Kumar 9 Articles
Manasi Paresh Kumar is Engagement Editor for Bengaluru Citizen Matters.
About Abid Bashir Wani 8 Articles
Abid Bashir Wani is a senior journalist in Srinagar with over 10 years of experience in print journalism.
About Akshatha M 8 Articles
Akshatha M was a Staff Journalist at Citizen Matters. She tweets at @akshata1.
About Laasya Shekhar 8 Articles
Laasya Shekhar is Senior Reporter at Citizen Matters Chennai. She tweets at @plaasya.
About Shree D N 9 Articles
Shree D N was an Associate Editor with Citizen Matters. She believes good journalism can change the world for better.
About Apekshita Varshney 7 Articles
Apekshita Varshney is a freelance journalist based in Mumbai.
About Rakesh Dubbudu 7 Articles
Rakesh Dubbudu is the founder of Factly. He has been working on issues related to Right to Information (RTI) for a decade. He is a data/information enthusiast & passionate about governance/policy issues.
About Basudev Mahapatra 7 Articles
Basudev Mahapatra is a senior journalist based in Bhubaneswar.
About Himanshu Upadhyaya 7 Articles
Himanshu Upadhyaya is member of Faculty at Azim Premji University, Bangalore.
About Siddhant Kalra 6 Articles
Siddhant Kalra is a writer and researcher from Delhi.
About Daksha Hathi 6 Articles
Daksha Hathi is a consumer court reporter and writes regularly on consumer issues, health, gardening and the environment, on her website The Canny Catnip Nook, as well as Sulekha.com.
About Soumya Shekhar 6 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Jahanvi J 6 Articles
Jahanvi is based in Mumbai and holds a postgraduate degree in development.
About N V Ravindranathan Nair 5 Articles
N V Ravindranathan Nair is a Thiruvananthapuram-based journalist.
About Binita Parikh 5 Articles
Binita Parikh is a journalist based in Ahmedabad.
About Dattatraya T Devare 5 Articles
Dattatraya T Devare is a HR professional and an environment activist.He is working on "Tree Preservation/Plantation" and "Equitable and Sustainable Urban Mobility". He is a Trustee of BET (Bangalore Environment Trust).
About Kolla Krishna Madhavi 5 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Amita Bhaduri 5 Articles
Amita Bhaduri has worked in the field of natural resources management. She has a background in Forest Management from the Indian Institute of Forest Management, Bhopal and Civil Engineering from the National Institute of Technology, Nagpur. She works with India Water Portal from New Delhi, and also works with the Society for Promotion of Wastelands Development (SPWD).
About Bhamy Shenoy 5 Articles
Dr. Bhamy V. Shenoy, an alumnus of IITM is advisor to Pratham Mysore, former governing council member of Manipal Institute of Technology, current governing council member of Nitte and an international oil expert. He is also former working president of Mysore Grahakara Parishat.
About Mou Chakraborty 5 Articles
Mou Chakraborty is a senior journalist with over 15 years of experience in national media houses. She has also worked with government bodies in the realm of communication and editorial management.
About Odette Katrak 5 Articles
Odette Katrak is a soft-skills trainer, social-change activist and co-founder of Beautiful Bengaluru, an initiative for a clean, green, safe city.
About Garima Prasher 4 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Amrita Mukherjee 4 Articles
Amrita Mukherjee is a freelance journalist and an author of several works of fiction. She lives in Kolkata and blogs at https://amritaspeaks.com/
About Swati Amar 4 Articles
Swati is Editor-in-Chief, Eve's Times Group, a prolific freelance writer/author and content producer. She is a concerned citizen, who serves as Trustee on several foundations. She can be reached at editoretg@gmail.com
About Aarti Kelkar Khambete 4 Articles
Aarti Kelkar Khambete writes for India Water Portal, a website that shares knowledge and builds communities around water and related issues in India.
About Ekta Joshi 4 Articles
Ekta Joshi is a freelance writer based in Pune.
About Nusrath Sidiq 3 Articles
Nusrath Sidiq is a journalist based in Srinagar. She tweets at @nusratsidiq.
About Bhavani Prabhakar 3 Articles
Bhavani Prabhakar is Staff Reporter at Citizen Matters Chennai. She tweets at @_bhavaniprabha
About Sibendu Das 3 Articles
Sibendu Das is a Kolkata-based journalist.
About Linda Chhakchhuak 3 Articles
Linda Chhakchhuak is an independent journalist who closely covers developments in the northeastern states of India.
About Mayank Aggarwal 3 Articles
Mayank Aggarwal is Staff Writer with Mongabay India. He writes on environment, conservation, wildlife, water and renewable energy.
About Lalit Pattajoshi 3 Articles
Lalit Pattajoshi is a senior journalist based in Bhubaneswar.
About Sahana Ghosh 3 Articles
Sahana Ghosh is a science journalist and staff writer at Mongabay India.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
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Amit Bhelari is a journalist based in Patna.
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Vishwas is a Delhi-based journalist who covers urban development, environment and mobility.
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The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Santosh Joy 3 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Smita Mitra 3 Articles
Smita Mitra has worked as an editor and writer for publications like Hindustan Times, Outlook and Himal Southasian. She is currently based in Bangalore.
About Meera K 3 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Vimal Simha 3 Articles
Dr Vimal Simha is an astrophysicist with a keen interest in urban issues and politics.
About Shilpi Sahu 3 Articles
Shilpi Sahu is a techie, running enthusiast, SWM advocate and an amateur artist, all rolled into one.
About Lalita Iyer 3 Articles
Lalita Iyer is a journalist based in Hyderabad.
About Tejaswini Patwardhan 2 Articles
Tejaswini Patwardhan is a Mumbai-based scriptwriter, director and Natya-shastra based drama coach.
About Doel Jaikishen 2 Articles
Doel Jaikishen is Manager, Communications, at the non-profit development organisation Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA). She has over nine years’ experience in editing and communications, and focuses on how YUVA’s work can be better positioned and communicated for increased impact.
About Kasturika Ramamoorthy 2 Articles
Kasturika Ramamoorthy is a designer by profession and among other hobbies, enjoys drawing, singing, crafting and photography. She is passionate about writing and maintains a blog called 'Musings of an eccentric mind'.
About Pawan Mulukutla 2 Articles
Pawan Mulukutla is an urban transport expert based in Bengaluru.
About Rohit Ghosh 2 Articles
Rohit Ghosh is a Lucknow based journalist.
About Puja Daga 2 Articles
Puja Daga is a writer and researcher currently based in Chennai.
About Suchitra Deep 2 Articles
Suchitra Deep is co-founder and partner at Firm Terra Architects, Bangalore. She is the founder of Malleswaram Social, a civic initiative that engages in local issues and an active member of Sunaad, a Hindustani classical music group. She is also a meditation trainer.
About Akshita Nagpal 2 Articles
Akshita Nagpal is a journalist and writer based in New Delhi.
About Azkeya Tase 2 Articles
Azkeya Tase is a freelance journalist based in Bhiwandi, writing on issues affecting the day to day lives of citizens.
About Patralekha Chatterjee, Citiscope 2 Articles
Patralekha Chatterjee is a correspondent for Citiscope based in Delhi. She is an award-winning journalist and columnist who has written extensively on Asian cities.
About Jahnavi Jayanth 2 Articles
Jahnavi Jayanth is a globetrotting student and dancer, deeply passionate about social engineering and writing. She spends her days dancing, as she puts it, between her undergraduate degree and working in the social sector.
About Kanchan Srivastava 2 Articles
Kanchan Srivastava is an independent journalist.
About Tarun Sharma 2 Articles
Yutika Vora and Tarun Sharma are the co-founders and directors of Nagrika. Nagrika helps narrow the information and knowledge gap in the perceived understanding of small cities. It aims to bring small cities to the mainstream of the urban development discourse, contextualise the problems they face and develop context specific solutions for them.
About Nikita Vashisth 2 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Vishwanath Srikantaiah 2 Articles
Vishwanath S is a Bengaluru-based water expert.
About Chandrani Sinha 2 Articles
Chandrani Sinha is an independent journalist based in Assam.
About Arza Safiya 2 Articles
Arza Safiya is a correspondent with the news agency Story Infinity.
About PG Bhat 2 Articles
P G Bhat is a retired naval officer and software professional, an educationist and a social worker.
About Gopal M S 2 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Kartik Chandramouli/Mongabay 2 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Ninglun Hanghal 2 Articles
Ninglun Hanghal is an independent journalist from Manipur.
About Subuhi Jiwani/PARI 2 Articles
Subuhi Jiwani is a copy editor at the People’s Archive of Rural India (PARI).
About Kaustubh Jagtap 2 Articles
Kaustubh Jagtap is a sociologist by training, exploring the relationship between identity and mechanisms of inclusion and exclusion in the urban informal economy.
About Amla Pisharody 2 Articles
Amla Pisharody is a freelance writer and researcher.
About Aditi Tandon 2 Articles
Aditi Tandon is Content Coordinator with Mongabay India. She has over 10 years of experience in Communication, Public Diplomacy and Journalism.
About Down to Earth Staff 2 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Anirban Choudhury 0 Articles
Anirban Choudhury is a civil engineer & town planner with a passion for integration of renewable energy systems into real estate & urban development projects. He has conceived and executed design and development of large townships as well as urban industrial infrastructure projects.
About Sonal Kulkarni 2 Articles
Sonal Kulkarni is a Bengaluru-based Urban Planner, who has worked on pedestrianisation and cycling for last few years.
About Dr Janani Iyer 1 Article
Dr Janani Iyer is a Chennai-based consultant gynaecologist and specialist in reproductive medicine, with a keen interest in issues related to health of working women. She can be reached at jananiprasad@gmail.com
About Kathyayini Chamaraj 1 Article
Kathyayini Chamaraj is a freelance journalist writing since 32 years on development issues. She is also the Executive Trustee of CIVIC Bangalore since 2005, which works on issues of urban governance with a rights-based approach.
About Valentina Gazzola 1 Article
Valentina works with CMCA, a 19-year-old non-profit and pioneer in citizenship and life skills education in India. CMCA is a volunteer-driven organisation and has offices in 10 cities across India. If you’d like to become a CMCA volunteer and empower children and youth to become active citizens, get in touch with CMCA at headoffice@cmcaindia.org or log on to https://www.cmcaindia.org/volunteer-with-us/
About Mahesh V 1 Article
Mahesh V is an upcoming photo artist who loves to experiment street and documentary style photography. He can be reached at maheshvs007@gmail.com
About Sonal Alvares 1 Article
Sonal Alvares is a writer based in Mumbai.
About Dr. Sarath Guttikunda 1 Article
Dr. Sarath Guttikunda, is the Director of Urban Emissions (India), an independent research group on air pollution, issuing 3-day air quality forecasts for all 640 districts in India
About T R Gopalakrishnan 1 Article
T R Gopalakrishnan is Consulting Editor at Citizen Matters
About Swati Singh Sambyal 1 Article
Swati Singh Sambyal is a municipal solid waste expert, based in New Delhi.
About Sridhar Pabbisetty 1 Article
Sridhar is Chief Enabler, Centre for Inclusive Governance, which strives to enable citizens to lead the governance changes they want to see. CIG focus is on helping citizens understand the legal, bureaucratic, political and civil society perspectives on governance issues they are keen to work on. It can be found at https://www.facebook.com/CentreForInclusiveGovernance/ Sridhar tweets at @psridharp
About Anshika John 0 Articles
Anshika John is currently involved as a Research Associate in the project ‘Ensuring Water Security in Metropolitan Hyderabad: A study of Hydrological settings and Informal Institutional dynamics’ at SaciWATERs (http://saciwaters.org/wsphyd/).
About Malini Parmar 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Darryl D'Monte 1 Article
Darryl D'Monte is Chairman Emeritus of the Forum of Environmental Journalists in India (FEJI) and Founder President of the International Federation of Environmental Journalists (IFEJ).
About Rishika Pardikar 1 Article
Rishika Pardikar is a freelance journalist based in Bangalore.
About Jasmine Singh 1 Article
Jasmine Singh is an architect and urban planner, passionate about building inclusive cities and sustainability.
About Kavita Kanan Chandra 1 Article
Kavita Kanan Chandra is a freelance journalist based in Jaipur who has over two decades of experience with various leading publications.
About Aruna Subramaniam 1 Article
Aruna Subramaniam is a management consultant and Trustee at Bhoomika Trust and the Mahesh Memorial Trust. She is also a core member at the Naam Foundation. As a concerned citizen, Aruna believes that the government needs to work with a transparent and participatory approach to solving civic issues. She can be reached at aruna2605@gmail.com
About Naresh Sadasivan 1 Article
Naresh is a former tech executive, entrepreneur, passionate about the environment, and restoring Bengaluru to its original glory. He is closely involved with the restoration of Iblur Lake, and a contributor to solid waste management initiative within the community
About Divya Dua 1 Article
Divya Dua is pursuing a Masters in Public Policy at the National Law School of India University, Bangalore. She writes on the issues faced by urban India today.
About Hriday Ch Sarma 1 Article
Hriday Ch Sarma is a sustainable development professional and a native of Guwahati. He works as a Fellow with South Asia Democratic Forum, a Brussels-based think tank.
About Navaneethan Santhanam 1 Article
Navaneethan Santhanam is a citizen of Chennai, deeply interested in civic issues and very active in his neighbourhood of Gandhi Nagar.
About Nelda Tomy 1 Article
Nelda Tomy is a post graduate in development from the Azim Premji University, Bengaluru.
About Ashok G V 1 Article
Ashok G V is a Bangalore-based lawyer.
About Saadia Siddiqui 1 Article
Saadia Siddiqui is an urban planner and an architect with experience in the field of inclusive planning.
About Deepti Mehrotra 1 Article
Deepti Mehrotra is an entrepreneur from Gurgaon.
About Daniel Phillips 1 Article
Daniel Phillips is an American urban landscape ecologist and designer currently conducting research in Bangalore with support from the U.S. Fulbright Program and the United States India Educational Foundation (USIEF). He is the co-director of a collaborative design practice called Commonstudio (http://www.thecommonstudio.com), which explores a range of urban landscape topics through design and applied research initiatives.
About Priyanka Jain 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Trupti Deshpande 1 Article
Trupti Deshpande is an architect and town planner working with a research organisation on urban transport in Bengaluru.
About Tejas A P 1 Article
Tejas AP is a Bengaluru-based design and communications specialist. He works in the areas of urban development, open data, and community mapping.
About Aakanksha/PARI 1 Article
Aakanksha is an assistant content coordinator at PARI.
About Rekha Chari 1 Article
I am basically a responsible citizen striving towards better living conditions in and around Malleshwaram
About Prachee Mishra 1 Article
Prachee Mishra is a Senior Analyst with PRS Legislative Research, tracking the sectors of urban development and transport.
About Vrushal Pendharkar 1 Article
Vrushal Pendharkar writes for Mongabay India
About Bindu Gopal Rao 1 Article
Bindu Gopal Rao is an independent journalist and photographer based in Bengaluru.
About M Balasubramanyam 1 Article
Dr M Balasubramanyam is Dean of Research Studies & Senior Scientist from the Madras Diabetes Research Foundation, Chennai.
About Anupriya Murugesan 1 Article
Anupriya Murugesan is a journalist turned professional social worker in Theni. She has been working towards rehabilitating abandoned women and children.
About Kavya Michael 0 Articles
Kavya Michael is a post-doctoral researcher in Indian Institute of Human Settlements. Her doctoral thesis focuses on the linkages between inequalities and environmental change in an Indian context, with a special focus issues of climate justice in India. Co-author Tanvi Deshpande (tdeshpande@iihs.ac.in), is a research associate at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements and works on the CARIAA|ASSAR research programme. Her research interests include understanding vulnerability, response mechanisms and cross scalar and temporal issues in an urban setting.
About Atul Chandra 1 Article
A senior journalist, Atul Chandra is former Editor of the Times of India, Lucknow.
About Sharmada Shastry 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Kiran Hosakote 1 Article
Kiran Hosakote runs a consulting business. He lives in Bangalore with his wife and daughter.
About C S Sharada Prasad 1 Article
CS Sharada Prasad (sharadaprasad@gmail.com) is Assistant Professor at the Azim Premji University, Bengaluru. Co-author Isha Ray (isharay@berkeley.edu) is Associate Professor at UC Berkeley.
About Sonali Anusree Patro 1 Article
Sonali Anusree Patro is Research Analyst at the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP), a research-policy think tank. She can be contacted at cpe@cstep.in
About Milind Mhaske 1 Article
Milind Mhaske is director of Praja Foundation.
About Narendra K V 1 Article
Narendra K V is an entrepreneur in human resource sector living in Malleshwaram, Bengaluru
About Manish Kumar 1 Article
Manish Kumar is a freelance journalist.
About Ruchi Agarwal 1 Article
Ruchi Agarwal is an urban planner with a focus on community engagement and development. She has multinational work experience in project management, comprehensive and transportation planning, and stakeholder relations. Her key interest lies in engaging communities to generate action-oriented recommendations to address urban issues and to facilitate good governance. She is an avid traveller and place observer.
About Vikram Kolar 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Varsha Torgalkar 1 Article
Varsha Torgalkar is a freelance journalist based in Pune.
About Navya R 1 Article
Navya R, a citizen of Mysuru, is a member of the active group that has been campaigning for the restoration of Kukkurahalli Lake.
About Srikanth Viswanathan 1 Article
Srikanth Viswanathan is the Chief Executive Officer at Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy.
About Kirthi Jayakumar 1 Article
Kirthi Jayakumar is a researcher working at the intersection of gender, peace, and security. She is the founder of The Gender Security Project and coded an app for survivors of gender-based violence, called Saahas.
About Varun Panickar 1 Article
Varun Panickar works as a Senior Associate at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements.
About Kirti Zala 0 Articles
Kirti Zala has been part of aProCh (a Protagonist in Every Child) – a Riverside School Initiative for 5 years, and has been instrumental in taking aProCh initiatives to 11 cities in India. She holds an MBA and MSc (Finance) degree and has also worked in the corporate sector for more than 7 years before joining Riverside.
About Anup Dutta 1 Article
The author is a Bhopal-based freelance journalist.
About Chitra Amzarewale Sapre 1 Article
Chitra is a Bengaluru-based writer focusing on social and environmental topics.
About Nivedita Sudheer 1 Article
Bengaluru-based psychiatrist
About Shyamala Suresh 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Vinay Sreenivasa 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Aditi Ramesh 1 Article
Aditi is a Research Associate at the Aapti Institute, a Bangalore based think-tank that focuses on the intersection of tech and society. She graduated from the University of Southern California in Los Angeles with a degree in Economics/Mathematics. She tweets at @aditinramesh
About Viswanathan Sridhar 1 Article
Viswanathan Sridhar is an architect, fascinated by people and their spaces. He curates urban livelihood stories on Instagram & Medium in the name of Urban Narrator.
About Gunjan Jain 1 Article
Gunjan Jain works with the Global Strategic Communications Council in India.
About Ruby Moun 1 Article
Ruby is an Associate at Indian Institute for Human Settlements. She is trained as an architect-urban planner, and has worked on land administration, particularly related to land assembly and land records management in various states. Views expressed are personal.
About Hansika Seth 1 Article
Hansika is an Associate at the Indian Institute for Human Settlements. She is trained as a Sociologist and a Social Worker, and has worked on issues of land rights, gender and Right to Education. At IIHS, her work focuses on land record management including institutional policy questions on land ownership, land use and the political economy of land.
About Vandana Swami 1 Article
Vandana Swamy is Faculty, Azim Premji University, Bangalore.
About Yashaswini Mittal 1 Article
Yashaswini Mittal is a Research Fellow in Health and Environmental Law initiative at the Vidhi Centre for Legal Policy.
About Ekta Sawant 1 Article
Ekta is the Engagement Lead at Citizen Matters. She is interested in urban development, and understanding voluntary organisations and civic action groups in Bengaluru.
About Akash K 1 Article
Akash K is a Mangalore-based reporter and a contributor at storyinfinity.com
About Monika Khanna Gulati 1 Article
Monika Khanna Gulati is a resident of Nirvana Country, and a pioneer of the waste management efforts of the community who also assists the Municipal Corporation of Gurugram in their waste management initiatives as a volunteer. An ardent champion of green living both at a personal and community level, she steers the citizen action and awareness group, NCR Waste Matters. This acts as a platform to create, mobilise and recognise waste champions and to bring best practices, knowledge, vendors and citizens together on a common platform.
About Hridayesh Joshi 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Akshay Agarwal 1 Article
Akshay Agarwal is a Public Policy Analyst and works on cross-sectoral impact of public policy. His interests lie in the areas of urban governance, environment policy, public institutions and health and nutrition policy. In the past, he has worked with a Member of Parliament and the Government of Karnataka's health department as a researcher.
About Rohini Lakshane 1 Article
Rohini Lakshané is a technologist and public policy researcher at The Bachchao Project. All views expressed here are her own. rohini [at] thebachchaoproject [dot] org/ Twitter: @aldebaran14
About Sashikala V P/Patriot 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Jude Weston 1 Article
Jude Weston has been an intern with Citizen Matters.
About Lubna Sarwath 1 Article
Dr Lubna Sarwath is Telangana State General Secretary and Spokesperson, Socialist Party (India). She has contested for Karwan MLA, Telangana Assembly Elections in December 2018, and for Hyderabad MP, General Elections in April 2014. She can be reached at sarwath.lubna@gmail.com
About Jaya Jha 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Malini Gopalakrishnan 0 Articles
Malini Gopalakrishnan works with Voice 4 Girls (www.voice4girls.org), an organisation working with marginalised adolescent girls to enable them to break out of the adverse cycles of poverty and social inequality, and realise their true potential.
About Sidharth Naik 1 Article
Sidharth Naik is a resident of Roseland Residency in Pimple Saudagar, Pimpri Chinchwad. He is a strong believer in "My Waste My Responsibility" for a sustainable tomorrow.
About Milind R 1 Article
Milind R is a Research Engineer at the Center for Study of Science, Technology and Policy (CSTEP).
About Anjali Sharma 1 Article
Anjali Sharma holds a Masters in Climate Change and Sustainability Studies from TISS, Mumbai and is currently pursuing a PhD in climate and energy policy from the University of Maryland, College Park. She can be reached at anjalie2@gmail.com.
About Sudha Narasimhachar 0 Articles
Sudha Narasimhachar is a retired banker and freelance writer based in Bengaluru.
About Ranjit Gadgil 1 Article
Ranjit Gadgil is Programme Director at Parisar, a Pune-based NGO working to promote sustainable cities, deepening democratic processes and conserving built and natural heritage. He is a graduate from IIT Kanpur where he studied Physics. An avid cyclist, Ranjit uses a cycle to get around in Pune.
About Nilotpal Kumar 1 Article
Nilotpal Kumar is Assistant Professor at Azim Premji University, Bengaluru.
About Smita Khator/PARI 1 Article
Smita Khator, originally from Murshidabad district of West Bengal, is now based in Kolkata, and is PARI’s translations coordinator as well as a Bengali translator.
About Prashanth Gopala 1 Article
Prashanth Gopala is an entrepreneur based in Chennai.
About Paras Tyagi 1 Article
Paras Tyagi, after his public policy studies from NLSIU, has co-founded Centre for Youth Culture Law and Environment (CYCLE) to enhance the quality of life in the villages of Delhi.
About Ananya Tewari 1 Article
Ananya is Senior Research Associate at the Public Health Foundation of India and works with the Centre for Chronic Disease Control, New Delhi.
About Nikhil Latagajanan 1 Article
Nikhil Latagajanan has completed post graduation in Media and Cultural Studies from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai and works as a freelance journalist and filmmaker.
About Smita Kulkarni 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Darshan Desai 1 Article
The writer is a journalist, formerly a chief reporter of Indian Express.
About Vijay Bagaria 1 Article
Vijay Bagaria is based in Kolkata.
About Latika Thukral 1 Article
Latika Thukral is a co-founder of iamgurgaon, started in 2009 with a view to creating a platform that enables every citizen to work for the improvement of life in the city.
About Prashanth Bachu 1 Article
The author is an Urban Transport Specialist and a change agent offering advisory support and consulting as subject matter expert for cities in India and abroad. He has 20 years experience in solving traffic congestion, improving public transport and public policy.
About Vidyadhar Date 1 Article
Vidyadhar Date is a senior journalist based in Mumbai, and author of the book "Traffic in the Era of Climate Change: Walking, Cycling, Public Transport, Need Priority"
About Swapna Jambhekar 1 Article
Dr Swapna Jambhekar is a Research Consultant at the Centre for Public Policy Research (CPPR) and is closely involved in the research studies undertaken by CPPR. She graduated as Bachelor of Homoeopathic Medicine and Surgery (BHMS) from Mumbai University. After completing Post Graduate Diploma in Hospital Administration (PGDHA) from All India Institute of Local Self Government, she pursued Master of Hospital Administration (MHA) from Tata Institute of Social Sciences, Mumbai (TISS). Swapna has worked extensively at the grassroots level, in community mobilisation and training, implementation, administration, research, documentation and consulting.
About Abraham Koshy 1 Article
Abraham Koshy is an undergraduate student at the University of Illinois and is interning with Citizen Matters.
About Meher Ali 1 Article
Meher Ali is an independent journalist based in Aligarh, Uttar Pradesh. She reports on refugee and human rights issues as well as on Aligarh. You can follow her on Twitter at @aashi310.
About UNDP India 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Somendramohan Ghosh 1 Article
Somendramohan Ghosh describes himself as a green technologist. An avid environmental activist, he has been a core member of the team that is trying to protect the Rabindra Sarobar and has created a Facebook page to disseminate regular information and updates on the issues and the citizens' movement. He is also a part of various other citizens' groups working on environmental issues in Kolkata.
About Kedar Koushik 1 Article
Kedar Koushik was an Associate Editor at Citizen matters
About Sujit Patwardhan 1 Article
Sujit Patwardhan is a founder member and Trustee of Parisar, a Pune-based civil society organization working on lobbying and advocacy for sustainable development, including preservation of heritage. Sujit has also served on the Urban Heritage Committee of the Pune Municipal Corporation.
About Manupriya 1 Article
Manupriya is a freelance journalist based in New Delhi and Bangalore.
About Malay Kotal 1 Article
Malay Kotal is an urban researcher, works on the area of migration, housing, and urban informality. He currently works as a research assistant to Dr Lalitha Kamath, Centre for Urban Policy and Governance, TISS Mumbai.
About Sharmila Sinha 1 Article
Sharmila Sinha  Sharmila has more than 20 years of working experience in the environment sector. She documents for non-profits, telling stories of grassroots change makers. She also talks about food, biodiversity and the link between the provider and the final consumer through her food initiative Luchee food story.
About Sangheeta Bhattacharya 1 Article
Sangheeta Bhattacharya is a content writer presently based in Kochi.
About Oommen C Kurian 1 Article
Oommen C Kurian is a Senior Fellow & Head of Health Initiative at ORF working on public health.
About Anjali Mehta 1 Article
Anjali Mehta is an eye surgeon formerly with the Indian Army and social activist.
About Ayona Datta 1 Article
Ayona Datta is a professor in Urban Futures in King’s College London with cross cutting expertise in postcolonial urbanism, smart cities, urban futures, and gender citizenship.
About Sonal Kellogg 1 Article
Sonal Kellogg is a survivor of long term Child Sexual Abuse (CSA) and has launched a website, http://sabfree.org/, which provides an ecosystem for survivors of CSA to deal with their pain and trauma.
About Anuja Sirohi 1 Article
Anuja Sirohi works at the non-profit development organisation Youth For Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA). She has completed her Masters from Tata Institute of Social Sciences and has over 5 years’ of work experience in the Urban Impact sector focusing on issues of children’s education, community development and developmental research.
About Evita Das 1 Article
Evita Das is a researcher at the Indo-Global Social Service Society.
About Akhila Vasan 0 Articles
Akhila Vasan is an activist with the Karnataka Janaarogya Chaluvali, a people’s movement for health rights, dignity and well-being of all citizens, with a focus on the most disadvantaged and marginalized communities.
About Atul Goyal 1 Article
Atul Goyal is the President of URJA, the United Residents Joint Action, an apex body of 2500 residential welfare associations in New Delhi.
About Reetika Revathy Subramanian / PARI 1 Article
Reetika Revathy Subramanian is a Mumbai-based journalist and researcher. She works as a senior consultant with Aajeevika Bureau, an NGO working on labour migration in the informal sector in western India.
About Kedar Nagarajan 1 Article
Kedar Nagarajan is a former reporter who has worked with The Indian Express and The Caravan Magazine. He is a research assistant to Dr. Amita Bhide, under the Tacit Urban Research Network project at CUPG, TISS, Mumbai.
About Gauri Dabholkar 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Ankita Gupta 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Ronak Sutaria 1 Article
Ronak Sutaria is the founder of UrbanSciences – an initiative focused on building a scientifically-validated air quality monitoring network in India. He is based in Mumbai, India and can be reached at rsutaria@urbansciences.in
About Anuj Jindal 1 Article
Anuj co-founded SureClaim to fix the broken claim experience of insurance customers. He believes technology can play a major role in empowering customers, an understanding shaped by his decade-long stint in healthcare and health-tech companies. You can reach him at anuj.jindal@sureclaim.in or by filling up the contact form on https://sureclaim.in/
About Soumya Satyajit 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Biswajit Majumder 1 Article
An electrical engineer, Biswajit Majumder works in a senior role in Tata Consultancy Services. He is passionate about energy and environmental issues and runs multiple social programmes to engage citizens, especially young students, in green initiatives.
About Rinku Mecheri 1 Article
Rinku Mecheri is the founder of Chennai Volunteers, a social initiative that fosters civic engagement and ensure that volunteers can engage with non-profits in a sustainable and meaningful way .
About Harini Nagendra 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Amit Bhatt 1 Article
Amit Bhatt is the director of integrated transport at WRI India. He is based in Delhi and provides vision and leadership to all transport initiatives across WRI India. He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture, a Master’s degree in Transport Planning and an additional Master’s degree in Economics.
About Disha Manjhi 1 Article
Disha Manjhi is Senior Associate Consultant at Food Safety Works, a food safety consulting company based out of Bangalore, which helps implement Food Safety Management Systems for companies in the food business.
About Arunav Chowdhury 1 Article
Arunav Chowdhury is currently working as a JAGA Fellow with Tata Trusts in Odisha. He has done his graduation in Economics from Delhi University and recently completed his Masters in Urban Policy and Governance from TISS, Mumbai. He is a keen watcher of David Lynch and Mafia movies, listens to hip-hop & funk and likes to explore the unknown.
About Jillian Du 1 Article
Jillian Du is Knowledge And Data Analyst, WRI Ross Center For Sustainable Cities.
About Bhasha Singh / PARI 1 Article
Bhasha Singh is an independent journalist and writer, and 2017 PARI Fellow. Her book on manual scavenging, ‘Adrishya Bharat’, (Hindi) was published in 2012 (‘Unseen’ in English, 2014) by Penguin. Her journalism has focused on agrarian distress in north India, the politics and ground realities of nuclear plants, and Dalit, gender and minority rights.
About Sandhya Raju 1 Article
Sandhya Raju is an integrated communication professional, corporate film maker and content strategist with a passion for writing.
About Sumukh Kadekar 1 Article
Sumukh Kadekar is a student of journalism at the Indian Institute of Journalism and New Media, currently interning at Oorvani Foundation.
About Nikhil S Dixit 1 Article
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About K M Srinivasa Gowda 1 Article
Dr K M Srinivasa Gowda is Chairman of the Bangalore Medical College Development Trust. He is also a former Registrar of the Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences, Karnataka, a former Principal of KIMS and former Chairman of Bangalore Turf Club.
About Shoma A Chatterji 1 Article
Dr Shoma A Chatterji, veteran freelance journalist and author, writes on cinema, media, human rights, cultural issues and gender. She is the recipient of two National Awards -- for Best Film Critic (1991) and for Best Book on Cinema (2002). She has been a member of jury in many national and international film festivals.
About Dr Rifa Tazyeem Khan 1 Article
Dr Rifa Tazyeem Khan is Clinical Epidemiologist at the Y.R.Gaitonde Center for AIDS Research and Education, Chennai.
About Patrik Oskarsson 1 Article
Patrik Ossakarson is a research professor at SLU, Sweden. His present research examines coal mining and land use in ongoing energy expansions in India and Mozambique, and the possibilities to tackle environmental pollution via participatory environmental monitoring.
About Bhargavi S Rao 1 Article
Bhargavi S.Rao is an independent researcher and consultant, working at the intersections of community action with law, policy, planning and governance.
About Dilli Babu 1 Article
Dilli Babu is a software engineer working in a reputed IT firm in Mysore. He can be reached at dillibabu94@gmail.com
About Tejshvi Jain 0 Articles
Tejshvi Jain is the founding director of ReReeti and an ATSA fellow. She is passionate about making heritage and culture more accessible. She had been an arts writer, teacher and curator prior to setting up this non-profit organization.
About Puneeta Uchil 1 Article
Puneeta Uchil is a Communications Professional from an OBC Tribal community.
About Surabhi Soral 1 Article
Surabhi Soral is a Senior Associate Consultant at Food Safety Works. She can be reached on her e-mail surabhi@foodsafetyworks.in
About Vindhya Jyoti 0 Articles
Vindhya Jyoti is Project Associate at the non-profit development organisation Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA). Her work focuses on presenting voices and insights from the community and across YUVA’s themes of work, both online and offline, in different formats for diverse audiences.
About Nishanth C 0 Articles
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About Test User 0 Articles
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About Mathew Prasad Idiculla 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Yutika Vora 0 Articles
Yutika Vora is the co-founder and director of Nagrika. She has previously worked with the World Bank and various national and sub-national governments, assisting on projects to improve governance and social protection across Asia.
About Antara Vats 1 Article
Antara Vats is a second-year public policy student at the National Law School of India University (NLSIU) Bengaluru.
About Bhanutej N 0 Articles
Bhanutej N is a Bengaluru-based journalist.
About Meenakshi Ramesh 0 Articles
Meenakshi Ramesh is involved in civic initiatives in Chennai and anchors the Chennai edition of Citizen Matters. She has also worked with Pratham. She can be reached at meenakshi@citizenmatters.in
About tech 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Dhawal Ashar 1 Article
Dhawal Ashar is Senior Associate at WRI India. He is based in Mumbai and working in the area of Road Safety and Street Design. He has a Bachelor’s degree in Civil Engineering and a Masters in Civil Engineering degree from Virginia Polytechnic and State University, Virginia, USA with a specialization in Transportation Planning.
About servertech 0 Articles
The author has not yet added any personal or biographical info to his author profile.
About Sachin Nachnekar 0 Articles
Sachin Nachnekar is Youth Development Coordinator at the non-profit development organisation Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA). He has over 15 years’ experience of working with young people as a mentor, counsellor and guide, facilitating the growth of youth networks and collectives across Mumbai.
About Radha Chanchani 1 Article
Radha Chanchani is Managing Associate, Research & Practice, WRI India Sustainable Cities.