Articles by Zarin Ansari

Zarin Ansari works as a Community Worker with the non-profit Youth for Unity and Voluntary Action (YUVA). She has been an active member of the youth collectives Malwani Yuva Parishad and Nakshtra. She is pursuing her masters in social work along with her job.

My name is Zarin Ansari. I have been living in Ambujwadi for the past 21 years. Ambujwadi is a basti (slum) in the western suburb of Malwani in Mumbai, inhabited since 1995. There are people from different regions, religious and caste backgrounds in our community. There are also those belonging to the tribal community. The land of Ambujwadi is distributed into two parts—one area has been declared a resettled and rehabilitated (R&R) portion by the government, and the other is collector land. Our community has been deprived of many basic services. People could access electricity supply only from 2016. We…

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