Articles by Trivankumar Karnani

Advocate Trivankumar Karnani is a practising criminal litigation lawyer in the Hon. Bombay High Court. He founded the Mumbai North Central District Forum (MNCDF) in the 2014. The network consists of 110 citizens wanting to make a difference in society. Each member has their own group of 5-10 citizens who work proactively in their respective areas.The team also has a dedicated MNCDF Flying SQUAD spread across the MMR region who are experts at grievance redressal. They form the core committee of the forum.

After the Brihanmumbai Municipal Corporation (BMC) put out an open call on Twitter for suggestions on the upcoming BMC budget, over 1,000 responses poured in. Citizens, by virtue of their lived experience, have plenty to ask from the budget of the municipality, expected to be released today (February 4th) and likely to entail allocations of over Rs 45000 crore. As the city's most popular and effective citizen welfare and grievance redressal forum, we at Mumbai North Central District Forum (MNCDF) too have a list of demands from the municipality. Our network of 110 members come from different walks and areas…

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