Articles by Tarun Denniz

A self-described earthling, Tarun is a freelance content writer and blogger who’s committed to broadening people’s views of other cultures. He has spent the last three years writing helpful and inspiring travel posts for parents with young children on his blog ‘Travel Clans’.

In Bengaluru, apartments have to set up their own Sewage Treatment Plants (STPs) to manage the sewage they generate. But the design and operations of most apartment STPs are flawed. Often, residents suffer due to the poor quality of treated water which they have to reuse; and excess sludge from the STP is dumped elsewhere, endangering public health. We, at Brigade Altamont apartment in K Narayanapura, recently fine-tuned our STP system so as to make it fully legally-compliant, and with little investment. K Narayanapura has no underground sewer network, and our apartment is located near a rajakaluve that traverses Arkavathy…

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