Articles by Tanzeel Allapur

Tanzeel is an urban practitioner working at the intersection of social sciences, design and data. She has completed her MPhil in Planning and Development from IIT Bombay. Her research interests lie in developing and exploring participatory and co -design methods for inclusive spatial planning.

Pune, with its vibrant culture, historical significance, and dynamic population, is a city of contrasts. On one hand, the city has stood as a beacon of progress and innovation amidst the picturesque landscapes of Maharashtra. On the other, just like many bustling metropolises across the globe today, it faces the daunting challenge of balancing rapid urbanisation with sustainable development, particularly when it comes to mobility. Pune boasted a rich legacy of promoting eco-friendly modes of transportation and was once celebrated as the "cycling city" of India. Since as early as 1966, visionary plans for cycling infrastructure were already on the…

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