Articles by Surekha Garimella

Surekha Garimella is a Senior Research Fellow at The George Institute For Global Health, India. She currently works with women door-to-door garbage collectors in Shimla on their health and wellbeing, as part of UKRI GCRF Accountability for Equity in Informal Urban Health Hub (ARISE).

Rani has had debilitatingly painful periods ever since she started relying on injectable contraceptives. When she reached out to her doctor for help, she was told to be patient and that “this happens, it is quite normal.” But it does make it very difficult for her to manage her periods. Not only does she have to take care of household responsibilities, but she also has to go do her job as a door-to-door garbage collector in the hilly terrains of Shimla. But however painful or uncomfortable it gets, she knows she cannot afford to take menstrual leave. For door-to-door garbage collectors…

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