Articles by Sukriti Thukral

Sukriti Thukral is an architect, researcher and Co-Founder of Off Centre Collective. She works on research, strategy and design projects which investigate the invisible layers of our environment. With her love for design, data and humans, she aspires to drive innovation and impact.

"My youngest son was born here (near the landfill) and while I was pregnant, I had to rely on the water from the handpump”, says Anita*, a waste picker living in Shraddhanand Colony adjoining the Bhalswa Landfill in Northwest Delhi.  If you’ve traveled by road to Chandigarh, you would have seen this is the mountain of trash. “He's had kidney problems ever since he was born,” adds Anita. “Within 5.5 years, we have had to get him operated six times! Because of the medical expenses, we have to go without ration for a few days. Stomach, skin, and eye problems…

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