Articles by Sujata Gothoskar

Sujata Gothoskar is a long time activist of the women's movements and trade union movements in Mumbai. She is a member of a non funded voluntary collective Forum Against Oppression of Women for more than four decades. She has also researched and written extensively on issues around gender and labour. Currently for the last one and a half years she is part of Maharashtra level initiatives for fair elections in 2024.

As we all know, Lok Sabha elections are round the corner, followed by the Vidhan Sabha elections and then possibly by the municipal elections in Mumbai. All of these are crucial for us to to live a comfortable life. And the results of these elections are determined by how we, the people vote. The Lok Sabha makes crucial laws, allocates the national budget, shapes our standard of living due to taxes like GST and defines our employment situations due to the investments it makes or does not make. The percentage of resources the central government allocates to issues like healthcare,…

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