Articles by Subramanya Sheshadri

Subramanya Sheshadri is a founder of a startup called Dhimahi Technologies Pvt. Ltd. Apart from being a consultant, he works in prototyping/developing a minimum viable product (MVP) in the areas of Internet of Things (IoT), mobility applications and computer vision. He is passionate in working towards improving urban mobility and implementing solutions for smart, eco-friendly and sustainable development of Bengaluru.

It’s no misnomer that Bengaluru is the Silicon Valley of India. Our daily commute around Marathahalli junction can deposit small quantities of raw materials on our body that can build up to ingredients in the manufacturing process of a semiconductor. Maybe, because of this, people working in the IT corridor exhibit some semiconductor-like properties in their work communication - “Stuck in traffic”, “In late today”, “Leaving early”, “Work from home” etc. Does this sound familiar? Marathahalli junction is among the many knotted intersections that connect to the city’s IT hub along ORR (Outer Ring Road). The bridge here was built…

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