Articles by S R RAO

Mr. S R RAO, is a retired Electrical Consultant. He is an Electrical Engineer from Bangalore University with more than 45 years of experience in India and abroad. During his career, he was involved in the construction of many large projects in different industry segments including airports and residential complexes. He was CEO at Sripeksha Consultancy, Bangalore for 25 yrs. and has provided Electrical Consultancy for many projects for Indian and MNC clients. Mr. SR Rao holds the following professional Memberships : INSTRUCT -Life Member, ELCA -Life Member Mr. SR Rao has been a Teaching Faculty at INSTRUCT, RAGC, Bangalore. He has been a Project Guide for Diploma and BE students.

Bengaluru has a large, expanding number of self-contained, gated communities (GC) comprising either a series of apartment blocks or individual houses. Utilities such as power and water in these communities are exclusive to their residents. The transformer is the most critical part of the electrical installation in a residential community. This article explains the various steps in their installation and maintenance. The role of transformers The electricity we get in our homes is generated at very high voltage and then transmitted to us through electric lines over long distances. Since the appliances in our homes operate at low voltage, this…

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