Articles by Srijan Sen

Srijan Sen is a freelance writer living in Bengaluru. A self-proclaimed connoisseur of horror, music, and political theory, he can often be found stuck in meaningless arguments with Twitter bots. A University of Wisconsin alumni with a penchant for unique experiences, he is addicted to the news, and travels for fun.

What is the environmental cost of a big music event? Can art afford to be for its own sake and not think about all the plastic bottles and banners left behind without being recycled? What about the emissions from generators or the decibel levels? These questions led Roshan Netalkar to come up with Echoes of the Earth (EOE), an annual music festival, three years ago. Held on the outskirts of Bengaluru on a sprawling 150-acre property, it was aimed at marrying music and art with the theme of sustainability. Netalkar hoped to prove that music festivals of such scale could…

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