Articles by Sowjanya S Vijayanagar

Sowjanya is a certified Canine Behaviour Consultant after having completed her BHARCS Applied Canine Biosociopsychology and Ethology Diploma from BHARCS, India and also is the founder of Dog Pawmise. She works with dog parents who are facing difficult situations with their dogs. Her approach is to work on behaviours holistically and keep the dog's welfare at the centre of the work. The goal is to help the dog parents built a healthy and harmonious relationship with their dogs. It is her dogs, Sammy and Zoey who inspired her to embark on this learning journey and they will forever be her teachers.

Streeties or free-living dogs (FLDs) are frequently at the centre of much controversy regarding human-animal conflict and zoonotic diseases like rabies. These issues can cause trauma and claim lives. It is, hence, our collective responsibility to address it. Some experts are of the opinion that the only viable approach is the complete eradication of these dogs. But is this approach workable in India? Should other approaches also be considered? Are there certain beliefs that make some people insist on one approach over the other? What should our considerations be when we discuss what is the right approach for India? There…

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