Articles by Sonika Bhasin

Sonika is a media professional, mother of a 3 year old boy and has been living a low-waste and sustainable lifestyle for a few years. She is also bringing up her son with the same values. Through her Instagram account (@sonikabhasin), she shares her experiences, tips and tricks to help and encourage as many people as possible to shift towards a more sustainable way of life.

We're currently living in a climate crisis. Temperatures are rising and waste in Mumbai is piling up. While policy changes and government intervention are important to combating the future impact of the crisis, there is a lot we can do as individuals to reduce emissions and be more climate-conscious.  In a city like Mumbai, people wonder if it is possible to live a low-waste and sustainable life. After trying it myself, I’ve realised that it’s not as difficult as I had imagined. Sustainability is merely a mindful choice, more than anything else. There are many options in Mumbai to support…

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