Articles by Somendramohan Ghosh

Somendramohan Ghosh describes himself as a green technologist. An avid environmental activist, he has been a core member of the team that is trying to protect the Rabindra Sarobar and has created a Facebook page to disseminate regular information and updates on the issues and the citizens' movement. He is also a part of various other citizens' groups working on environmental issues in Kolkata.

If you just happen to drive along the wide, tree-lined Southern Avenue -- aptly named for its location in the southern part of the city of Kolkata and the giant trees that form a canopy along much of its stretch -- you may not be able to fully fathom the beauty of the 192-acre lung space of the city that you have just passed by. But if you have a moment to spare and enter the sprawling precincts of the Rabindra Sarobar Lake to the south of the main thoroughfare, you will undoubtedly be drawn forever to this verdant sanctuary…

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