Articles by Shyam Sundar

Shyam Sundar is the curator and licensee of TEDxNapierBridge, a globally renowned Chennai-based TEDx team established in 2015. He is also the TEDx Ambassador for India appointed by TED since 2019. Currently he works for an automobile company.

As the entire world saw an upsurge in the number of COVID-19 cases during the first and second waves, the necessity for credible information was paramount. In March 2020, I started Covid19Chennai on Instagram and Twitter (rebranded as News of Chennai in 2021) to publish cross-verifiable, fact-checked information such as important helplines, home-based food providers, where to get tested, what to do if someone tests positive and curated FAQs related to COVID-19 from reliable news agencies.  This also gave me an idea to create β€” a web app where all information would be collated. The advantage of a web…

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