Articles by Shreemayee Das

Shreemayee likes to believe she's a writer, a stand-up comedian, and also a sensible adult. She has a degree in English Literature, and bookshelves to prove it as well. Her writing has appeared in publications like Firstpost and The Telegraph. You can find her on Instagram and Twitter.

Aman moved to Mumbai the same year that I did. He had turned 9 that year, I was 22. I’d moved because I’d just got my first job- a fellowship at an NGO, where I was expected to teach less privileged kids. Aman had moved because his dad used to drive a rickshaw here and had saved up enough to bring his family to the city from a small village, somewhere in Uttar Pradesh. They lived in a chawl in Goregaon- a tiny room, shared by the family of four, and he’d often be late to school because there was…

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