Articles by Shilpa M Swaraj

Shilpa M Swaraj decided to pursue a career in water management after witnessing Bangalore succumb to the water crisis during her growing up years. As a British Council scholar, she is currently pursuing a Master's degree in Hydrology and water management at Newcastle University, United Kingdom. Prior to this course, she worked at ATREE as a research assistant for water security.

Citizens, activists and lake groups are taking up the cause of protecting and improving Bengaluru’s lakes. Engaged citizens and government agencies need to work together to restore to Bengaluru its old reputation of being the “city of lakes’. But there is widespread confusion on whom to approach regarding specific issues. The chart below shows the various government bodies involved with lakes and the current governance structure. Government bodies involved in managing the lakes of Bengaluru. Pic credit: Sarayu Neelakantan and Sanjana Alex. A list of government bodies responsible for the physical, chemical and ecological status of respective lakes are given…

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