Articles by Shahnaz Sultana

Shahnaz Sultana is the founder of Reading Stars India, currently pursuing LEC course certified by Tata Institute of Social Sciences and facilitated by Bookworm Goa. She holds a M Tech in thermal engineering and is a visiting professor at PES University in the department of Mechanical Engineering. Her vision is to groom a generation of thinkers, innovators, policy makers and community builders through the library program.

Every day we see two Indias. One with Indians heading prestigious companies, one with high unemployment rates. One where children thrive in online classrooms, learning new digital skills and coding games and one where 15-year olds struggle with reading from a children’s picture book. As a country we have taken gigantic strides, while leaving so many of our own behind. The real status of literacy in India  One morning, I saw my maid’s daughter, who was educated in an English medium school and is pursuing her Bachelor’s in commerce, struggle to read and understand a story meant for Grade 2…

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