Articles by Sananda Mukhopadhyaya

Sananda Mukhopadhyaya is a theatre maker and arts based educator. Having grown up with biologist parents she developed a kinship with the natural world especially Trees. Through her tree walk titled ‘Mumbai Overstory’, she aims to make people more aware of the trees they share this island with and hope this knowledge brings a spark of joy and wonder to their daily Mumbai lives. She can be contacted at @sananda_mukho on Instagram.

In a city that suffers a relentless monsoon with lightless damp days followed by a fleeting winter which is now marked by grey smog, spring is precious. And spring too is fleeting.  Avenue trees all across the city begin to jewel themselves in a new flush of leaves; coppers, maroons and fluorescent greens. And soon after, the flowers follow;  yellows, reds and purples. With bees buzzing on the crowns of flowering trees and birdsong cutting through the ever present traffic soundscape of the city. Spring in Mumbai is an act of resistance. Overworked, under-rested and always in a hurry, the…

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