Articles by Sai Apabharana K M

Sai Apabharana K M is a member of the Executive Council at Beyond Carlton. She is an Associate Partner at Factum Law, Bengaluru. As an advocate, she represents clients, including multinational companies, individuals and start-ups, in various courts of law, tribunals and alternative dispute resolution forums on issues such as company law, real estate law and intellectual property rights.

In September 2021, a mother-daughter duo was killed due to a fire that broke out in an apartment near Bannerghatta Road. After the incident, whether in the media or discussions with friends and colleagues, there was a sudden interest and surge of questions on who can be held accountable for fire accidents in high-rise buildings. Just last week, another fire in an apartment near Electronic City brought the issue into focus again. Often, people conclude that fire accidents occur due to the negligence of builders. The builders might either construct buildings in violation of the sanctioned plan or resort to…

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