Articles by Sahana Goswami

Sahana Goswami is Manager, Urban Water, Sustainable Cities and Transport, WRI India. She works on various urban water issues ranging from restoration of water-based ecosystems to reuse and resource recovery from urban wastewater streams. At WRI India, she has also worked on transit-oriented development and provision of safe access to transit station areas across urban centers in India.

Every Indian city has at least one man-made mountain where ‘waste’ generated in our homes and businesses end up. About 90% of the staggering 150,000 metric ton of urban solid wastes generated everyday make their way to such locations. Called dump yards, landfills or garbage mountains, these toxic sites are the dark underbelly of India’s bustling, glittering cities and are home and workplace for tens of thousands of people. Swacch Bharat Mission-Urban’s 2021-22 budget of INR 1,41,678 crore indicates India’s desire for cleaner cities. The budget encourages garbage free cities but makes no specific provision to improve conditions for disadvantaged communities near landfills.…

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