Articles by R Sundararaman

Sundararaman R. A is a Chartered Accountant by profession and one of the founding members of 'X Quiz It' who took a sabbatical from quizzing 3 years back. However, the love for quizzing and Chennai bought him back to be the face of Madrasa'Fact'inam. He can be reached at

Did you know Crazy Mohan and Kamal Haasan met for the first time in a cemetery at St Mary's Road?  Can you even imagine that the Tamil Nadu capital had freezing temperatures during summer in 1815 due to weather changes that happened after Mount Tambora erupted in distant Indonesia? Only five localities in Chennai have a conducive environment for sparrows.  An establishment in Ebrahim Sahib street prints the cardboard tickets once used for travel and they are shutting down soon.  These are just the some of the facts around which questions were posed to participants in a quiz conducted recently…

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